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					                                                                                                                                                                                     E xECuTIVE NATIO NAL VICE PRESID ENT
The NTC 2008 Atlanta ACE Awards Dinner                          The uK team leaders at NTC 2009 Las
at the Atlanta Aquarium.                                        Vegas: uK ERVP Caroline McFarlan, Aldis,
                                                                uK RVP Iain Pritchard, NVP Sue Cassidy and
                                                                uK RVP Gordon Fraser.
                                                                                                                 ENVP Nadja Shipley, ENVP Andrea Rohrwasser, ENVP Sheila
                                                                                                                 Greene, Aldis; sponsor, Joan Fitzhenry and AM Amy Mangino.

     To my friends, Rick Monaco and Kate Francesa, you are entrepreneurs
     and saw this no-brainer right away! I am excited to watch your business                 and Gina, my grown “kids,” the possibilities that lie ahead for you are
     grow and look forward to every excuse to visit you in Beaufort.                         endless. Think big!

     To Jeannelle Shaver, Erin Smith, Dawn Duerr, Jennifer Rightmyer, Chris                 To my beautiful mother, Gudrun, my father, Sig and step mother, Lis, thank
     Rappleyea, France Leblanc, Marie Sophie, Kim, Ken, Pearl and Amanda                    you for using and sharing these great products with your friends and for

                                                                                                                                                                                                    The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
     Slaunwhite, Lisa Main, Kayla Main, Kelly Pipino, Eva Spade, Kathy                      supporting me in all I do. You mean the world to me.
     Rampolla, Melissa Killeleagh, Theresa Chiaravalle, Amber Shore,
     Michele Hogan, Carol Buckley, Jovenna Young, Celeste Caruso, Kate                       Finally, to my grandfather, Daniel: Thank you for always believing in me
     Zumback, Denise Horton, Renee Dubiel-Hornung, Jackie Falconieri, Patty                  and for your unconditional love. I don’t think it was just a coincidence
     Laguna, Faithe Ferrante, Katie Wood, Donna Orlyk, Jan McAuliffe, Cathy                  that I earned my car on your birthday—how perfect. I can feel you
     Farrell and Tracey Biondi. This was a group effort and I want you all to                smiling down on me.
     know how much I love having you on my team and can’t wait to share
     in all of your future successes. Ready, set, go!                                       To those of you reading this thinking of doing this as a business—jump in.
                                                                                            You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The financial rewards
     To my uplines and sidelines, Nadja Shipley, Mary Beth Relyea, BJ and                   of this business are awe-inspiring and were originally why I started my
     Jamie Pierce, Armae Fant, Lisa deMayo, Debbie Neal, Keri Zoumas and                    Arbonne business. What I have come to learn is that the personal rewards
     Evan Shapiro. Thank you for your generous spirits. I am so grateful that               far outweigh the monetary ones. We are in the people business and we
     we are on the same team and that we support each other the way we do.                  inspire them to dream again and we assist in making those dreams come
                                                                                            true. This business is life changing. Please don’t settle for things as they
     To Arbonne Home Office staff, our President Rita Davenport, Brad                       are; you can have it all.
     Weyment, Karen Goodman, Ira Kleinman and Tim Molloy: This is a
     brilliant company with forward thinking leadership—you have your fingers
     on the pulse and I am grateful that you are at the helm.                                    ENVP Nadja Shipley, ENVP Andrea Rohrwasser, ENVP Sheila Greene, Aldis;

     To my smart and beautiful girls, Ally and Krissie: You were accepted into
     and are attending your first choice college picks. As hard as it was to
     drop you off at school I couldn’t be prouder. I love you bazillions. Hey,
     how’d you grow up so fast?

     To Mark Loreno, my fiancé and honey: Thank you for your love and
     continued support. Who knew that an added bonus to this Arbonne
     business was you discovering your inner chef? Yummo. To Erik, Sara

  Sue, Denise Horton, Theresa Chiaravalle, Aldis, Kate Zumback, Jeanne Stefansson
  and Cathy Farrell.                                                                       NVPs in Rita’s suite in Hawaii: Jill Caputo, Aldis, Lisa DeMayo, Sheila Greene, Debbie
                                                                                           Neal, Karen Lambert, Sue Cassidy and President Rita Davenport.

                                                                                                                                             E Y E O N A R B O N N E | AuGuST 2009
   E Y E               O N             A R B O N N E

NVPs in Rita’s suite in Hawaii: Jill Caputo, Aldis,
Lisa DeMayo, Sheila Greene, Debbie Neal,
Karen Lambert, Sue Cassidy and President Rita

   I N D E P E N D E N T C O N S u L TA N T,
   E x E C u T I V E N AT I O N A L V I C E P R E S I D E N T

                                     YOu CAN
                                               HAVE IT ALL
            Arbonne Independent Consultant,
            Executive National Vice-President
            Aldis Higgins Nation; Saratoga Springs, New York

                Mark and I are sitting on an airplane next to my new friend Area Manager
                Jessie Kretzer. We are headed to the Moon Palace and Spa in Mexico and
aldis higgins

                Arbonne is footing the bill. My white Mercedes-Benz is parked in the airport
                parking lot. Oh, and it will be there again when we zip off to Hawaii in
                January. Sound pretty good? These are just some of the many perks that we
                can enjoy as Consultants with Arbonne. Did I mention the diamond ring?

                It was two years ago I began my Arbonne adventure. I have to confess, this
                was not something I saw myself doing. I didn’t understand this industry and
                had no clue of the tremendous business opportunity it represented. I thought
                it sounded too good to be true and that only a lucky few succeeded. Then
                I began reading Eye on Arbonne success stories, just like the one you are
                reading now, of successful people in Arbonne. These people were just like
                you and me, and they were making great money by helping others succeed.

