MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
               AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 6th DAY OF JUNE, 2012

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met in
a regular session on Wednesday, the 6th day of June, 2012 at the hour of 12:00 Noon at the
Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue, Decatur, Illinois at
which time and place there were present the following officers and members of said Board:

                      Chris Riley, President
                      Jack Kenny, Vice President
                      Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner
                      Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner
                      Don Luy, Commissioner

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, President
Riley called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the transaction
of business.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States was recited.

PUBLIC HEARING - A public hearing on Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
No. 2012-12 for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 having been published for June 6, 2012, at 12:00
Noon at the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Ave, Decatur,
IL was held accordingly. No one from the public presented questions at the hearing;
therefore the hearing was closed.

NO. 15358 Commissioner Luy moved that Ordinance No. 2012-12 Annual Budget and
Appropriation be approved and adopted as presented, seconded by Commissioner
Deadrick-Wolfer. Motion carried unanimously upon call of the roll.

PUBLIC COMMENTS – Matt Brown, 3635 Pleasant View Court, attended the meeting
representing the Dolphin Boat Club in Nelson Park. He invited the Board and Executive
Director Clevenger to the Club’s first social event of the season on Saturday, June 16.

NO. 15359 A motion to approve items 1- 5 on the Consent Agenda was made by
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer and seconded by Commissioner Luy. Upon call of the roll
all of the Commissioners voted aye. Motion passes.

       1. Minutes of the previous meeting
       2. Resolution No. 2012-9 Adopting a Draft of the Nelson Park Master Plan on an
          interim basis
       3. Resolution No. 2012-10 Authorizing the Nelson/Chandler Parks Re-
          development Plan – Phase I
       4. Ordinance No. 2012-15 Identifying Work Contracts to an Installment Purchase
       5. Bills for approval and checks issued in payment

NO. 15360 Jim Kiefer, Director of Operations, requested Board approval for road repaving
in Fairview Park. This work will include the roadway in the west end from the new bridge
up to the rose garden. This section, which is in very bad condition, will total $45,000.
Gutters and curb work will be done along this section of roadway, as well. One lane will
remain open in order that patrons can still access the pool and dog park. Commissioner
Deadrick-Wolfer made a motion to approve the road work repaving; seconded by
Commissioner Kenny. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15361 Staff requested approval of the proposal for the design of the Scovill Zoo
penguin and river otter exhibits by SWT Design out of St. Louis, MO. SWT has done
much work at the St. Louis Zoo and was a candidate for the Lakefront Development Plan.
They will work with local contractors who have been involved with the new zoo
concession and restroom facility. Commissioner Luy made a motion to approve SWT
Design as the firm for the penguin/river otter exhibits; seconded by Commissioner Brilley.
All voted aye upon call of the roll.

FOUNDATION – President Judy Locke stated that plans are underway to reorganize the
Parks Foundation. Three new members have been added, with more information coming at
the next meeting in late summer.

AIRPORT – Airport Director Joe Attwood stated that business at Air Choice One is
accelerating with full flights to Chicago O’Hare. The end of the day flight to St. Louis is
the only exception. A fourth flight to Chicago may be on the horizon.

The Air Choice One contract conditions as set by the Department of Transportation to
obtain coach air and baggage claim rights within one year seems to be difficult to enforce
with the short life of the contract terms. Representatives are still working to partner with a
larger carrier for baggage claim service.

Air Choice One’s reliability remains extraordinary!

OPERATIONS – Director of Operations Jim Kiefer shared that the Fairview Park west
end bridge is complete and open. The east half of the parking lot at Nelson is complete and
open to the public and the west end concrete portion of the lot should be ready next week.

Staff has completed an IDOT grant for the next phase of the bike trail extension.

Staff is working on an OSLAD grant for the number two pavilion in Nelson Park. This
summer, work will begin on the parking lot and a section of the Great Lawn. As part of the
grant, staff will seek funds for the roadway leading to the pavilion. There was discussion
regarding the best alternative to the roadway surface. Park staff will work on the landscape
and have it looking good by the time of the Bass Masters Tournament.

GOLF – Director Rick Anderson stated that the Zoo Open was a great success with thirty-
two teams playing. Many people shared that they really liked the changed date having it
before Memorial Day weekend.
Many people also like the par three course at Scovill and Family Night at Red Tail Run.

The First Tee Golf Camp started on Monday and runs for four days; then Jr. Golf starts
next week, both at Scovill Golf Course. With the new tees at Scovill the kids will have
more play opportunities.

RECREATION & FACILITIES – Director Becky Newton commended the Fairview
Pool lifeguards for achieving an “exceeds” on their first Ellis audit of the season.

An all-day yoga event will take place on Saturday June 9 at Nelson Park main pavilion.
The DISC along with Awakened Yoga will host the first annual Yoga Wave at 9:00 a.m.
with yoga instruction beginning at 12:00 noon. The Park Singers will perform at 11:15
a.m. that morning, as well.

Cookin’ with the Chorale was a well attended event with approximately 300 on Saturday
evening and 500 on Sunday evening. The Young Park Singers were special guests on
Saturday and the Park Singers on Sunday. This is a good way for both groups to get ready
for the season as well as a good opportunity to showcase each group.

Commissioner Luy stated that staff has met with representatives from CHA Design Group
regarding the DISC main gym floor replacement. They will provide flooring samples then
prepare to start the bid process. Discussion continued regarding what texture of flooring
will work best for the variety of sports in the main gym. Also discussed was which type
will be the most cost effective and which will last longer. The goal is to have the new floor
completed by the first of August. The track surface will need to be replaced in 4-5 years.

ATTORNEY ED BOOTH stated the need for the closed session for the purchase and sale
of real estate and litigation.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer stated that the new entrance is a great improvement for
Scovill Zoo.

The Tate & Lyle Players Championship, an LPGA Symetra Tour, begins next week at
Hickory Point Golf Course. Sponsors are still being sought.

Commissioner Kenny stated that all three of the District’s golf courses are in great shape.
He said that staff at Hickory Point deserve a pat on the back as it is in top-notch condition.
Commissioner Brilley stated the need for lights at the dog park and the new parking lot in
Nelson Park. People need to be able to see in the evening and at night.

President Riley stated that he has heard many nice comments in regards to the new
entrance at Scovill Zoo, as well. He said that it looks great!

Commissioner Brilley made and Commissioner Luy seconded a motion that the meeting
go into closed session to consider purchase and sale of real estate and litigation. All of the
Commissioners voted aye upon call of the roll and the meeting went into closed session at
approximately 12:40 p.m.

When the Commissioners returned into open session, Commissioner Luy made and
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer seconded a motion directing counsel to determine the
particulars of the Lake Patrol’s cancellation notice in relation to the imposition of rent to
the District for the City’s lease of that area.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made and Commissioner Luy seconded a motion that the
meeting adjourn. All Commissioners voted aye and the meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

                                               President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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