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									Targeting Entertainment

Research Methods

Entertainment Outlets and Venues

                Chapter Objectives

Explain how market research is used to identify
target markets.
Discuss how demographics are used in
entertainment marketing.
Explain the use of primary and secondary data.
Explain the difference between qualitative and
quantitative research.
Identify methods of conducting entertainment
market research.
Identify criteria for selecting outlets and venues.
               Importance of Market
Market research can help determine how to best
approach the consumer.
The entertainment marketer’s goal is to
understand the target market’s needs and tailor
the product and the message to that market.
The goal of the entertainment product is to
Each entertainment product appeals to a unique
group of consumers.
                      The Market Research
The five steps of conducting market research are:

1. Identify information needs: Decide what you want to know.
2. Create research objectives: Create questions you want
3. Create a plan to meet your objectives: Outline research
4. Design a method for collecting and interpreting data: Compile
5. Summarize and apply findings: Adjust marketing strategy
   based on data.
                 Consumer Demographics

How consumers think          psychographics
                             studies of consumers
involves psychographics.
                             based on their attitudes,
                             interests, and opinions
Demographic research
alerts marketers to new or
expanding markets.

Nielsen ratings help
marketers target specific
demographic groups.
                 Primary Research

Product testing is an       product testing
                            assessment of a product
example of primary
                            to see if it works, meets
research used by            industry standards for
marketers.                  safety, and is

The information collected   primary data
                            information collected
from primary research is
                            from primary or original
called primary data.        research used
                            specifically for an issue
                            under study
                Primary Research

Trends in a market can be   trend a pattern, habit,
explained and understood    or tendency following a
                            general course
through secondary data.
                            secondary data
The U.S. Census Bureau is   information collected
a good source of            from secondary or
secondary data.             preexisting research for
                            a purpose other than the
                            current study

                       Think Globally, Surf Globally

                       Entertainment is a global business and the
  Operating an e-tail business on an electronic channel—the
                       Web to global medium. Major Internet
  Web—can be costly, dueis a design, delivery, returns, and
  operating expenses.search engines make sure their content is
                         available in diverse languages—because
                          dot-com it means more hits and the
  Though Many largerthey know companies crashed inmore
business. Shouldn’t international media companies follow their
  1990’s, small stores like Harris Cyclery of West Newton,
  Massachusetts, actually increase sales using find. Links may
lead? Many language-specific pages can be hard to a basic Web
    buried in obscure places on the main site. Globally savvy
besite. Today, a third of Harris’s bicycle business rides in on
  the Web to get marketers need to make sure they offer content
entertainment Webhard-to-find parts and personal service.
to all of their demographic groups—in a clear, accessible way.
  Describe an e-business’s home page to your class after
  viewing one through marketingseries.glencoe.com.
For more information on sports and entertainment marketing,
go to marketingseries.glencoe.com.
1.   How do entertainment products differ from
     other consumer products?

2.   List the steps that marketers outline before
     conducting research.

3.   Product testing is an example of what type
     of research?
                  Information Advantage

Finding out how an audience member, game
player, music fan, or reader will react to a product
before its release is vital to entertainment
companies and marketing professionals.

Market testing determines if a product will sell.

                Qualitative and
                Quantitative Research
Data from qualitative      qualitative research
                           data that measure
research is not based on
                           qualities such as
numerical information.     people’s reactions or

Data from quantitative     quantitative research
                           data expressed as
research is based on
                           amount in numbers
numerical information.

                  Research Methods in
                  Entertainment Marketing
Qualitative research         respondent a consumer
                             who participates in a
methods in entertainment
                             personal interactive
marketing include:           interviews and other
                             research methods
  Personal and interactive
                             mall intercept a market
  interviews                 research interview
   – respondents             conducted in a public
  Focus groups               place, such as a mall
  Online focus groups        survey a questionnaire
                             or series of questions
  Mall intercepts            designed to collect
  Surveys                    specific information
                   Research Methods in
                   Entertainment Marketing
Quantitative research              statistics a collection of
                                   numerical data that can
methods in entertainment
                                   be compared, analyzed,
marketing include:                 and interpreted
  Surveys                          observational research
   – Statistics                    a method of collecting
                                   data by observing
  Observational research           respondents in contrived
  Contrived and natural settings   or natural settings
                                   traffic count a measure
  Traffic count                    of how many people stop
                                   or do not stop to look at
                       continued   an ad or store display
              Research Methods in
              Entertainment Marketing
Mystery shoppers and    mystery shoppers a
ethnography             market researcher who
                        poses as a shopper to
                        observe how consumers
                        and retailers behave in a
                        shopping situation

