Penalty Enforcement Dead / Live Ball Fouls by Na9a2u


									 Penalty Enforcement for
   Dead Ball Fouls &
Dead-Ball / Live Ball Fouls

        Tony Dutton

•    Only 3 Possibilities:
1.   All Live-Ball fouls (same or both teams).
2.   All Dead-Ball fouls.
3.   A combination of Dead-Ball & Live Ball
          Dead-Ball Fouls
• Penalties are administered separately
  and in order of occurrence.
• Exception: When unsportsmanlike or
  dead-ball personal fouls by both teams
  are reported to the referee and before
  any of the penalties have been
  completed, the fouls offset and the
  penalties are canceled.
      A.R. 10-1-5-V
      2nd and goal
      at the 3

                                          A14 is
                                          at the 1.
                                                      B67 piles on
                                                      and A15
RULING: The penalties cancel since                    slugs B67.
neither has been completed.
A14 is disqualified for fighting. Third and goal.
                    A.R. 10-1-5-II
                    4th and 8
Team A                      1st down for A?
4 yards      After the play,
and is       Team B1 piles on.

           RULING: Team B personal foul.
           Penalty-15 yards from the succeeding spot.
           First and 10 for Team B.
                                                 Team A’s
  A.R. 10-1-5-VI                                 legal forward
                                                 pass intercepted
                                                 by B17

RULING: The penalties cancel since
neither has been completed.
The try will be at the three-yard line.

                                                     A55 tackles
                                                     B17 in the
                            B17 taunts               end zone.
                            A55 before
                            scoring touchdown.       TD for B?
    Live-Ball / Dead-Ball Fouls
• When a live-ball foul by one team is
  followed by one or more dead-ball fouls
  (including live-ball fouls treated as
  dead-ball fouls) by an opponent or by
  the same team, the penalties are
  administered separately and in the
  order of occurrence.
• [i.e. deal with the live-ball foul first and
  then the dead-ball foul(s).
                      A.R. 10-1-6-II
A illegal

                 After the play,
                 Team B player strikes
                 an opponent.

            RULING: It is Team A’s ball after a
            five- yard penalty against Team A
            from the previous spot and a 15-yard
            penalty against Team B from the succeeding
            spot. Team A will have a first down.
                                          B2 intercepts and
    A legal
                                          is downed.
                                             After the play,
                  B1 fouls
                                             A1 piles on.
                  before B2 intercepts.

                      RULING: Team A retains the ball
A.R. 10-1-6-III       after the penalty against Team B
                      is enforced. Team A then will be
                      penalized for the dead-ball foul.
                                     B2 intercepts.

    A legal
    forward                          On the runback
    pass.                            Team B player clips.

                          After the play,
                          Team A player piles on.

A.R. 10-1-6-V   RULING: Team B retains possession.
                Penalize Team B for its clipping foul,
                followed by a penalty for Team A’s dead-ball foul.
                The yardages will cancel unless one
                 enforcement spot was inside the 30-yard line
                 and enforcement was toward that goal.
                            4th & 2
        A illegal
                           A2 gains one yard and
                           Then deliberately continues
        A2                 To advance.

                    RULING: If Team B accepts both penalties,
2008                it will be fourth and 12 for Team A. If
A.R. 10-1-6-II      Team B accepts only the delay penalty,
                    it will be first and 10 for Team B since
                    Team A failed in its bid for a first down.
     Summary of Dead-Ball
   Live-Ball / Dead-Ball Fouls
   Dead-Ball Fouls        Live-Ball / Dead-Ball
• Administer             • Administer
  separately and in        separately and in
  order of occurrence.     order of occurrence.
• Exception: fouls
  reported to referee
  before any
                  Next Time
•   Spots (2-25).
•   Play classification (2-30).
•   Three-and-One Principle (2-33 & 10-2-2-c).
•   Enforcement Spots on:
    1. Running Plays.
    2. Pass Plays.
    3. Kick Plays.

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