Third Grade Intervention Lesson Plans by s55XyRi


									Fourth Grade
Sight Words / Phrases
    Day One (words)
several       include
between       years
remember      along
      Day One (phrases)
several years ago
between the lines
remember to include
along the river
     Day Two (words)
during     certain
never      before
after      among
      Day Two (phrases)
during certain times
Never say never!
before and after
among the family
    Day Three (words)
really     easy
body       enough
     Day Three (phrases)
really easy
body of water
enough money
cannot understand you
     Day Four (words)
able        explain
usually     order
began       slowly
      Day Four (phrases)
able to explain
usually order
today began slowly
Again and again
      Day Six (words)
number      people
minutes     answer
question    important
      Day Six (phrases)
a number of people
just minutes away
answer the question
an important idea
    Day Seven (words)
before     begin
measure    inches
example    mother
     Day Seven (phrases)
your mother and father
give me an example
measure in inches
before you begin
     Day Eight (words)
complete        sentence
carefully       common
second          counts
     Day Eight (phrases)
complete the sentence
a common color
listen carefully
every second counts
     Day Nine (words)
never       something
special     circle
almost      always
      Day Nine (phrases)
Better late than never!
something special
circle the letter
almost always
    Day Eleven (words)
surface        early
morning        about
building       below
     Day Eleven (phrases)
below the surface
early in the morning
the story is about
go inside the building
    Day Twelve (words)
correct        over
finally        happened
figure         problem
     Day Twelve (phrases)
correct the paper
over and under
it finally happened
figure out the problem
   Day Thirteen (words)
across         ocean
heavy          children
travel         country
    Day Thirteen (phrases)
across the ocean
too heavy to carry
Children study together.
travel across the country
   Day Fourteen (words)
nothing        decided
different      covered
sometimes      notice
   Day Fourteen (phrases)
nothing was decided
many different animals
covered the table
sometimes you notice

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