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									          Not My Home
         We live in a Good
Can be a victim of Crime if you let them

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              Opportunity makes the thief

•   Thieves will often act if given an opportunity. Thus, if thieves see clear indications of neglect at your
    home, they will be more likely to act on it. You are therefore responsible for taking the precautions
    needed to avoid issuing an open invitation to thieves to break into your home.

Why prevention?
• It is better to prevent someone from breaking and entering into your home in the first place, if only
   to avoid the consequences of such an offence. This may seem evident, but you need to be aware
   that the consequences are not just material (items taken or destroyed).
• In fact, other than suffering material losses, being a victim of a B&E can have a significant impact:
• Physical (insomnia, anxiety, trauma, etc.)
• Psychological and emotional distress (sense of violation, fear, sadness at losing items of a
   sentimental nature, etc.)
• Occupational (time spent settling claims, replacing items stolen, etc.)
• There is also the impact on family and neighbours, who may feel a sense of insecurity, and all the
   more so if there has been a rash of B&Es in a given neighbourhood

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       Stop Crime Report a Person

• Think about the Picture the Ease of Access
• NOW CALL 911

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   An Alarm is a false prevention
• Although it helps most criminals are in and
  out in under five minutes. Alarms help, home
  prevention is better

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     How they shop on your behalf
• Single-family homes in the middle of a block are more common targets for
  burglars than homes on corner lots. This is likely because a house on the
  corner is more easily spotted than a house in the middle of a block.
  Burglars do not want to be caught committing crimes and thus they target
  homes where they are less likely to be noticed.
• In most cases, criminals enter your home in the same way that you do,
  through the front door. This was the entry point of choice in 34% of
  burglaries. A first floor window was chosen in 23% of cases and the back
  door was used in 22%. Garages are used to enter a home 9% of the time.
• Most criminals head to the master bedroom first when breaking into a
  home. This is usually where jewellery, safes, cash and other valuables are
  held. The most common places for burglars to look for items in your
  bedroom are in dresser drawers, desks and in closets. Home offices are
  also a major target for burglars, as these rooms usually include electronics
  and other valuable items.
• Money, jewellery and electronics are by far the most frequently stolen
  items in home burglaries.

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             Three key items
• Call the POLICE if you notice unusual people in
  your neighborhood
• You are your Neighbors Keeper, know your
  neighbor's and community surroundings
  SPONTANIOUS Like go from home come back
  in two minutes, shovel your walks, change
  your yard patterns

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No one deserves the crime

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  Don’t enter if you think someone is
• Burglars, vandalism, intruders, vandalism and
  trespassing - home is the primarily the scene of
  property crimes.
• If you notice that someone is inside your home,
  or found out that your house is been broken into,
  you should not enter. The burglar or unknown
  intruder is still inside, maybe watching you or
  waiting for you also to come in, and surprising a
  burglar may lead to unnecessary violence or a
  sort of confrontation.

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            Preventing Trouble

• Many break-ins can be avoided. Prevention
  begins with strong doors. Most burglaries and
  break-ins occur through the front door (34%)
  or the back door (22%).
• Install steel-covered solid wood doors that are
  at least 1.75 inches thick. Make sure the
  doorjamb is steel as well. Any glass panels in
  or near your doors should be made of
  unbreakable glass.

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                          Prevent A Tragedy
•  Make a plan – now. There is no single best strategy. Some people can climb out a window and
   run for help…others live or sleep on upper floors and are unable to flee for physical reasons.
   If you can safely escape and get help – do it.
Once An Intruder Is Inside
• Be very quiet and listen. How many intruders are there? Are they ransacking the house? Are
   they making their way toward you?
• Don’t argue with your spouse about what to do. This alerts the intruder to where you are.
• Don’t leave your bedroom with a bat or a flashlight. A surprised intruder is likely to react
   violently. You have better options available to you than attempting to confront the intruder. If
   you have family to protect you cannot protect them if the intruder gets past you.
• Get to a safe place. A safe room is one of the best options. Unlike what you have seen in the
   movies, it doesn’t have to be large and filled with gadgets. An interior closet with a sturdy
   door that opens out is just fine. Put a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door and, most
   important, recharge your cell phone in there every night. Then, if you do hear someone in
   your home, you can go in the closet, lock it and call the police. Even if the intruder takes a
   phone off the hook to prevent you from calling for help, you will be able to call the police.
   You should be safe until the police arrive.
• If you don’t have a safe room, gather your family in a room, lock the door and barricade it
   with furniture and other heavy objects. Choose the most secure room with the best door and
   lock, stay there.

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       You are your Castles Keeper
• Every family in their home must change the locks when moving in
  to a new home.
• 2. Install a dead-bold lock and a door peephole. Just be sure that
  the location is very invisible to be notice by the intruders. They
  don't notice it except you.
• 3. Don't forget to safeguard other accesses to your home. Take note
  on other possible entrances.
• 4. Install an Alarming devices, if possible, common is the motion
  detector devices either run by electricity or battery operated.
• 5. If you return to your home and as you noticed that your home is
  been broken and seems that someone is inside, please do stay-out.
  Report it immediately to the police and be sure that you have the
  emergency numbers kept in your pocket always.....

