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									                                                                                                             Oglala Pet Project
                                                                                       19980 BIA 2 - Kyle, South Dakota 57752
                                                                                                Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

                                               Oglala Pet Project (OPP)
                                              FOSTER CARE APPLICATION

Oglala Pet Project values its foster homes. We do not have a shelter facility so we rely solely on volunteers who can
foster pets in their homes. Please complete the information below to begin this foster home application process.

Name:                                                                        Home Phone:

Address:                                                                    Cell Phone:

City/St/Zip:                                             Email:

Do you own or rent your home:            If rent, provide landlord contact name & phone:

Have you ever fostered pets before and for whom? What insight did you gain from the experience?

Do you have a yard:              Is it completely fenced:                  How high is the lowest point of fence:

How many people reside in your household:                What are the ages of the people in your household:

Do you currently own pets:       If yes, please list with ages, breed and sex):

Are your pets all spayed/neutered:                Are they current on vaccinations:

Do you have a relationship with a veterinarian:             If yes, who:

Have you had multiple pets together in your home before:

Even the most well-behaved pet has cranky days. How would you separate the pets:

Where is the foster pet going to be when you are home & when no one is home:

How many hours a day will the foster pet be alone on average:

Do you agree you should never leave a child alone with any pet:

Do you agree you should never leave a foster pet alone with other pets:

Will you allow a home visit by a OPP volunteer:             When is a good time:

Please list 3 personal, professional references with phone numbers & email (i.e. employer, vet):
                                                 Oglala Pet Project (OPP)
                                                  FOSTER AGREEMENT

I, ________________________________, agree to foster pet(s) owned by Oglala Pet Project (OPP) with the following

Initial to the right of each of the below statements acknowledging you have read it & sign below:
1. I agree to foster this pet(s) for the benefit of the pet(s) and not for any personal gain or expectation of ownership.
2. If I wish to adopt the pet(s) I am fostering, I understand I am required to pay the adoption fee, regardless of any
     expenses I voluntarily spent on the pet(s). ______
3. I understand there will be no charge to OPP from me for boarding/caring for the pet(s). ______
4. I understand that OPP warrants that it has NO knowledge of any vicious or destructive tendencies on the part of the
     pet(s). I acknowledge and understand that pet(s) by nature are somewhat unpredictable, and that the pet(s) may
     cause damage to persons or objects associated with the caregiver or caregiver’s premises. I nevertheless assume
     that risk. ______
5. I understand it is recommended that the pet(s) be isolated from my personal pets and my pets are up-to-date on all
     vaccinations for their own protection. ______
6. I understand OPP is not liable for any illness or disease a person or pet may contract from the pet(s) in my care.
7. Should any damages occur against my pet, from the pet(s) which I am providing foster care to, I understand OPP will
     NOT pay for any veterinary care needed for my pet. ______
8. Should any damages occur against the pet(s) which I am providing foster care to, caused by my pet, I understand I
     am FULLY responsible for the veterinary bills incurred. ______
9. While responsible for the care of the pet(s) in a reasonable and loving manner, I am NOT liable for injury or death
     that may naturally occur to the foster pet(s) in my care. ______
10. If the pet(s) in my care dies, I will contact OPP immediately for appropriate documentation for the case and disposal
     of pet(s)._____
11. OPP will provide the pet(s) with the appropriate vaccinations and boosters if applicable. _____
     NOTIFYING OPP because it must be documented for the case. ______
13. I understand in rare circumstances if OPP is not able to provide veterinary care to the pet(s) I am fostering, it may be
     deemed necessary to humanely euthanize the pet(s). I understand the decision is made carefully, in the best interest
     of the pet(s), by an appropriate official of OPP. ______
14. OPP will provide all necessary materials to foster this/these pet(s) such as: food, medications, collars, leashes, &
     crates. If I choose to feed the pet(s) another type of food, it will be at my expense._____
15. All material borrowed from OPP must be returned upon completion of fostering. _____
16. Should the seized pets become the property of OPP, I agree to inform any individuals who are interested in one or
     more of the pet(s) I am caring for, to apply via the website at and the applicant’s
     information will be reviewed thoroughly as any other application would be & the applicant will be responsible for
     full cost of the adoption. ______
17. I agree to immediately return all pet(s) fostered to OPP when requested. ______
18. A representative of OPP has permission to inspect my home where the pet(s) will be housed per his/her request at
     any time. ______
19. If it is determined by either party that the terms of this agreement cannot be fulfilled, the agreement may be
     terminated unilaterally and without notice. The pet(s) will be immediately returned to the custody and control of
     OPP. ______
20. If I have neglected to initial any item in this contract, symbolizing disagreement, OPP will NOT foster any pet(s) out
     to my care. ______

OPP Foster Home Signature                                                                 Date
                                                   Oglala Pet Project (OPP)
                                                   FOSTER HOME SURVEY

Tell us about your home environment and experience with pets. In order to ensure we place foster pet(s) that will fit in
with your lifestyle and family dynamic, we would like you to complete the survey questions below. It is okay to if you do
not have a great deal of pet behavioral or pet handling experience we just need to know your current level of experience
and your household routine. This information will help us make foster placements that are mutually beneficial.

Family Name:                                                                                 Date:

List the adults in the home and the hours they are typically home:

List all children in the household, their ages and interests:

List all of the pets in your household and a little information about their temperament: (i.e. Is your female pet
dominant? Does your cat get spooked when pets are running wild in the house?)

Describe the area where you will keep your foster pet(s) when no one is home (OPP will provide you with a crate). And
how long will the pet(s) be crated at one time.

Have you successfully crate trained a pet? Explain.

Describe where you will keep your foster pet when the family is home:

Describe your children’s involvement with your current pets:

What role will your children play in fostering pets for OPP?

Based on your family, lifestyle and schedule, which would your household prefer to foster
(check all that apply to you):

   Any Dogs or Puppies in Need
   Female Puppies Only
   Any Female Dog (dominance & age don’t matter to your family or other pets)
   Female Adult Dogs that are Submissive
   Female Adult Dogs that Get Along with Other Pets
   Female Adult Dogs with Special Needs (recovering from surgery or unsocial)
   Female Dog with Puppies
   Orphaned Puppies that Need 24 Hour Care, Feeding & Cleaning
   Male Puppies Only
   Any Male Dog (dominance & age don’t matter to your family or other pets)
   Male Adult Dogs that are Submissive
   Male Adult Dogs that Get Along with Other Pets
   Male Adult Dogs with Special Needs (recovering from surgery or unsocial)
   Any Cats or Kittens in Need
   Orphaned Kittens that Need 24 Hour Care, Feeding & Cleaning
   Female Cat with Kittens

                              This form will be kept in your Foster File with Oglala Pet Project.

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