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Cover Ups by Courtney Press Kit Courtney Bingham


									               Cover Ups by Courtney Press Kit 2012

Now you can cover up without covering it all. Whether at the beach or at the pool, "Cover
Ups by Courtney" will make you feel confident and sexy wherever you go! Bold and
flirty, these cover-ups are affordable and luxurious, created and designed by Courtney
Bingham. The days of feeling self-conscience in a swimsuit are over!

Courtney Bingham grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. At 17 she began modeling with
Wilhelmina Models. Soon after Courtney moved to Europe to pursue her career as a high
fashion model. At 23 Courtney moved from Beverly Hills to New York City to model.
The next two years were spent in between New York City and Miami Beach working full
time modeling and developing “Cover Ups by Courtney.”

Launched in Summer 2012 online at	
  and available in
select boutiques nationwide, this sexy line of cover-ups has become a must have with
women and celebrities that include, Cindy Crawford, Emma Roberts and Maria

“Cover Ups by Courtney” was featured in August 2012 in Yahoo Voices, “Celebrity
Fashion at Magic” amongst other talented celebrity designers and brands, The Kardashian
Kollection, Sophia Verega, Jessica Simpson and The Olsen Twins.
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