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									           ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab
                               Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering for ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab! We
hope this is the beginning of a long beneficial relationship for both the people and
the dogs.

ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab brings neglected and abandoned dogs from
Houston’s 5th Ward. These dogs have lived in the most dire of circumstances and so
are not “quick fix” foster dogs therefore they stay in foster homes longer.
Generally 2-6 months in order to decompress, learn to be good citizens and find
their perfect home. Does that mean they are more damaged? Absolutely not! They
need to trust, need to learn what a home is, a comfy bed feels like and what it’s
like to roll in grass. Most importantly, they need to learn what it means to live in a
stable, loving home.

If you decide you can provide a safe foster home in which to help one of these
pups we thank you in advance for your exceptional compassion and for saving the
life of a dog that truly has no other options but homelessness and death on the

Personal Information:

Today’s Date_______________

Full name(s):


Address: ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________

Business Phone: _______________________ Email: ___________________________

Do you presently: own / rent? Name and contact number of landlord:
Please List all people living in your home: (include yourself)

Person 1: _________________________________________ Age: ___ Sex: M/F

Person 2: _________________________________________ Age: ___ Sex: M/F

Person 3: _________________________________________ Age: ___ Sex: M/F

Person 4: _________________________________________ Age: ___ Sex: M/F

Person 5: _________________________________________ Age: ___ Sex: M/F

Is everyone in your household in agreement to foster a rescue dog? Y / N

Does anyone in your household have animal allergies? Y/N

Does anyone have bad experiences/fears about particular breeds? Y/N

Please list breeds: _____________________________________________________

Do you work? PT/FT

Attend School: PT/FT

How many hours per day will the dog be alone? ______________

Do you have any special medical qualifications, i.e. Vet Tech, Veterinarian…? Y/N

Tell us about it:


Would you foster a dog with medical issues/special needs? Y/N

What else do you want us to know about you and you family/pets? We really do want to get

to know you!








Dog Foster Questions:

Preferred type of dog: M/F

Age: _________

Are you willing to foster the dog until a forever home has been found for them? Y/N

Are you willing to provide transportation to and from the vet: Y/N

Have you ever fostered animals before? Y/N

Through which rescue? ____________________________________________

Have you had experience with any of the following types of dogs? It’s OK if you

haven’t; we just want to know what your experiences are.

Shy dogs Y/N

Very shy or non-reactive dogs (“shut down”) Y/N

Fearful dogs (scared of specific people or things) Y/N

Jumpy, mouthy, hyper dogs Y/N

Dogs with handling issues (i.e. don’t touch my feet) Y/N

Resource-guarding dogs (I will not share my toys, food, people!) Y/N

Dog aggressive dogs Y/N

People-aggressive dogs Y/N

*Note we do not place people aggressive animals ever!

Highly-prey drive dogs (cats are not my friend) Y/N

Besides the fact that you’re awesome, why do you want to foster?


Can you foster a dog that is not housetrained? Y / N

Have you ever housetrained a dog before? Y / N

Have you ever crate trained a dogs? Y/N

ColoRADogs use positive reinforcement as our way of training (treats, praise, clickers).

Are you familiar with/willing to use this type of training?   Y/N

Have you owned a rescue dog before? Y / N

Where is that dog now?


Breed Questions:
* At ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab we find that the majority of our recues are

“Bully” breeds. These include American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers

and American Bulldogs or some mix thereof*

Do you have objections to fostering a “pit bull” type dog? Y/N
(We are OK if you don’t, we have other breeds)

Do you have any experience with powerful breeds? Y/N

Please list:





What are your experiences or opinions of “pit bull” type breeds? (Please be honest)





Your Personal Pets:
Do you have other pets? Y / N

Dogs? Y/N

Cats? Y/N

Other Creatures? ____________

How many? _____________ Breeds:

_____________________________________________Sex: ____________

Ages: __________________________

Are they spayed/neutered? Y / N

Are they updated on vaccinations? Y / N

Are they current on heartworm prevention? Y/N

Veterinarian’s name and phone number: ______________________________________

Please list two personal references, with their relationship to you and their phone number:

Name: _________________________________________

Phone: _________________

Name: _________________________________________

Phone: _________________

Will you be able to keep your own pets separate from foster animal(s) if needed? Y / N

List any other pets you have had in the past 10 years and what has happened to them.


