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					 Alright kiddies….
What are the differences between
         the following:
       1)Federal republic
   2)Constiutional monarchy
  3)Parliamentary democracy
Spain & Portugal
          Spain - Language
   Hello – hola
   Goodbye – adios
   United States – Estados Unidos
   One – uno
   Two – dos
   Three – tres
   Do you have any macaroni left? -
    ¿tienes más macarrones izquierda?
   You come in contact with Spanish
    culture on at least weekly.

   Immigrants from Mexico bring their
    traditions to the United States.
    *Remember Spain colonized Mexico.
            Spain - History
   Spain was part of the Roman Empire.

   The Moors (a group of Muslims from
    North Africa) conquered Spain and
    stayed for 8 centuries.

   Christians in northern Spain began a
    Reconquista in the 1000s to drive the
    Moors out of Spain.
            Spain - History
   In the 1400s, King Ferdinand and
    Queen Isabella forced the last
    Muslims out of Spain.
   The nation now looked overseas and
    sponsored an Italian, Christopher
    Columbus on a voyage to America in
   At one time, Spain controlled over ½
    of the Americas.
             Spain - History
   In the 1930s, Spain fell into a civil
    war. It was over whether Spain
    should remain a monarchy or
    become a republic.

   Francisco Franco, a fascist, won and
    became a dictator for almost 40
        Spain – Govt. & Econ.
   In 1975, Franco died and Spain
    became a parliamentary monarchy.
   King Juan Carlos I is king.
   The Basque people of the Pyrenees
    Mountains have sometimes used
    violence to gain independence.
   Spain’s economy grew rapidly after
    joining the EU in the 1980s.
              Spain - Culture
   Language – Spanish (with regional

   Religion – Roman Catholic

   Most Spaniards live in cities.

   Sports: soccer, bullfighting (Running of
    the Bulls), and dancing (flamenco)

   Capital: Madrid
         Portugal - Language
   Hello – Ola!
   Goodbye – Tchau!
   United States – Estados Unidos
   One – um
   Two – dois
   Three – tres
   Do you accept credit cards? - Vocês
    aceitam cartão de crédito?
           Portugal - History
   Like Spain, Portugal was part of the
    Roman Empire and then was ruled
    by Muslims.
   1143: Portugal becomes an
    independent kingdom.
   Because of its location to the ocean,
    Portugal became a leader in
    exploration and shipbuilding.
           Portugal - History
   Portugal had many colonies.
   Its largest was Brazil until 1822.
   1908: King is overthrown. Country
    becomes a republic.
   1926-1976: Dictators seize power.
   1976: Becomes a parliamentary
      Portugal – Govt. & Econ.
   Parliamentary democracy

   Once the richest country; now the
    lowest GDP in western Europe due to
    neglect by dictators.

   Joined EU, with Spain, in the 1980s.
    Trade and education have increased
            Portugal - Culture
   Language – Portuguese

   Religion – Roman Catholic

   Least urban country in western Europe.
    (About 55/45)

   Closeness to the ocean affects culture.

   Capital - Lisbon
         Spain and Portugal
   Both ruled by Muslims.
   Monarchies.
   Both had dictators throughout much
    of the 1900s.
   Exploration/colonies
   Roman Catholics
   Joined EU together

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