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                                                        VEHICLE SPACE RENTAL FEES FOR
        The American Legion Convention has              THE MONTHS OF JULY AND AUGUST
just concluded. We Legionnaires have a new              ARE DUE THE FIRST DAY OF THESE
Commander, Ken Kramlich, who received                   MONTHS!
more votes than Ralph Jacob. As a post we
will support the “Team California” in their                              Fred Broadnax
programs and endeavors’. The ninety-fourth
Convention of the American Legion of
California was held in Redding. The weather
                                                        AUXILIARY PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
changed from hot to cold to rain…very
reminiscent of San Jose.
                                                              Welcome to a new term. I would like
                                                        to THANK Stella for all her hard work!
         We held our Election of new Post
Officer’s in May 2012. The results are as                        I have seen that at the higher levels
follows: CMDR- Foggie, 1st Vice- Howell, 2nd
                                                        of the American Legion Department of
Vice Richardson, 3rd Vice Hoffman, Chaplain
                                                        California Auxiliary, much gets accomplished
Markie, Historian Taylor, Sgt. at arms, is
                                                        through patience, clear communication,
Sullivan, Svs Off,Garcia, Finance, Fred.,Adj,
                                                        understanding, and TEAMWORK. This is
OPEN, as of now the names of the remaining              what I would like to instill in our Auxiliary. If
Officers will be published later. Further the           everyone strives to apply themselves a bit
SAL Squadron will at a later date submit
                                                        more, and inquires if persons are interested in
their information for the News Letter at a
                                                        joining, we can increase our membership and
latter time.
                                                        complete our goal.
       Due to health issues, the Adjutant of                     I would like to thank every single
our Post has resigned leaving us to elect a new
                                                        person who contributed to the betterment of
person for this very important position in our
                                                        our organization and community. By working
Post. This election will be held on July 11,
                                                        together, without questioning, showing
2012. Only voting will be for an Adjutant.
                                                        indifference, or letting our differences get in
                                                        the way, we can be a better unit. Thank you
                                                        for continued support.
        This is the time of year when some of
us will bow to the great Webber for sacrifice
of meat and other things, all to be devoured            Donnie Denney
with gusto and enjoyment. The smell of the              Auxiliary President
wood smoke will make a convert of those who
are not devotees of the Grill.
                                                        Past President’s Message
        I am very, very proud to represent
Mayfair Post 791 as your Commander and as                        As we begin our new Auxiliary year, I
the District 13 Commander for 2012- 2013.               want to let each of you know, not only are you
With all of your prayers and good wishes this           appreciated for all your volunteer work, but
will be historic.                                       to say a heartfelt “THANKS”. It was truly fun
                                                        being your unit president. I step aside, but not
For God and Country,                                    forgotten, and will mentor and fully support
                                                        our incoming unit president, Donnie Denney
Dennis Foggie                                           who is taking over the honor of unit president.
                                                                 Congratulations to Donnie and all
                                                        our unit officers for 2012-2013 I know you
SON’S OF THE AMERICAN LEGION                            stand beside me when I say “You Go Girls!”
COMMANDER’S MESSAGE                                     You’re the Best! You will all be assuming the
                                                        awesome duties of your elected positions with
No message                                              pride and honor.

         I would like to congratulate                             July 4th BBQ will be hosted by Bob
Commander Dennis Foggie as our Post                       Buchanan so you don’t need to bring a dish
Commander as well as our incoming District                and it won’t cost you anything. We will be
13th Commander for 2012-2013. We are all                  having Hamburgers, hot dogs, chili beans,
extremely proud. You have a full plate ahead              potato salad, corn on the cob, and
of you. Be gallant in your goals and pursuits             watermelon. Lunch will be served at 2pm.
this coming year. I also congratulate all new
post officers and SAL’s. I know you will all              Patty Buchanan
have a positive year of attitude and                      1ST Vice Auxiliary President

         I extend an invitation to all members.
Our 13th District installation will be held at
Santa Clara Post 419 on Saturday, July 14th.
No host cocktails will be at 4pm, dinner at                    EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY!!!
5pm and installation at 6pm. Post 419 is
located at 958 Homestead Rd. in Santa Clara.              JERRY IS OFFERING FREE HELP FOR
We hope to see a good turn-out as I will also             THOSE WHO NEED COMPUTER HELP OR
be installed as 13th District 2nd vice president.         LESSONS!! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!

