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Foundation Stage Medium Term Plan � Reception - DOC by cTwFyL


									              Foundation Stage Medium Term Plan – Reception                                                          Term 2              (Rainforest. Celebrations and Festivals)                          2011-12
 Week &        Personal, Social and Emotional         Communication, Language and               Problem Solving,             Knowledge and Understanding
                                                                                                                                                                      Physical Development              Creative Development                Events
  Focus                 Development                           Literacy                       Reasoning and Numeracy                 of the World
Week 1        Continue with children’s special       Tell the Down in the rainforest         Find the jaguar using           Show pictures of rainforests and      Jungle Obstacle Course          Begin Xmas play song practise
              boxes.                                 poem. Invite children to add            directional clues               locate on a map.                                                      Collage pictures of rainforest
Rainforests                                          actions and movements to the                                            Listen to the sounds of the                                           animals
                                                     verses.                                                                 rainforest and talk about what you
                                                     Begin Speed Sounds

Week 2        Use stories from the virtual story     Read Parrot Tico Tango - What           Sorting fruit and foods from    Identify and explore tropical         Jungle Movement                 Look carefully at the tropical         Make
              book s to compare lives in Bristol     animals did he meet in the              the rainforest and England.     fruits. Make a tropical fruit salad                                   fruit. Draw and paint pictures of it   rainforest
              with rainforest life                   rainforest?                                                             using fruits from the rainforest.                                     for display                            fruit salad
                                                     What fruits did they have? Why did
                                                     he take them all?                                                                                                                             Imitate the sounds of creatures in
                                                     Look at the new words used in the                                                                                                             the rainforest using musical
                                                     book e.g. snatched, clutched,                                                                                                                 instruments.
                                                     seized, treat
                                                     Continue Speed Sounds
Week 3        Empathise with “Marcellus” in story    “Marcellus Birthday cake”               Contribute to pictogram         Recollect birthday experiences        Explore dynamics of             Sing “Happy Birthday”,                 Stage a
              Make birthday presents and cards to    Write birthday cards and label          birthdays in months             Contribute to class calendar          travelling                      Role play party games                  birthday
Birthdays     give to others                         presents                                Say and use number names        showing festivals                     Wrap presents with own          Make hats for special occasions        party for a
etc           Discuss “poppy day”                    Compose party invitations using         in order in familiar contexts   ICT invitations                       printed wrapping paper                                                 toy
                                                     ICT                                     Recognise some numerals of                                            Dress up
                                                     Continue daily phonic lessons           personal significance.                                                Functional movement – lunge
                                                                                                                                                                   and leap

Week 4        Ask a visitor about the importance     Make and write a Thanks giving          Share objects into equal        Origins of thanks giving and how      Movement concepts –             Make thanks giving turkeys             Visitor to
              of Thanks giving                       card.                                   groups and count how many       it is celebrated.                     temporal awareness              Christmas play rehearsals              talk about
Thanks-       Think of people that help us and       Contribute to a class lift the flap     in each group                   Link to our harvest festivals         Joining techniques for turkey   Make scones                            Thanks
Giving        how we can thank them                  quilt with thanks message from                                          Make and decorate thanksgiving        card                                                                   giving?
24/11                                                each child                                                              turkey
                                                     Continue daily phonic lessons
Week 5        Share food made for celebrations.      Make zig-zag book about Hanukah         Make paper chain                Make candles for a Hanukah            Respond to music from           Sing ”This little light of mine”,
              Introduce different customs through    Make Hanukah greeting cards             decorations in a pattern        candelabra                            various festivals               Make collages on paper plates of
Hanukah       stories etc.                           using ICT                               Use language such as 'more'     Find out about festivals though       Make junk model menorahs        food for special occasions
              Circle time – who celebrates           Continue daily phonic lessons           or 'less' to compare two        books                                 for Hanukah
              Hanukkah. Discuss the sim / diffs                                              numbers.                        Cook potato latkes                    Aesthetic Movement – body
              between Hanukkah and our                                                                                                                             shape
              festivals. What’s good about the
              Why is the oil important?
Week 6        Circle time –discuss celebrating       Contribute to big class information     Las Posadas lasts for nine      Talk about a festival you have        Respond to music from           Make piñatas                           Visitor to
              different festivals – talk about       book about Las Posadas                  days. Count to nine in          celebrated at home                    various festivals               Sing COME AND SEE OUR                  talk about
Las           Mexico and Santi and how they          Make a thank-you card for visitor       English, then try in Spanish:                                         Make plates of dough food for   STAR PIÑATA                            Las
Posadas       celebrate the run up to Xmas.                                                  stomp nine times etc            Make guacamole                        special occasions             Posadas
              How would it feel to have no where                                             Make maps to follow using                                                                             /theme_station06/nov06_LAS_P
              to go? Question a visitor.                                                     directional language                                                                                  OSADAS.shtml
Weeks 7       Role play parts of festivals e.g.      Make pop-up Xmas cards                  Ordinal number - “12 days       Make a small world play mat to        Explore ways of travelling      Sing various Xmas songs and            Play
              getting married, giving presents out   Write wish list letter to Santa Claus   of Xmas”                        show the Xmas journey to the          Make a jigsaw present and       carols                                 performan-
Xmas                                                 Make up own verses for The 12           Match patterns on Xmas          stable.                               Glittery star pictures          Print Xmas cards                       ces
                                                     days of Xmas                            stockings                       Bake shortbread snowmen/stars
                                                                                             Wrap presents                   for Xmas
                                                                                             order and sequence familiar

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