4th Annual 911 Memorial Player Sponsorship Letter by cTwFyL


									Tom Jones
7 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 01234

Dear Friends and Family,

          This summer, on August 24th to 26th, Community Christian School is hosting
the Fourth Annual 9/11 Memorial Wiffle Ball Tournament at a unique ¼ scale replica of
Fenway Park in Westfield, Ma. This fundraising event will be held to honor fallen
Massachusetts Servicemembers for their courageous service and sacrifice. We will honor
these soldiers by helping their children…..

          The goal of this amazing event is to support the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy
Fund (MSLF). MSLF provides educational assistance grants to the children of
Massachusetts Servicemembers who were killed while deployed on Operations Enduring
and Iraqi Freedom. Since the beginning of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, 103
Servicemembers from Massachusetts have been killed. Of these casualties, 38 were
parents who left behind a total of 62 children ranging from newborns to twenty years of
age. All these children are now eligible to receive funding through the MSLF program.

         Half of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Massachusetts
Soldiers Legacy Fund. The other half of the proceeds will be donated to Community
Christian School (CCS) to support future events and further their goal of serving the
community. With its current resources, MSLF guarantees a minimum of $40,000
($10,000 per annum) in educational funding to each child of a Massachusetts fallen
Servicemember. Last year the MSLF issued grants to the children of three Massachusetts
heroes. MSLF and CCS are 501c3 non profit organizations.

        As August approaches my request is that you would consider sponsoring me as a
player in this event. My personal goal is to raise over $1000. Any donation you can give
to help me support the children of fallen Massachusetts Servicemembers who have paid
the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country is greatly appreciated.

       Thank you!

       Tom Jones
       Team Name: Red Sox
                           4th Annual 9/11 Memorial
                           Wiffle Ball Tournament
                          Yes! I am sponsoring a participant in Fenway Westfield’s 4th Annual
                  9/11 Memorial Wiffle Ball Tournament. My gift will help support the
                  Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund (MSLF) and support the mission of CCS to
                  serve the community.

Participant Being Sponsored/Team Name________________________/_____________

Donation Amount: $25 $35 $50 $75 $100                $250 $500       Other $_____

         Please make check or money order payable and sent to Community Christian School,
P.O. Box 447, Westfield, MA 01086. All gifts are tax deductible and will be applied to this event.
Unless requested, your cancelled check will serve as your receipt for gifts under $250.

Donor Name________________________________________________




Thank you for your donation! To learn more about Fenway Westfield and this years
events, please visit www.fenwaywestfield.com

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