General College Project March 2012

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					      March 12, 2012                  “Research on Colleges”          Due: April 30, 2012

                                College Research
                       Middle School Performance standard

“Students will develop college awareness within a school wide college-
going culture so they have the opportunity to be ready for the
application process for a 4 year college or university.”
“Develop research skills specifically in the area of gathering information regarding
careers and four-year colleges and universities using technology.”

      I.          GUIDELINES-

      Students may work together in groups of up to 3 people. The group must consist of
      students who are in the same period and like the same college. Every group
      member is responsible for taking their OWN notes. All notes must include answers
      to the 20 research questions in order to get points for this project!

      II.         WEBSITES-

      The appropriate sites to start looking at are listed below. Students may use other
      sites but list them on a “Reference Page.”

      These sites will get you started. If you DO NOT HAVE THE INTERNET, go to a
      public library, and ask to see the college resource guides in the REFERENCE


             1.     How old is the college?
             2.     Who is the founder?
             3.     Why was the college created?
             4.     Where is it located?
             5.     How far is it from Moreno Valley?
             6.     What are the school colors?
             7.     Who is the mascot?
             8.     How was the mascot chosen?
                                         Mrs. Latasha Jimerson
                                      (AVID Exploratory Teacher)
                                               Portable 7
March 12, 2012                    “Research on Colleges”          Due: April 30, 2012

      9.       What sports are offered for Males and Females?
      10.      What schools are included in this college? List all of them.
      11.      What are the five most popular majors?
      12.      What are the admission’s requirements? (How do you get in?)
      13.      What is the application fee?
      14.      What GPA do you need?
      15.      What tests are required?
      16.      What is the school’s address and phone number?
      17.      What clubs and student organizations are there?
      18.      How many libraries are there? List all of their names.
      19.      How many residential halls and/or apartments are there? List their
      20.      What is the ethnic/racial make-up of the school? Draw a pie chart.


                                     GRADE 6
Exhibit Board- This is a visual representation of all of your hard work. Your
HEADING and notes will be displayed boldly ON THE BACK OF THE BOARD.
You (or your group) will use this board as a guide during your oral presentation
next month. You will need to purchase a tri-fold exhibit board of any size, the
bigger the better!

The board needs to be organized this way-
 History and Geography            College Name                        Majors

           Admission’s                Color Mascot                Organizations
          Requirements                  Pictures
            Athletics              Contact Information            Residential Life

                                        GRADE 7th
                                        GRADE 8th

                              Choose your own the format!
Here are a few options, but you have the freedom to be creative and do something
original. Remember, all of your field work (20 research questions) will be put on
display for other classes to see so do your best work!!!

           Computer project- Powerpoint slide show with pictures and animations
           18x24 Poster
           Cardboard 3-D sculpture
           5-6 Minute Video presentation
           Design a Webpage

                                 Mrs. Latasha Jimerson
                               (AVID Exploratory Teacher)
                                       Portable 7

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