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					                                        E      Y      E            O        N            A      R      B        O    N       N      E

                   YOU CAN
                  H AV E I T A LL
   I was introduced to Arbonne in June 2006 by my colleague, EAM Joanie
   Fitzhenry. Joanie shared the products with me and explained that there was
   great business potential as well. She told me stories of people who had
   experienced great financial and personal success with Arbonne, but I thought
   that they had probably just gotten lucky. But the products really impressed me,
   so I purchased some for myself, to give as gifts and to support a friend in her
   new venture. As for the business, I asked her to call me in the fall.

   You see, I was a successful realtor; I already drove a Mercedes-Benz and
   lived in a beautiful house. The last thing on my mind was selling skin care
   products and conducting Presentations about makeup. Joanie told me that
   there were many ways to approach this business, and assured me that I could
   work it in a way that was comfortable for me. Still, I was not yet convinced I
   had or needed a nook or cranny to fit this Arbonne business into.

   Over the summer, I gave the products I bought to my friends and family as gifts.
                                                                                                                                            aldis higgins
   Positive reactions from my family poured in reply. After using the NutriMenC®                                      Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
   RE9® set for only a few days, my father called and told me that this was “good                                   Aldis Higgins Region; Saratoga Springs, New York
   stuff.” Much to my surprise, my very discerning stepmother, Lis, was already
   using the RE9 and loving it. She told me that Arbonne made the best bronzer
   — they do — then pulled hers out and tried it on me. That’s now my favorite
   product too. My sister-in-law, Jeanne, had seen the Arbonne catalog in a                     the world’s largest accounting firm. I also learned that Harvest Partners had
   spa at an exclusive country club where she was a massage therapist. And                      invested in Arbonne in 2004 and brought in an impressive executive staff.
   then there was my mother. She used the RE9 set during her entire visit to the                At the time, the company had not gone global. It had recently ventured into
   States and left to go back home to Iceland with a brand new Arbonne skin                     Canada and planned to expand into additional countries in the coming
   care regimen that she could not wait to share with her friends.                              years. When I looked at the demographic map I saw that there were not
                                                                                                many Consultants in my region, the Northeast. The icing on the cake was
   So, by now, I was completely sold on the product, but not yet on the business. I             that the company car was a white Mercedes-Benz — not bad!
   decided to do a little homework on this company. What I discovered surprised
   me. The company was 27 years old; the products were botanically-based,                       Finally, I began to read Eye on Arbonne success stories, just like the one
   Swiss-formulated, vegan and used no mineral oil. Arbonne Chairman & CEO                      you are reading now, of successful people in Arbonne. These people were
   Bob Henry was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 by Ernst & Young,                                                                                           continued ...

Aldis and her fiancé, Mark.                                       Chairman & CEO Bob Henry, Aldis and                                   Aldis’ Why: Daughters, Alex and Kristina.
                                                                  President Rita Davenport at ACTnow Houston.
                               success strategy:
                    Visualize your dreams,
                    write them down and

                                                                                                                                                                            REGIONAL VICE PRESID ENT
                    make them your reality.

  sharp, and I discovered that it was not just the lucky few that saw success
  with this company. There were doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, young,         The Montreal Team: Pearl Slaunwhite, DMs Kim and Ken Slaunwhite,
  not so young, men and women. What impressed me the most was that all              Amanda Slaunwhite, Aldis, DM France Leblanc, AM Nicole Belanger and
                                                                                    Marie-Sophie Guilbault.
  of these people were making money — great money — by helping other
  people succeed.
                                                                                    To my soon-to-be-step-children, Erik, Sara and Gina, thank you for sharing
  September came, and Joanie called to invite me to an “Opportunity”                your dad with me. I look forward to many fun times ahead.
  Presentation at a nearby hotel. There were four white Mercedes-Benzes
  out front. ENVP Sheila Greene thanked everyone for coming and present-            I would like to thank EAMs Joanie Fitzhenry and Amy Mangino for introducing
  ed information on the company. RVP Armae Fant invited the group to her            me to this incredible opportunity. I am forever grateful for their continuous
  Mercedes-Benz car presentation to take place three weeks later. She was           encouragement and support.
  getting her car and had accomplished that level with three kids at home and
  a husband who was deployed in Iraq.                                               To my dynamite Area Managers, Nicole Belanger, Glenna DiGiacomo,
                                                                                    Carol Buckley, Diane Rogala and Sue Cassidy: I am surrounded by brains

