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									                                            Invent An Alien
Planet__Neptune______________________ Name _Jawaan Roberson_________________________
The purpose of this project is to use expert knowledge of your planet to “invent” a life form that could
survive in the conditions of that world. All of the planets characteristics should be considered.

Each of the characteristics of the Alien must be compatible with the characteristics of the planet. Some
biological research of animals may be necessary. Compare animals on Earth that live in extreme
environments similar to an environment on your planet.

What does the alien eat?
Why? Small asteroid rocks.
How does the alien eat?
Why? They suck on the Small asteroids.
How does the alien see?
Why? The alien sees heat waves.
How does the alien hear?
Why? He can hear 2 miles away, because he has super hearing.
How does the alien touch?
Why? With its tentacles.
How does the alien smell?
Why? Same way it breaths.
How does the alien move around?
Why? The alien Fly’s around the planet.
How does the alien communicate?
Why? By dancing.
How big or small is the alien?
Why? 5 feet big.
What are the main shapes of the alien’s body?
Why? Oval and rectangles.
How does the alien breathe?
Why? With gills on its neck.
How does the gravity affect the alien?
Why? The alien can float because of the gravity.
How does the pressure or lack thereof affect the alien?
Why? Without Neptune’s atmosphere the alien could survive.
How does the alien deal with the temperatures?
Why? The alien sheds its skin.
How does the alien seal with the surface or lack thereof on the planet?
Why? It floats around its planet for different rocks.
What is the alien’s habitat or home like?

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