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					In the video Anthropology of Youtube, Michael Wesch and his students not only look at what happens
on Youtube, but they also apply anthropology and other social science concepts to their findings to
help interpret what they see. This is what you will do in your final paper.

Examine some of those concepts in the video. What do the students and Wesch say about the

1. When media change, human relationships change …

2. What is the importance of considering loss of community over time in our social sphere as part of
interpreting Youtube culture? What is the significance of the Youtube-created platform for

3. What is networked individualism and its significance?

4. How is Youtube a great place to study self reflection and identity?
5. What is context collapse and why is it significant in the Youtube experience? What is the
significance of hyper self awareness?

6. What is aesthetic arrest and its significance on Youtube formats?

7. Describe the cultural tensions that come up as part of the Youtube experience?

8. What kinds of social drama occur on Youtube and what do they indicate about people’s
expectations of authenticity?

9. What is the significance of creating an identity on Youtube? What is identity?
10. What are cultural and social restraints connected with Youtube and the internet that differ in face
to face circumstances? Why might people communicate with ‘hate’ comments or with ‘flaming’ in one
context and less often in other contexts?

11. What does it mean that new forms of community create new ways of understanding ourselves?

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