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                                  SPELLING CONTRACT – FIFTH GRADE

This is your Spelling Contract for Theme 4 Person to Person! DO NOT LOSE IT! WE ARE GOING GREEN – I
WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANOTHER COPY! This will be the same contract that will be applied to the next 5
Spelling lists that will be assigned. Each of these 20 assignments will be completed when we have
finished all the Spelling lists for this Reading theme. Each Spelling list will require 4 different
assignments to be completed. You cannot reuse an assignment! The first list’s completed assignment
will be checked off with a red colored pencil. The second list’s assignments will be checked off with a
blue colored pencil. The third list’s assignments will be checked off with a green colored pencil. The
forth list’s assignments will be checked off with a yellow colored pencil. The fifth list’s assignments will
be checked off with an orange colored pencil. Make sure to spell ALL words correctly on each activity.

Week 1 due: Friday February 3 (Mariah Keeps Cool)                                   (Red colored pencil)
Week 2 due: Friday February 10 (Mom’s Best Friend)                                  (Blue colored pencil)
Week 3 due: TUESDAY February 21 (Yang the Second)                                   (Green colored pencil)
Week 4 due: Friday March 3 (Dear Mr. Henshaw)                                       (Yellow colored pencil)
Week 5 due: Friday March 9 (Person to Person Spelling Review)                      (Orange colored pencil)

                    **********NO LATE CONTRACTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!**********
The purpose of the assignments in this contract are to help you study and learn for the upcoming
Spelling test. The assignments should be completed throughout the week after the words are assigned.
A grade will be given that corresponds to the amount of activities you have completed by the due date.

Here is how your Spelling contract will be graded:
4 activites = 100%*
3 activities = 75%*
2 activities = 50%*
1 activity = 25%*
No contract work = 0%
*Each assignment handed in will also have points deducted for sloppiness or incompleteness.

       Echo Words: Echoes get softer as they repeat. Write each of your Spelling words three times in
an echo, getting smaller each time. Include the Challenge Words.

       Number Order: Write your Spelling words in order from the one with the most letters to the
one with the least letters. In case of ties, put the tied words in ABC order. Include the Challenge Words.

        Sentences: Use four of your words in declarative statement, three in interrogative statements,
and three in exclamatory statements.

        Spelling Chart: Choose any 10 of your words and answer each question. Number of letters?
Number of consonants? Number of vowels? Number of syllables? (Do not guess! Look it up!) Organize
the information in a chart.

        Tongue Twisters: Write tongue twisters for 10 of your words. Highlight your Spelling word.
                                  Ex. Many men manage money well.

        Word Riddles: Write questions or riddles for at least 10 Spelling words. The answer will be one
of the Spelling words.
                           Ex. What animal can be mooooooody? A cow

        Synonyms: Choose any 10 of your Spelling words and search for a synonym for each. Use a
dictionary, www.dictionary.com, or a thesaurus to help you.

        Antonyms: Choose any 10 of your Spelling words and search for a antonyms for each. Use a
dictionary, www.dictionary.com, or a thesaurus to help you.

        Guide Words: Using a dictionary, find 10 of your Spelling words. Write down the page number
and the two guidewords at the top of the dictionary page.
                                    Ex. Lone – pg. 514, log – long

       Collage: Choose 10 words and write the words using letters cut out from a newspaper or
magazine and glue the words into your notebook.

         Backwards Words: Write each of your words forward then backward.
                                       Ex. DOOR  ROOD

        Rainbow Words: Write all of your words – including Challenge words – in at least three
different colors.

          Syllables: Group your words according to syllables. Put all one-syllable words together, two-
syllable words together and so on.

         Typing: Type your Spelling words three times on the computer, using three different fonts.
Tape the print out into your notebook.

         Test: Have your parents give you a Spelling test and have them grade it – they must sign the
         Report: Pretend you are a news anchor, weather person, or reporter. Using at least 10 of your
Spelling words, write a report.

         Poster: Create a poster in your notebook that takes up one complete page. Create a product
on a poster you would like to see and use 10 of you Spelling words to advertise it. Your poster must
include the product, name, illustration, and cost.

         Poem: Write a rhyming poem using at least 10 of your Spelling words.

        Definitions: Define 10 of your Spelling words.

        Word Search: Create a word search using all of your Spelling words.

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