1: __________________________________________________________________




How did you hear about us? _______________________________________________

What else would you like us to know about you?







The Legal Stuff


This contract is entered into on this date, ______________ by and between ColoRADogs

Rescue and Rehab and _______________________, hereafter referred to as the foster

care provider. The foster care provider agrees to the following provisions and guidelines:

1.   The animal(s) in foster care shall remain the sole property of ColoRADogs Rescue and


2.   ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab reserve the right to remove the animal(s) from the

foster care provider at anytime.

3.   The foster care provider will return the foster animal(s) to ColoRADogs Rescue and

Rehab upon request, or if they are no longer able to care for them.

4.   I understand and acknowledge that I do not have any right or authority to place the

foster animal(s) in other homes or with other individuals unless directed by ColoRADogs

Rescue and Rehab to do so. The foster care provider shall request ColoRADogs Rescue and

Rehab permission should they need to take a foster animal outside of the foster care

provider’s house.

5.   I understand that the foster animal(s) will be available for adoption during the time

in my foster care, unless otherwise stated. If I am interested in adopting the foster

animal I will immediately inform ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab. All routine paperwork and

fees in regards to adoption will be required.

6.   The foster animal(s) will be provided with proper and loving care, including but not

limited to food, water, shelter and medication when required.

7.   ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab will provide all food and supplies necessary to properly

foster the animal.

8.    The foster care provider will pick up food and supplies from ColoRADogs Rescue and

Rehab. They will provide transportation when necessary for the foster animal(s).

9.   Should the foster care provider purchase any supplies (veterinary care included)
without prior authorization and at a clinic other than our Veterinarian, they will not be

reimbursed for the money spent. If the foster care provider speaks to an authorized

member and the supplies are, the foster care provider will be reimbursed.

10.     If at anytime the foster animal(s) appear to be sick, injured or not normal the

foster care provider shall immediately contact ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab at 970-818-

1887. If it is outside of normal business hours or there is no answer and the foster care

provider feels it is an emergency they should call the provided emergency numbers.

11.     If the foster animal(s) is injured while in foster care, and the injury is caused from

an owned animal in the home or negligence from the foster care provider, the foster care

provider will take full responsibility of payment on any medical costs incurred in treating

the foster animal(s).

12.     Any decisions for the animal(s) in foster care, in regards to medical or behavioral

issues are to be made only by the ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab team.

13.     The foster animal(s) may cause personal or property damage while in the foster care

provider’s care. ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab. ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab is not liable

for property damage incurred while fostering a dog. ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab will

provide behavioral evaluation and modification techniques to help minimize the risk to

personal property. However, as ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab are not in direct contact

with the foster dogs while in you home, it is your responsibility to follow behavioral advice.

14.      The foster care provider understands and acknowledges that although ColoRADogs

Rescue and Rehab does everything within its power to ensure safety, we cannot guarantee

or be held responsible for the health, behavior or temperament of the foster animal(s).

The foster care provider will hold harmless ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab, its officers,

any previous owner, or foster home from any and all liability associated with the foster

animal(s); this includes any damage or injury caused by the foster animal(s).

15. T     he foster care provider will follow any other rules and/or guidelines asked of them

by ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab. This includes but is not limited to confining the foster

animal(s) to a crate when unsupervised, always being on a leash or in a supervised fenced
yard when outside and adhering to local animal control laws.

16.   The foster care provider will allow ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab and the Colorado

Department of Agriculture to inspect the foster care premises on request.

The foster care provider(s) attests that the terms and conditions of this foster

contract have been read and understood, and agree to them.

Foster Care Provider(s) Signature(s): _______________________________________


Date: _______________________

ColoRADogs Rescue and Rehab representative: ________________________________

Date: _______________________

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