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Thanks for the tools you left outside

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      Knock Knock WHO’s home
• 6. Be aware of potential hiding spots that might
  be the advantages of these burglars.
• 7. Report any suspicious activities in your place,
  or sorroundings.
• 8. Keep your money or any valuables out of sight.
• 9. Make it a routine to check pheripheral areas of
  your home like gardens, chimneys, gates, garages,
  or have it to place a motion detector alarm is very
• 10. Do not leave spare keys outside. Carry them
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 You are the gate keeper how strong is
              your castle
• 11. A proper identification is important when accepting
  strangers in your home and for you to let it know their
  purpose of visit.
• 12. Set up safety checks when leaving kids.
• 13. Have a trusted appearances when going on
• 14. One of the important thing is to keep an emergency
  numbers posted within the phone.
• 15. Don't give any important information on the
  phone, think of the limitations.
• 16. If the unknown stranger wants to use your phone,
  don't allow him in, and make a call for him.
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Some Exterior Solutions… Make your
    home look busy and active
• Remove leaves
• Install more lights: over garage, at front
  door, at end of walk
• Trim/remove shrubs
• Other?

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              Thanks Rover
• What are other areas where burglars have
  forced entry into a home?
  Windows, skylights, pet doors, patio doors,
  garage/carport access doors, upper level
  balcony doors and small bathroom windows

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Possible Exterior Modifications

    Solar Light                               Motion Detection Light

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Some Living Room Solutions…

• Add curtain/shades to reduce glare
• Re-arrange furniture to eliminate cords
• Add lighting
• Put in time lighting that comes on at odd
  hours or when you are away or music
• Other?

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          Lets do a Safety Audit
• Doors

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Think inside and outside my home

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Everyone in the Family needs to think Perimeter
The trees have been pruned (the lowest branches are more than a meter above
the ground) and the shrubs are located in such a way that a thief cannot hide
behind them.
There are no objects lying around that could be used to break into your home
(ladder, tools, etc.) or objects that could be stolen (lawnmower, bicycle, snow
blower, etc.).
The street number is visible at the front and back (where necessary) of the house,
so that police or other emergency services personnel can identify your residence.
All the access means to your home are well lit, including temporary shelters in the
winter for cars and entrances.
Outside light bulbs are protected and difficult to access to prevent a thief from
removing the bulb.
Motion-activated lights have been installed and are calibrated correctly to avoid
the sensor being activated unnecessarily (i.e. a passing animal).
Doors and locks
Exterior doors are solid, made of wood and metal clad.
Wooden door frames are reinforced with a strike plate at the level of the lock.
A peep hole has been installed rather than a chain lock.

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 Talk with your neighbors they too can
   become a victim if they don’t stop
The door hinges that are on the outside have a non-removable tamper-proof centre pin only
The exterior doors are equipped with 2.54 cm (1”) deadbolt locks.
Patio doors
To prevent sliding doors from being lifted up, slid along or removed from their tracks, they are equipped with:
a security plate and/or screw in the upper track
a metal security bar or piece of wood in the lower track (removable to provide an exit in an emergency).
Window frames are solid and not cracked.
Windows are equipped with a locking device.
Skylights are equipped with a locking mechanism.
Vent openings have resistant locking devices.
Garage and tool-shed
The garage doors are secured with an appropriate lock.
The garage doors are not thin-paneled wooden doors.
Where applicable, the inside door connecting the garage to the house is equipped with a deadbolt.
The tool-shed has adequate locks.
The tool-shed and garage windows are made of a rigid material or protected with security bars. Curtains or blinds
prevent someone from looking in.

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Think about what the bad guy see’s
• change your routines regularly so burglars cannot
  operate on your routine;
• keep valuables in a safe deposit box;
• don’t leave your ladders outside for a burglar to use to
  get into your home or your neighbour’s home;
• place a bar or small board on the inside of your patio
  door to prevent a burglar from prying open your door;
• leave a radio or television on to indicate that someone
  is possibly home;
• discontinue newspaper deliveries if you are going away
  for a period of time;

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      We are going to my mothers
• arrange for a neighbour to remove all flyers from your front step;
• discontinue newspaper deliveries;
• arrange for someone to cut your lawn or shovel your driveway;
• purchase and install a timer to turn some interior and external
  lights on;
• arrange to have a neighbour pick up your mail every 2 days to avoid
  someone stealing your mail from your mail box or community mail
• leave a key to your home with a neighbour so they can check on
  your home every few days; and
• leave your neighbours with the address and telephone number
  where you will be when away;

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 If you believe the home is entered
• One don’t enter
• Call the police
• Minimize the amount of walking around the
  crime scene, the more you touch, move or
  trample items the less evidence the police have
  for court and maybe catching the bad guys
• Thus, applying the following prevention advice
  should allow you to considerably reduce the risks
  of being the victim of a residential B&E and thus
  dissuade the opportunistic thief.
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