UNIVERSITY OF EXTREMADURA

                       Founded in 1973, the University of Extremadura is a
                       young but well established institution, facing new
challenges and maintaining its commitment to the society in which it was
created through excellence and quality. Presently, the University of
Extremadura has more than 25,000 students, about 1,800 professors and
more than 900 administrative staff members making it possible for the
university to offer 90 different degrees across 4 campuses and 17 university
faculties and schools.

The University of Extremadura offers different length programs designed to
learn or improve Spanish Language and Culture through a combination of
formal exposure and real practice in everyday communicative situations.
Students will achieve these goals through their personal experiences in
programs that perfectly combine classroom with social and cultural activities.

Our headquarters are located in Cáceres, where all courses are held. Some
of our programs also take part in Badajoz and Jarandilla (summer programs).

Tel: +34 927 257 067

  ‫ב‬       Bethona International
Located in Jerte, Bethona International is a Spanish Language Centre that
offers the chance of enjoying wonderful holidays in nature while you learn
Spanish. Our learning method is designed for the personal touch: a very
reduced group, maximum 6 people, organized according to the level and
interests of each student. Bethona International has also got an old residence
of 16th century restored with all the modern facilities: heating, air-conditioning,
TV, internet... In this residence, teachers and students live together in
independent apartments having access to books, films, conversations, etc,
whenever they want them. The learning of Spanish is therefore assured.

Tel: + 34 927 470 503

                                                Academia Decode
                                            The best way to learn Spanish
                                            is coming to the origin of the
                                            language, Spain. Just two hours
                                            south-west of Madrid, you may
                                            enjoy the land of Extremadura,
                                            and its heart, Trujillo, a
                                            medieval and historical city full
                                            of culture to delight your
                                            senses. Academia Decode is
                                            the perfect place for you to           learn Spanish taking advantage
                                            of our native local teachers with
years of experience who will not only take care of your Spanish language
skills but also grab you by the hand and immerse you to our history,
gastronomy, and many other interesting activities. We will provide you with
accommodation and take care that your staying is a real Spanish experience.

Tel: +34 927 323 042
Fun School of Languages
                                Fun School of Languages is a highly dynamic
                                and flexible language centre that offers
                                different language courses. Located in
                                Mérida, our school is formed by a team of
                                qualified teachers with wide experience in
                                language teaching and passion for their work.
                                In Fun School of Languages we think that a
                                different way of teaching languages is
                                possible, we concentrate on oral skills as we
                                consider it a more authentic and natural way
to approach language learning.
A wide variety of Spanish courses are available to suit all students needs,
enjoy our immersion courses, go for online lessons or try blended learning

Tel: + 34 679 005 361

Liceo Hispánico
Liceo Hispánico is a Spanish school located in
Cáceres and specialized in teaching Spanish as a
second foreign language. The school’s main aim is
to offer students a quality education using an
effective method with the basic purpose of suiting
the student’s needs. The classes are combined with
extracurricular activities, so learning will be
significant and useful and at the same time the
student will save time in the process of learning the Spanish language.

Tel: + 34 927 221 624
Valentia Spanish Holiday Courses
                                    We combine the teaching of Spanish with
                                    the immersion in our culture and the
                                    enjoyment of nature and the environment.
                                    Learning a language while enjoying a nice
                                    holiday in one of our charming
                                    accommodation options is what makes us
                                    excel and provide you with the perfect
                                    opportunity to learn and have fun at the
same time. The school is located in the rural housing complex “El Jiniebro”,
1 km away from La Aceña de la Borrega (Valencia de Alcántara). Our courses
are taught by qualified teacher at all levels and in small groups. Because the
school in located in a rural area, the linguistic and cultural immersion is

Tel: +34 924 452 091

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