There are two areas, one the right side, we will call it work area, and one at the left side which we will
call the preview area. Completely ajax driven so that any changes made on the right side reflects on the
preview area.

Every option what we see in the work area should be admin driven and their prices.

Step 1A. User uploads a photo.Once uploaded it shows up on the preview area(keep a checking
for photo size, not too large or not too small). Then option comes up for print/ paper selection or
mount/frame only

Step 1B. Here user gets the option to choose paper type and print size.

Step 2 this will be mount section.
They set mount sizes first and after that there will be options like single mount, double mount,
V-groove, Deep Bevel, after that mount colors will show up.

Step 3 frame selection
User chooses a colour and frame shows up according to that colour. we need to be able to put
photo of moulding, profile drawing of moulding and written description of moulding .

Step 4 will show glazing and their prices and also show options and their prices

Current Order total will reflect the total price of your order based on your selection.

Once done it goes to a checkout step where user sees two options
A. Want to add more photos
B. Checkout .
Choosing the option A will let them add another photo again, and if B is chosen it will take them
to checkout page.On the checkout page user needs to see a thumb of their image/images
uploaded and options chosen.
payment gateway will be paypal.
User needs to register/login before completing order so that we can get the user address for
delivery. User should be able to see his order and its status(status is admin controlled) from the
user area.

From admin panel we should be able to see all order with the original uploaded image alongwith the
selected options, and as I meantioned earlier, every option and their prices should be admin
driven(facilty to add/delete/modify options).

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