September 13 2005 minutes by mWrNSE


									 March 15, 2005 Minutes

                           Broward County Public Schools

                                    NETWORK/PC SUPPORT
                                     ADVISORY MINUTES

 DATE:         September 13, 2005                                 TIME:     8:30 a.m.

 LOCATION:           McFatter Technical Center, Administration Conference Room

        for October 26, 2004:

            MEMBERS PRESENT                                 MEMBERS ABSENT
Mike Bouis, Cisco Systems                      Philip Bardowell, Broward County
Robert Gutholc, Memorial Healthcare System     Robert Blount, Broward County
                                               Kevin Hall, Burdines/Macy’s
                                               Wes Marsceill, Bellsouth
                                               Matt Meyerson, Neteam
                                               Dennis Miller, Memorial Regional Hospital
                                               Andrew Parker, Fort Lauderdale
                                               Greg Picozzi, Burdines/Macy’s

Wendy Bromberg, Sheridan Technical Center
Donna Caplan, CTACE
Stephen Chairnoff, Sheridan Technical Center
Glenn Deibert, McArthur High School
Teresa Eberling, Atlantic Technical Center
Brian King, CTACE
Roger Kinney, Sheridan Technical Center
Peggy McDowell, McFatter Technical Center
Galo Proano, Sheridan Technical Center
Denise Vajanc, Sheridan Technical Center
George Wells, Sheridan Technical Center

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 March 15, 2005 Minutes

     MAJOR TOPICS DISCUSSED                                   SUMMARY
Welcome and Introduction                  Advisory committee came to order at 8:30 and went
                                          around the room for introductions.

Brief Overview of Committee Mission and   This committee’s mission and purpose is to advise
Purpose                                   over the direction of the curriculum for Network and
                                          PC Support classes, to prepare students for the
                                          workforce, and provide feedback for school board

Approval of March 15, 2005 Minutes        Committee Approved.

Advisory Task Force Recommendations       No new recommendations. Over the last few years,
                                          valuable information was brought forth by the
                                          committee to make numerous changes to better
                                          update frameworks. Teachers throughout the state
                                          convened together with the state supervisor in April
                                          and made those changes final. Thank you for all
                                          your beneficial recommendations! It has been
                                          greatly appreciated.

Review and Approval of Curriculum         COE accreditation has asked committees to look
Frameworks                                over the frameworks’ purpose and suggest any
                                          changes that will allow the curriculum to better align
                                          with the emerging technology. The following
                                          changes were recommended:

                                          • Computer Electronic Systems, now called
                                          Computer Systems Technology, is a similar
                                          framework and overlaps with the other three
                                          frameworks: Network Support Service, PC Support
                                          Services, and Network Systems Administration.

                                          • Committee noted that articulation from Computer
                                          Systems Technology leaves a broad open avenue
                                          for choices and is less specific to any one field of

                                          • Robert Gutholc believes that Computer Systems
                                          Technology is broader than other three frameworks
                                          and may offer fewer jobs.

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  March 15, 2005 Minutes
      MAJOR TOPICS DISCUSSED                                    SUMMARY
Industry Update                              The below comments and recommendations are
•Employment/Skills needed in the workplace   based on industry needs:
•Changes in Technology
                                             • PC Support needs more industry-based people to
                                             give input on storage, security, etc.
                                              • Need to change name from PC Support;
                                             students think it’s less hands-on repair and could be
                                             • “Desktop” is newer buzz word.
                                             • PC Support is more application based and may
                                             need to come up with new framework to encompass
                                             Desktop Services.
                                             • Mike Bouis says he will be inviting more industry-
                                             based people to the next Advisory Committee
                                             meeting to address Desktop Services.
                                             • Many employers are mostly looking for potential
                                             employees who have received certifications such as
                                             A+, Network+, MCSE, etc.

COE Forms Signature Requests                 COE forms were signed by Committee Chair and
                                             other members. Waiting on pay scale from Robert

                                             Update: Received an email on Sept. 19 from
                                             Robert which reported current starting salaries
                                             within his company.

                                             -For Network and Desktop Services the starting
                                             pay is $18.83 per hour / $39,166.40 annually.
                                             -For Customer Service/Helpdesk the starting
                                             pay is $18.32 per hour / $38,105.60 annually.

Business Professionals of America Update     Business Professionals of America’s (BPA) is a
(BPA)                                        national organization that prepares students to be
                                             part of the top-of-the-line workforce through
                                             leadership, academic, citizenship, and technological
                                             skills. The competition that took place this past year
                                             sent 80 students to Orlando, of which 50 placed in
                                             the top 10. 37 more students went to Nationals in
                                             L.A. and 8 placed in the top 10 there. November,
                                             and usually on a Tuesday. Thank you to those of
                                             committee members who volunteered as judges.

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  March 15, 2005 Minutes
Internships Needed for High School Seniors   Donna Caplan is working with the Academy of
                                             Information Technology (National Academy
                                             Foundation, NAF) and is looking for companies who
                                             offer internship positions for high school seniors that
                                             will need to work as an intern before graduation.
                                             These seniors are required to have 150 hours of
                                             paid internship to be considered a program
                                             completer. Please contact Donna at (754) 321-
                                             2629 if you are interested in offering internship
                                             positions to Broward County’s seniors.

Next Meeting                                 The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March
                                             7, 2005 at 8:30am.

Adjournment                                  Meeting was adjourned at 9:25am.

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