Unknown Microbe Report by tvHU28l4


									                                   Unknown Microbe Report

Top of the page: Your name. BIOS 2150 Microbiology. Today’s Date. (typed in one line.)

1st Paragraph: State your original problem, the people who are in your group and the areas where
you sampled.

2nd Paragraph: State your hypothesis, and why you think this is a reasonable hypothesis. 5 points

3rd Paragraph: Make a conclusion about your hypothesis. Discuss your data as it compares to
your partners’. Does it appear that you may have the same microbe? Different? Explain why. 5

4th Paragraph: What is your microbe? Explain how you reached your conclusion. Can you
identify it to a particular genus, or only to 3 or 4 genera? Explain why. 10 points

Your paper needs to be typed and double-spaced. Length is up to you, but should be at least a
page. 1 inch margins and a maximum of 12 point font.

Attach your data sheet.

You may email the paper and data sheet if you wish. ttempleton@mccneb.edu
You will get a confirmation email from me to verify I have the paper. Do not assume I have it.
If you don’t get a confirmation, I did not get it.

Late papers are worth ½ credit.

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