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                       MASQUE THEATRE
                        37 Main Road, Muizenberg
                     P.O. Box 124 ~ Muizenberg ~ 7950
                    e-mail: masquetheatre@mweb.co.za

                   Visit our website: www.muizenberg.info

            PROGRAMME APRIL to JUNE 2006
            Masque Theatre BOOKINGS: Tel. 021–788 1898 (o/h)
                Close to the theatre with car-watch attendant
                                 Foyer Bar
    Open before evening performances and during intervals; coffee/tea/sweets available

31 March to 08 April 2006
                        Claremont Dramatic Society presents

                                RAY COONEY’S

            Run for your Wife
                              directed by John Farrell

This much acclaimed comedy was a smash hit and an in London for eight years!
John Smith is a London cabbie with his own taxi, a wife in Stratham, a wife in Wimbledon
and a knife-edge schedule. By strict adherence to this schedule, he has been a successful, if
tired, bigamist for three years. One day gallantly intervening in a mugging he is taken to
hospital with mild concussion. In the ensuing complications, aided by unwilling neighbour
Stanley, John tries to cope with a succession of well meaning but prying policemen, the
press, two increasingly irate wives and a gay neighbour. Great fun.

Fri. 31 March, Sat. 01, Thu. 06, Fri. 07, Sat. 08 April
Week nights 20:15, Sat. 14:15 and 18:15
TICKETS: R45 (R40 club members), matinée R35 (R30)

Sun., 02 April 2006, 15:00 − ONE performance only!

       Shirley Sutherland (soprano), Sanja Anastasijevic (mezzo-soprano)
                      and Peter Valentovic (piano) present

                Mozart Concert
Shirley has worked with Mimi Coertse’s “Black Tie Ensemble” in Pretoria, and joined the
Cape Town Opera Studio for two years. Sanja won the National Singing Competition in
Yugoslavia in 1992, 1994 and 1996 as well as the Concorso Lirico International
Competition in Italy. Peter won first prize in the Bratislava Competition in 1997 and 1998,
and the Heinrich Strecker Competition in Vienna in 2001. Their concert will include arias
and songs from well known operas, operettas and musicals.


Sun., 09 April 2006, 19:00 − ONE performance only!

                                    Godfrey Johnson

 Songs my Lover forgot to sing to me
Godfrey Johnson entertains with music from Coward to Brel to his own compositions. “In
90 minutes one is transported to so many places with this vast repertoire, and one is also
blown away by his adaptability, going from the most tender of love songs to the hardest,
even bawdy clucks on the piano when he does some of the lighter, often comedic stuff.”
(Rafiek Mammon, Tonight)

TICKETS: R45 (R40 Theatre Club members)

Sun., 23 April 2006, 15:00 − ONE performance only!

                                 Heather-Lee Graham

                  Valley of Song
The Heather-Lee Singing School from Fish Hoek presents an entertaining programme of
solos, duets and group numbers. This will include well known songs from La Boheme, the
rousing solo and chorus “The Habenera” from Carmen and a comic duet from L’Elisir
D’Amore. You will hear dynamic sopranos Karen Wilson-Harris, Abigail Knott, Karen
Levy, Maureen Morris and one of the most promising tenors in Cape Town, Given Nkosi.
Along with these performers will be the up-and-coming juniors Ami-Rose Barber, Anywn
Hawkings, Lawrence Steyn and others. – Accompanists are Ian Johnson (piano) and
Jennifer Moss (flute). There will be numbers from the shows Annie get your Gun,
Anastasia and Yentl as well as some contemporary items such as the currently popular
“Doo-be-doo” and “Unchained Melody”.

TICKETS: R35 (R30 Theatre Club members)

26 to 29 April 2006

                                 Julio Acevedo presents

                 Corazon Latino
                               Director Julio Acevedo

This show was nominated for Best Performance of the year for the Fleur du Cap Theatre
Award and has performed to standing ovations at the Grand West Casino and the Southern
Sun International. It was mentioned as best line-up show at the Vodacom Sound of
Summer, December 2005. Don’t miss this show that had the critics raving!
“Julio Acevedo must have carried the proud name of ‘The Entertainer’ in his native Chile
because the man lives up to every promise of that bold ideal strutting, singing, swaying and
sashaying about the ... stage. His show ..., a lunchbox-sized bells-and-whistles
extravaganza, encapsulates almost everything one wishes from an evening out.” Peter
Tromp, Cape Times
“Vitality and glamour are the salient features of Corazon Latino, which pulsates with the
full-blooded warmth from a Latin-accented performance. Beverly Brommert

Wed. 26, Thu. 27, Fri. 28, Sat. 29 April 2006
Week nights 20:15, Sat. 14:15 and 18:15
TICKETS: R50 (R45 Theatre Club members), matinée R40 (R35)

12 to 20 May
                         Fish Hoek Dramatic Society presents

                CHARLES VANCE’S adaptation of

          Wuthering Heights
                             directed by ALASTAIR DUFF

This classic haunting tale brought to our stage! The power, the passion, the terror of Emily
Bronte’s unforgettable love story, the story of two hearts that beat as one. An epic novel is
brilliantly encapsulated in two hours of unforgettable drama.

Fri. 12, Sat. 13, Thu. 18, Fri. 19, Sat. 20 May
Week nights 20:15, Sat. 14:15 and 18:15
TICKETS: R45 (R40 club members), matinée R35 (R30)

02 to 10 June
                       Muizenberg Dramatic Society presents

                           AGATHA CHRISTIE’S

      Love from a Stranger
                             adapted by Frank Vosper

                             directed by JUNE EDWARDS

        This psychological thriller will have you in suspense right to the last scene!

After winning a small fortune, Cecily Harrington postpones her marriage for a European
tour. She meets Bruce Lovell, a charming American, who sweeps her off her feet. A
whirlwind marriage follows, and Bruce turns out to be a homicidal maniac. Cecily deals
with a murderer who grows progressively inhuman. Agatha Christie at her suspenseful best!

Fri. 02, Sat. 03, Thu. 08, Fri. 09, Sat. 10 June
Week nights 20:15, Sat. 14:15 and 18:15
TICKETS: R45 (R40 club members), matinée R35 (R30)

23 June to 01 July
                        Claremont Dramatic Society presents

                          Shelagh Stephenson’s

     The Memory of Water
                               directed by SUE BOLTON

First performed in 1996, this play won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy. Three
different sisters meet at the death of their mother in the old family home. Black comedy
erupts as the sisters resurrect sibling jealousy. Witty bickering charts the joyous and painful
territory of family relationships with insight and compassion as the sisters re-live their

Fri. 23, Sat. 24, Thu. 29, Fri. 30 June, Sat. 01 July 2006
Week nights 20:15, Sat. 14:15 and 18:15
Tickets: R45 (R40 club members), matinée R35 (R30)

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