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                                        More Percent with Proportion
                 (round % to the nearest tenth, $ to the nearest cent, everything else to the nearest whole.)
                   (You MUST show the proportion, equation, solution and answer correctly represented.)

1. An NCAA survey of 802 four-year colleges offering women’s intercollegiate sports shows that
   96% offer basketball, 91% offer volleyball, 89% offer tennis, 82% offer cross country, 71% offer
   softball, and 69 % offer track. How many schools offer volleyball?

2. 86% of the 7th graders prefer pepperoni pizza. If there are 105 seventh graders, how many
   seventh graders DO NOT prefer pepperoni pizza?

3. Shoes Carnival is having a 30% off sale. Some shoes you want to buy have a sale price of
   $26.25. What was the original price?

4. Your school student council sponsors a dance that 372 students attend. 125 students did not
   attend the dance. What percent of the student body did not attended the dance?

5. A car audio dealer advertises “All stereos 25% off MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail
   price) every day!” A guy pays $743.95 for a new stereo for his car. What was the MSRP?
6. You purchase a home theater package that includes surround sound with dvd player. You paid
   for $499.95 for the system. The sales receipt shows that you were charged $42.50 tax. What is
   the tax rate (tax rates are %)?

7. Of the 543 7th graders 375 choose to bring their own lunch or purchase their lunch from the
   snack line. What percent of the students choose to purchase their lunch from the other lunch

8. A shirt regularly sells for $27.50. It is on sale for 20% off. What is the sale price?

9. The price for a set of drums is $239.95. This is approximately 74% of the list
   price. What is the list price for the set of drums?

10. Men’s Nike Shark football cleats sell for $28 at If you have to pay 5%
    tax and $5 shipping how much will the cleats cost in all?

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