                        ethnography the study
                        of social and cultural
                        behavior and habits

               Media Entertainment
Marketers use screening rooms to collect data
on audience preferences.
Graphed data is used to promote entertainment
products to specific target markets.
Marketers research live-action and recreational
entertainment by observing tourists’ behavior.

Qualitative or Quantitative Research?
                                 Qualitative   Quantitative
 Focus groups
 Observational research
 Online focus groups
 Mystery shoppers
 Contrived and natural settings
 Personal and interactive interviews
 Mall intercepts
1.   Name two research methods that might be
     used to find quantitative data in the
     entertainment market.

2.   Explain the difference between contrived
     settings and natural settings.

3.   What methods do media entertainment
     marketers use to test their products?
                 Other Entertainment
                 Marketing Businesses
Market research affects decisions regarding
entertainment outlets and venues.

                Outlets and Venues

The outlets for movies and   outlet a place where a
                             marketed product is
video games are theaters     released and made
and arcades.                 available

In the music industry, a     venue a place where live
                             events are presented
venue for a concert might
be a stadium, an
amphitheater, or a club.

                   Outlets and Venues

Marketers try to match the        capacity the maximum
                                  number of people that a
entertainment event with          venue or outlet can
the appropriate venue.            accommodate
   – Size, location, population

Marketers must consider
the capacity of a venue.
Venues can create hundreds
of jobs through their
construction and operation.
                 Successful Marketing
Understanding your product, your customer, and
your product outlets is essential to creating a
successful marketing strategy.

1.   List three examples of entertainment

2.   Name the main three factors used to classify
     outlets and venues.

3.   What key factors must be in place prior to
     new venue construction?
                Checking Concepts

1. Explain the importance       1. Demographicresearch
                                4. The market statistics
                                2. Primary investingis
                                3. Before research
                                   describein a product,
                                   original research done
                                   process a population
                                   money has five
   of market research.             marketers specific
                                   to answer personal
                                   in terms ofa want to
                                   steps: Identify
                                   informationsolve a
                                   question or kind of
                                   characteristics such as
                                   know what needs,
2. Describe the market-            problem. Secondary
                                   age, gender, race,
                                   consumer is likely
                                   create research to
   research process.               research is information
                                   religion, income
                                   buy the product and
                                   objectives, create a
                                   collected from
                                   bracket, marital status,
3. Define demographics and         why. Market
                                   plan to meet the
                                   secondary location,
   psychographics.                 researchers gather
                                   objectives, research
                                   and lifestyle design a
                                   pre-existing choices.
                                   information which
                                   method for collecting
                                   for a purpose other
                                   Psychographics are
4. Explain primary research        and interpreting data,
                                   allows of consumers
                                   studies marketers to
                                   than the current study.
                                   based on their and
                                   target consumers
                                   and summarize
   and secondary research.         attitudes, buy the and
                                   who will interests,
                                   apply findings.
                    continued                                 24
                 Checking Concepts

5. Compare qualitative and       7. Observational
                                 5. Qualitative
                                 6. Methods may
   quantitative research.                     can occur
                                    research measures
                                    include personal
                                    and/or interactive
                                    in contrived or
                                    qualities such as
                                    people’s reactions
                                    natural settings; it
                                    interviews, surveys,
6. Describe methods of              can take the form
                                    or perceptions.
                                    focus groups, and
                                    mall intercepts.
                                    of using mystery
   qualitative research.
                                    shoppers or
                                    research is data
                                    expressed as
7. Name two types of                amount in
   observational research.

                     continued                             25
                Checking Concepts

Critical Thinking         8. Demographic
                             information can help
                             identify a CD’s target
8. Explain how               market. The more
   demographics can be       information marketers
   used to market a CD.      have about their target
                             markets, the better they
                             can design a marketing
                             strategy to reach them,
                             and the better they will
                             be able to sell the

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