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									Andre R. Green
4271 Rockport Bay Way, Oceanside, CA 92058


        To obtain an Account Executive position that utilizes skills and experiences in organizational management, schedule
         attainment, contract negotiations, and workforce development to improve the productivity and efficiency of a commercial or
         business services company.


        Master’s Degree – MBA Organizational Management - American InterContinental University
        Bachelor’s Degree - Bachelors of Information Technology - American InterContinental University
        Associate Degree - Network Engineering - Maric College
        Leadership Training-Marine Corps Institute – Washington, DC


        COMPTIA A+ Certification
        United States Security Clearance
        COMPTIA Network + Certification
        Resident Insurance Producer License


Supreme Global Solutions,
Prime Vendor Manager                                         Afghanistan                                             2009 - Present
     Manage operational matrix for the US Military foodservices and prime contractors.
     Organized and processed the receipt of around $13 million dollars of invoices per a monthly cycle.
     Oversee the execution of logistical actions for 256 Forward Operating Bases, relating to foodservices, to include direct air
       delivery, and quality control of product once received by the customer. This is comprised of 1 to 4 facilities at each location.
     Managed all schedule attainment of flights precisely as stated by US Military regulations and within the coordination of
       Military priority.
     Adhere to all Directives and Orders established by the US Department of Defense and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Orion Technology, Inc.
Director of Information Technology                            Huntsville, AL                                            2009

        Director and project manager over all contracts related to IT with a combined operating budget of around $80 million in
        Negotiated all terms and conditions of contracts to ensure compliance with the (SOW) statement of work, and work
        Organized the pricing for a contract won at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL with a size standard of $25 million in IT
         Communications Support.
        Created a new division for IT and employed over 180 workers across 5 states in support of existing contracts in the Medical
         Division, and the Logistics Division of the company.

Frito Lay
Operations Manager                                              Modesto, CA                                           2006 – 2007

        Directed and managed 4 supervisors and over 100 hourly team members in a fast paced, high demanding environment of
         logistics and distribution.
      Facilitated monthly performance staff meetings and lean manufacturing practices to ensure the total reduction of down time
       with an emphasis in the areas of 5S and JIT. Set up a system to ship more cases per hour increasing the sales volume.
      Increased the financial profitability budget plan by $85,000 for the year.
      Achieved national rankings in labor efficiency, (98%) shipping 40,000 cases over plan per day.
      Improved shipping rate by $30,000 through schedule attainment and optimizing warehouse volume.

United States Marine Corps
Logistics Chief/Information System Coordinator               Camp Pendleton, CA                                         1995- 2005

      Directed the training and development of logistical operations managing strategic data network centers.
      Supervised the setup of all work stations and administrative rights for key personal during transition in the Iraq Freedom war.
      Organized the direct accountability of over 11 million dollars of computer equipment and assets which were a matter of
       national security.
      Established all supports needs for SATCOM operations and logistical internet requirements ranging from BNC cables to
       CAT 5 cable.
      Directly supervised and trained over 200 Marines in logistical operations in Iraq and peace time.
      Implemented automated inventory control programs, maintained complete visibility and status of all inventory flowing in and
       out of area warehouses.
      Oversaw the setup of strategic transport functions, and supply chain distribution liaisons of military equipment to be
       embarked by air, ship, or over the road transport.

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