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									Rhode Island

Small but Beautiful
       Our Wonderful Founder
• Roger Williams
  founded the colony of
  Rhode Island
• It was founded in
• It was first discovered
  by Italian and Dutch
Impetus for Founding
         Reasons for Establishing
•   Roger Williams had disagreements with Massachusetts leaders
•   He preached that all people should be allowed to worship how they pleased.
•   They attempted to banish him from the colonies.
•   Instead, he and his family fled to the Native American village on the
    Narragansett Bay
•   Roger Williams called his settlement Providence, meaning direction of god
Rhode Island Residents
• Many people traveled to Rhode Island
  wanting religious freedom
• There were many Native Americans in
  Rhode Island at the time, and they were
  cordial with the colonists.
• A few rich families brought slave over from
  Africa for plantation work.
Beautiful Rhode Island
• Early Europeans discovered that Rhode
  Island had a distinctive red clay soil
• The colony name came from the dutch
  name for it, which was Rooyt Eyelandt,
  and it meant Red Island
• The red clay soil, and hilly landscape was
  too bad for large scale agriculture
• Rhode Island, however, was a wonderful
  shipping port
• The winters were harsh, and the summers
  were humid
The Office
• The economy was originally based on
  cattle and dairy farming
• Also, some families grew crops
• Common crops were squash, corn,
  beans, and tobacco.
• Also, shipping was a humongous buisness
  for Rhode Islanders
• Shipwrights built ships to cross the Atlantic
  and deliver goods to Africa and England
• It was also a haven for pirates, and a slave
  trade center
The Faith of Rhode Island
• Rhode island was founded as a place for
  religious freedom
• It was populated with religious groups
  such as quakes, Baptists, Anglicans,
  Puritans, and Congregationalists
Our Wonderful Leaders
• Rhode Island was
  governed by a Governor,
  Deputy Governor, ten
  assistants to the
  Governor, and a General
  Assembly that was
  elected from the different
• This assembly could
  make laws, call up a
  militia, and monitor trade
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