To Parents: Reminder Letter by wpDUXY2b


TO: [Insert email addresses]

SUBJECT: Reminder: The My Voice Student Survey at [school name]

Dear Parents/Guardians of [school name],

As you recall, on [insert date], we told you about the My Voice Student Survey, which
measures student perceptions of 8 Conditions That Make a Difference. This is a
reminder that our students will be taking the My Voice Student Survey [timeframe,
e.g., one week from now], on [insert date(s) of survey administration].

This survey will take only 15 to 20 minutes of your child’s time and will not detract
from regular schoolwork.

There is nothing you have to do for your child to participate; all surveys will be
conducted by school staff during normal school hours, and students’ responses will
remain anonymous – no names or other personally identifiable information will be
collected. This letter is simply to share once again the good news that your child’s
input is valued. If you have any questions about the My Voice Student Survey, please
feel free to contact me at [telephone number/email address]. Our students are
eagerly looking forward to providing feedback that can make a difference.



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