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					Westside High School
Advanced Placement
  Why should my child enroll in
   Pre-AP and AP courses?
     What is Advanced
     Placement (AP)?
Sponsored by The College Board
Cooperative endeavor between secondary
schools and colleges and universities
Provide students with the opportunity to
take college-level courses while still in
high school
Students gain college-level skills
May earn college credit
AP and College Success

“One of the best standard predictors
 of academic success at Harvard is
 performance on Advanced
 Placement Examinations.”
Bill Fitzsimmons
Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
Harvard University
          Factors Influencing
     College Admission Decisions

NACAC Admission Trends Survey, 2001
Student Group      AP Exam Grade   AP Exam Grade   Took AP course,
                   of 3, 4, 5      of 1, 2         but not exam
African-American   28% higher      22% higher      16% higher

Hispanic           28% higher      12% higher      10% higher

White              33% higher      22% higher      20% higher

Low-Income         26% higher      17% higher      12% higher

Not Low-Income     34% higher      23% higher      19% higher
 University of California Research
  After creating a pool of “similar” students by removing
  differences of GPA, school quality, parental education
  level, and family income:

  This study “emphatically supports the conclusion that AP
  Examinations are among the very best predictors of
  college performance. . . . The subject-specific,
  curriculum-intensive AP exams are the epitome of
  ‘achievement tests,’ and their validity in predicting college
  performance should not be surprising.”
“The Role of Advanced Placement and Honors Courses in College Admissions,” by Saul
  Geiser and Veronica Santelices (2004).
        Why AP??
Rigorous curriculum
Potential to earn college credit
Extra point towards GPA
“Strength of schedule” on college
Pre-AP Classes at Westside
English 1 and 2   Chemistry
World Geography   Computer Science
Algebra 1         Spanish 2 and 3
Geometry          French 2 and 3
Algebra 2         German 2 and 3
Pre-Calculus      Latin 2 and 3
Biology           Art 1, 2, and 3
   AP Classes at Westside
English Language      Statistics
English Literature    Biology
Human Geography****   Chemistry
World History         Physics
European History      Environmental Science
U.S. History          Computer Science A and AB
Economics             Spanish Lang and Lit
Government            French Lang and Lit
Psychology            Chinese Lang and Culture
Calculus AB           Japanese Lang and Culture
Calculus BC           German Language
Art History           Latin Lit and Vergil
                      Studio Art
           The AP Exams
Each year in May – two weeks

Dates and times set by the College Board

Registration in early February

Given in the gyms

Cost - $54 ($5 if the student is on
free/reduced lunch)
       Westside’s AP History
Year    # Students Taking    Number of    Number of AP
            AP Exams
                            Exams Given     Scholars
2001         100               195            11
2002         229               501            21
2003         419               742            49
2004         528               966            88
2005         754               1323           118
2006         693               1266           123
2007         777               1459           146
  How does my child get into
      PAP/AP classes?

Westside has adopted the College Board’s
policy of open enrollment in AP/PAP

A student simply indicates the course(s)
on the course selection sheet

AP Potential

Westside AP Coordinator
  Stephanie Matlock

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