                After I got over myself and signed on as a Consultant, I treated this as a serious
                business from day one. I had a full time real estate career when I first became
                a Consultant so I had to use the limited time I had wisely. I invested in my new
                Arbonne business and started with a solid base of products to use personally               Aldis and fiancé, Mark in Paris.
                and to share with others. Arbonne President Rita Davenport always says “You
                can’t sell from an empty wagon” and she is right. I also felt that I needed to
                be able to answer when someone asked me how the shampoo was. I was
                focused and committed and anyone I talked to knew that I was going to the
                top of this company and taking them with me if that was what they wanted.

            Now, you might say, why would I start a new business in this crazy economy?
            The answer is simple-our business is growing!! The health and wellness industry
            is exploding. We baby boomers are fighting aging every step of the way. We
            are health conscious and demanding products that are not only good for us
            but that deliver results. Our products are Swiss formulated, botanically based,
            vegan, contain no mineral oil or petroleum products, and they do what they               Aldis’ mother, Gudrun, Aldis and daughters, Kristina and Alex, in Iceland.
            say they are going to do-they work! We have what today’s consumers want,
            from the nursery to the nursing home.

            Think about the following questions: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
            How about in 10 years? If your current stream of income disappeared, how
            long could you live on your savings? Can your position be “downsized?” Are
            you all set for retirement? Are your stock options worth what you thought they

            would be? If money were not an issue, what would you be doing?

                Why leave your future in the hands or at the mercy of others? Your Arbonne
                business will be your business and you will have complete control. Added
                bonus—we deal in everyday consumable products people will continue to
                use. We wash our hair, take vitamins and buy skin care even in the worst
                economic times.
                                                                                                                                       New Jersey team at NTC 2008 Atlanta.

Aldis with NVP Sue Cassidy and husband, David.
                                                                                             To our uS Regional Vice Presidents, Maria Werrlein, Nina Hart Harmon,
                                                                                             Linda Blum Huntington and Archie Grant: Your work ethic is unmatched.
                                                                                             You should be so proud of yourselves and your teams. I know I am. To
               Our company was founded in 1980 and is rock solid and the dar-                Joy Triglia, Stacy Farber, Joanna Harris and Gilda Garraton—those cars
               ling of the network marketing industry. We are recipients of the Direct       are just around the bend, you’ll see.
               Selling Association Education Award. Our former CEO is an Ernst &
               Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient. There is massive growth       To our rockin’ uK team, Caroline “The Queen” McFarlan, Gordon “The
               opportunity in the uS and Canada and we have recently expanded to             King” Fraser, Angela MacVicker, Iain Pritchard, Lilia Sinclair and Claire
               Australia and the united Kingdom. The rest of the world remains to be         Shenkin. Thank you for “getting it.” What a true delight it has been getting
               introduced to our products. This company has staying power and that           to know all of you. Your accomplishments are off the charts—you are
               is vital to long term profitability.                                          creating a true legacy for generations to come. Caroline, congratulations
                                                                                             on being the first Regional Vice President and white Mercedes-Benz
               I was at a training recently with Dr. Tom Barrett and he described our        outside the uS and Canada. Jolly Good Job!
               road to success perfectly. Success in this business is not based on luck.
               It is based on vision, courage and stamina. The best way to predict the       To RVP Nicole Belanger: Life after hockey? Now you have your answer!
               future is to create it and we have to be willing to do what others will       Thank you for choosing Arbonne as your family’s vehicle. To think that I did
               never do to experience what others never will. We dust off the dreams         not know you two years ago seems unreal. I feel like I have gained the
               we had tossed aside and get to work on making them a reality!                 younger sister I never had. I was so proud the day you earned your car,
                                                                                             now you can drive me around in your Mercedes-Benz. You deserve it, look
               There are many people that I would like to thank and who share in the         gorgeous in it, and I feel privileged to have been a part of your journey.
               success of my business.
                                                                                             To my best childhood girlfriends, Diane Rogala and Glenna DiGiacomo.
               Let me start by thanking my sponsor, Joan Fitzhenry for introducing me        For the 30-plus years that our friendship has spanned we have shared
               to this incredible opportunity. I am forever grateful that you picked up      so much. What a great excuse this Arbonne business has given us to
               the phone that day!                                                           spend more time together. I cannot wait until we are all together on the
                                                                                             beach in Hawaii!
               Thank you to ENVP Sheila Greene for cheering me on and leading by
               example. Your guidance and generosity is truly valued and appreciated.        To my sister-in-law Jeanne Stefansson—as if being the perfect match for
               Sharing this experience with you has been amazing and I look forward          my favorite brother wasn’t enough—it is great that we can work together
               to creating more great memories. The best is yet to come.                     and at the same time supplement your horse fund.

               To my first direct, NVP Sue Cassidy. Thank you for trusting me and join-      To my friend of many years Darlene King—we’ve delivered puppies,
               ing me on this incredible ride. What a blast we have had! Thank you           ridden horses, sent our kids off to college and seen each other at our
               for taking me flying—literally. It was one of the most exhilarating experi-   worst and here we are in the beauty business. Hey, you just never know.
               ences of my life. Just us two, new NVPs, high five-ing in your airplane
               over Saratoga. You are a dynamo in so many ways and have set a
               wonderful example for your team.

                               success strategy:
                      Dream, decide and don’t settle.
                            You deserve this.

                                                                                              AM Diane Rogala, RVP Nicole Belanger, NVP Sue Cassidy, Aldis and EAM
                                                                                                 Glenna DiGiacomo at the Area Manager’s Retreat in Saratoga Springs.

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