         I am also offering an open invitation                      Contact Jerry at Post 791
to all members who would like to participate                          Phone 408-929-8277
in our July 4th carnival at the Menlo Park
Veterans Hospital. We will meet at the Post at
                                                                        Dart Tournament
                                                                 May Dart Tournament results:
         I am proud to announce that my
granddaughter and 12-year Aux. member,                    1st place: Penny & Jim E.
Theresa Escamilla graduated from Core                     2nd place: Becca & Jim M.
Academy for the Coyote Ridge Correctional                 3rd place: Lupe & Kenny
Center in Connell, WA. on June 6th. She is a
correctional officer and is majoring in
criminal justice. She will be graduating within                  June Dart Tournament results:
a year. She is also a proud mother of 3 which
makes me a proud great-grandmother. She                   1st place: Penny & Kenny
has plans of moving to community officer                  2nd place: BB & Sheldon
with probation and parole board.                          3rd place: Bobbi C. & Laura C.

         She’s is Fearless and be aware that              Congratulations to the winners and thanks to
she is PACK’N.                                            everybody who participated.

                                                          Laura Cervantez
                                                                  On April Fools Day we had a great
      A big ‘Thanks” for those individuals                turnout for our 1st Soup Bowl. We had 12
who went to Calvary cemetery and placed                   contestants. 1st place was a tie between Frank
American flags at our Veteran’s resting place.            Vazzano and Val Wilson. 2nd place went to
                                                          Karen Nugent. Many thanks to everyone who
       The Auxiliary served a lovely Brunch.              turned out and donated to this event. Looking
Seventy-Five individuals came and celebrated              forward to more soup bowls in the future.
Father’s Day.
                                                                                      Eileen and Sylvia

          Junior Membership News

Congratulations to Raquel Rodrigues, a 16
year Jr. member who applied and was                                       The Mentor:
accepted into Stanford’s Medical Examiner               I paused to stand and watch a man who had
program. She left on June 24th for the 5 week         come to the road’s divide. My wonder soared
summer program. You Go Girl!!!                        as I watched his stare slowly shift from side to
                                                         side. He stood as if not noticing that many
                                                      passed him by. Then moved without a second
          CHAPLAIN’S MESSAGE                          glance down the road most traveled by. Then
                                                       as I watched he stepped full stride toward the
                                                         path of lesser wear. And soon he vanished
                  Birthdays                            from my view round a bend into the snare. I
July                                                    soon, like him, stood center road, faced with
02       Camille Rivera             7yr. Jr.          that daunting choice. My gaze down his road,
03       Vanessa Nguyen             1yr. Sr.           causing fear, I quenched my inner voice. For
06       Kimberly Macintosh         6yr. Sr.             miles I walked the crowded road breathing
07       Erline Mello              25yr. Sr.                dust from others feet. Until in despair I
14       Jaclyn Mojica              1yr. Sr.          stopped and stood, my heart and soul deplete.
16       Gloria Fuentes             1yr. Sr.              I gazed about still holding hope, the other
22       Stella Fimowicz           14yr.VIM            path I’d see. On yonder hill I saw him there,
22       Rebekah J. Skokan         21yr. Sr.          the man who mentored me. The path between
23        “Donnie” Denney           5yr. Sr.            us steep and rough, un-forged with dangers
24       Mercy Gonzales             8yr. Sr.                there. Yet still I left my path of friends,
25       Barbara Jayda Botelho      4yr. Jr.              ignoring their bewares. I pressed through
26       Amanda Waits              14yr. Jr.          hardship, pain and gear o’er rocks jagged and
31       Sandra L. Reynolds         2yr. Sr.          bent. In time I crashed limp on that path, my
                                                         every resource spent. But then a warming
                                                        touch I felt, a friendly voice I heard. It said,
August                                                   get up and tread this path. I rose without a
03       Sylvia Germany-Siugzda    21yr. Sr.             word. And as I looked, I saw him there, he
04       Linda Miller               1yr. Sr.            continued on his way. His only words as he
05       Geneva Jellison           38yr. VIM           walked on... “You’re on the path, now stay”.
07       Patsy Poston              11yr. Sr.              Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and
11       Tina Thies                 5yr. Sr.                sorry I chose in err. But, looking back,
22       Rose Gutierrez             5yr. Sr.           perhaps as well...all memories now seem fair.
26       Carol “BB” Eastep         12yr. VIM             Much time I spent on the beaten path, and
                                                         what I learned, immense. But I reached, at
                                                      last, the other path, and it has still made all of
                                                           the difference. Inspired by Robert Frost

                                                       Be thankful, Take care, and God Bless You!

                                                             Past Auxiliary Chaplain, Donnie


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