                                                                                                                                                                                       The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
  After that evening, I decided to jump in. What was the worst thing that could     and beauty — I cannot wait to hand each of you the keys to your new car.
  happen? I would end up with fantastic skin care for the next year. What           Thank you to my entire team of District Managers — you are awesome and
  was the best thing that could happen? I could fund my daughters’ college          on your way — next stop, NVP. To my impressive group of Consultants, I
  education, give generously to causes I support and be financially free. It        feel honored that you have chosen to join our team and look forward to
  was a no-brainer.                                                                 celebrating all of your future successes. I feel so lucky to work with my best
                                                                                    friends, Area Manager Diane and Executive Area Manager Glenna, my
  They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over    father, EDM Sig Stefansson, and my sisters-in-law, EDM Jeanne Stefansson
  and expecting a different result. Do something different so that you get a dif-   and Mary Lizska. We have all accomplished this together and will all go
  ferent — and far better — result. Step out of your comfort zone and give this     to the top together.
  a try. The Arbonne opportunity may seem too good to be true, but it is real.
  I know. I am driving the company car and going straight to the top. Join the      Thank you, ENVP Sheila Greene for your coaching, your positive energy and
  Arbonne team and we will take you there. This is no little makeup company.        your thoughtfulness. You are a true leader and deserve every bit of success
  This is big business — claim your stake and become a part of it today.            you achieve and more.

  You might be thinking that you just don’t have enough time to do this as a        Thank you to my crossline pals, ERVP BJ Pierce, RVP Armae Fant and AM
  business. I thought so too. I have two teenage daughters and a real estate        Barb Bierden for their guidance and support.
  career. You can fit this business into the nooks and crannies. You probably
  tell people about a great restaurant — this is the same thing; you are just       Thank you to ENVP Nadja Shipley and ENVP Lisa de Mayo for allowing me
  sharing a great business with terrific products. If you are reading this and      to share their stories when I did not have one of my own.
  on the fence about joining Arbonne, remember you do not have to know a
  zillion people. You introduce Arbonne to a few people and they tell a few         Thank you, Arbonne corporate office staff, Chairman & CEO Bob Henry
  and so on. Before you know it, you have a team! Since this is truly an effort     and President Rita Davenport. After seeing you in Las Vegas and Houston, I
  by many and I have some appreciation that I would like to extend.                 now know why this company is so successful. You are true leaders with big
                                                                                    hearts and it really shows.
  To my fiancé, Mark Loreno: Thank you for your constant love and support. You
  were right when you said that this was perfect for me. I love you and cannot
  wait to share the rest of my life with you. The world is our oyster …

  To my precious girls, Alexandra and Kristina: You are smart and beautiful, both
  inside and out, and you mean everything to me. Thank you for cheering me on.
  I am so proud of you both and love you more than words can ever say.

Aldis with her upline at the 2007 Area Managers Retreat: ENVP Nadja Shipley,
ENVP Andrea Rohrwasser, ENVP Sheila Greene, Aldis, Aldis’ sponsor, EAM Joan
Fitzhenry and EAM Amy Mangino.

                                                                                    NJ Team: AM Diane Rogala, DM Renee Dubiel-Hornung, DM Donna D-Annunzio,
                                                                                    Aldis’ sponsor, EAM Joan Fitzhenry, Aldis, EAM Glenna DiGiacomo, ENVP Sheila
                                                                                    Greene and DM Patty Laguna.

                                                                                                                                  E Y E O N A R B O N N E | DECEMBER 2007

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