CH01 Simulation by cTwFyL


									                                                                                                   Chapter 1

                                    Chapter 1 Additional Simulations
                                     The Foundations of Research

Simulation 1.1
Topic: Research and the consumer

Background Statement: You have been relaxing in front of the television. An advertisement appears that
deals with air conditioners (something that grabs your attention since it is August and 104o outside). This
advertisement claims that Klarence's air conditioning equipment is unsurpassed in terms of efficiency and
that "No matter what, when you need it, Klarence will be there." What are the questions that might come to
mind from a research standpoint regarding this advertisement?

Simulation 1.1
Feedback: Research and the Consumer
After reading the first chapter, you should be somewhat suspicious, particularly of the term
"unsurpassed" when presented in advertisements (although you still may not be fully aware of the
particulars in relation to research). Clearly in this situation Klarence's claim of "unsurpassed
efficiency" might simply mean that there are no others that are better (or worse). Basically there
may be no difference; they are all equal in terms of efficiency. It is at this time that you should
begin to consider the concept of control although it has not been presented to them in the text. You
should begin to think analytically and examine statements that are presented to you (such as those in
the advertisement). Regarding the statement that Klarence "will be there," it is pure business
advertisement. It does not really relate to any "quasi-research claim of superiority" and should be
viewed as such.


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