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                                         ALDRIDGE PARISH CHURCH

                                 Meeting 1: Election of Churchwardens

                               Held on Monday 19th April 2010 at 8pm in the Church

Item    Subject

 1      Welcome, bible reading and prayer
        Psalm 95:1-7; (the Venite) God is our rock. We will give thanks to Him tonight at our AGM. He is a
        huge God; worthy of worship. He is our God and we are his people. Thank Him for keeping us intact
        and helping us through last year. Remember to stay centred on Jesus as a Church. Our church has
        grown from 280 in 2003 up to 380 this year. Thank God that people are coming to faith and staying in
        faith. Let us praise God for this, but numbers mean nothing if it doesn‟t involve going deeper with
        God. Are we going deeper with him?
        Phil. 1:9-11; significant verses for us at the moment. Loving, worshipping, serving. Love is getting our
        relationships sorted, with people and with God. Move from broken fractured awful places to loving
        each other and getting deeper. Worship says we have the priority of worshipping Jesus, moving from
        the motions of worship to having a passion for God. Put worship at the hub of all small groups; say
        “yes” to God 24:7.
        Serving brings transformation of people‟s lives. Get deeper with God; worship, love and serve more
 2      Apologies and attendance
        List appended to the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Church
 3      Election of four church wardens
        As per the arrangement implemented at the 2007 AGM four wardens were to be appointed to share the
        workload. Four nominations were presented to the meeting: Jen ford, Chris Leng, Keith Callear, Ruth
        Bryant. There was unanimous agreement (no abstentions and none against) that they would continue to
        serve the Church as wardens in the coming year.
        They were then prayed for in open prayer session. Finally, Richard thanked the wardens for all they do
        within the church and for the support and advice they offer to him.


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                                         ALDRIDGE PARISH CHURCH

                                   Meeting 2: Annual General Meeting

                              Held on Monday 19th April 2010 at 820pm in the Church

Item    Subject
  1     Attendance and Apologies
        List appended to the minutes of this meeting

 2      Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting
        Jill Freeman proposed and Heather Ford seconded that they be accepted as true and proper record of the
        meeting last year. The motion was passed unanimously by those present; there were no abstentions and
        none against.
 3      Electoral Roll Report
        Martin Hodges, Electoral Roll Officer, gave a brief report which outlined that the number on the roll now
        stood at 399; we started the year with 383, there have been 26 additions and 10 deletions resulting in a
        4.2% increase on last year.
 4      Financial Report: Phil Young
        Phil Young, the treasurer, presented a summary of the accounts (subject to audit). He gave a report using a
        PowerPoint presentation; a copy of this and the accounts are appended to the minutes. Richard thanked
        Phil sincerely for his help; he commended Phil for his skill at communicating the figures to non-
        financially minded people, and thanked him in general for all he does for the Church.
 5      Elections: Deanery Synod 5, PCM/PCC 5
        Based on the numbers on the electoral roll in 2009 the Church could appoint five people to serve on the
        Deanery Synod. All five members of the Deanery Synod finished their term of office this year and stood
        down, and three stood for re-election: those were Jen Ford, Peter Ford, and Martin Hodges. Helen Gilbert
        was nominated to join the DS for the first time. Richard Cornfield suggested that the number of
        nominations remains at four in spite of the opportunity to have five on the synod as per a recent
        recommendation from a Diocesan consultant on Larger Church management. Further to this, Richard also
        recommended that the PCM be reduced in number by one. Motions were agreed unanimously – none
        abstained and none were against.

        All four of the candidates were accepted to the Deanery synod without the need for a formal election.

        The candidates standing for election to the PCM were Lynne Trew, Maureen Rouse, Pauline Stanford, and
        Garry Butterfield. All were unanimously accepted without the need for a formal election.

        Richard then led us in prayer, giving thanks to God for the state of our finances, and thanking God for the
        people on the PCM & DS. He then asked for God‟s wisdom and guidance for the committee members in
        their decision making.

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6    Building Group:
     Peter Ford drew our attention to the recent newsletter for the building project, stating that this would
     provide the detail of where we‟re at in the process. He gave a brief summary that the plans were now ready
     to be submitted for application for Planning Permission. As we are further on with the plans for the church
     rooms than we are for the housing development we will apply for detailed Planning Permission for the
     Church rooms and Outline Planning Permission for the housing development. He was pleased to inform us
     that we have resolved some of difficulties with diocese and now feel like we are getting a fair deal and are
     happy to proceed.
     He reminded us of the brochure earlier in the year and stated that the money pledged/given (as outlined by
     Phil in the finance report) is a tremendous confirmation that this is the right move and God is behind us
     with what we are looking to do. Peter was very thankful for the support of everyone who has
     pledged/given money so far.
     Other work on the Church that has taken place this year; the bell tower – Tony Philips and his team did a
     very thorough job in the bell tower and the Church is extremely grateful. The Stone work repairs were
     carried out, thanks to the funding which met all the costs of that. The quinquennial report has now come
     through – in particular, a there is a leak along the valley between the chancel and the north aisle which is
     the most urgent work required. More funding/grants will be looked into to fund this work.
     PF gave a really big, sincere “thank you” to those who have helped by giving their labour freely. It has
     saved the Church many thousands of pounds.

     Richard invited any questions:
         1. If PP received, what is the time scale? Will put the planning application in next few weeks,
              permission 8 – 13 weeks away. Then need three months for the architect to give detail plans then
              probably about a year in total for the detailed project plan to be created.
         2. What will we do in the meantime, when the old rooms have been demolished and what the user
              groups will use instead? Probably temporary classrooms put on the field. It is vital to keep groups
              such as Little Fishes going in the meantime as we don‟t want to lose them.

              RC drew the attention of the floor to Kate Watson as the project manager; and Helen Gilbert as
              managing communications; as well as Peter Ford. RC urged for us to put more questions to the
              team whilst they were assembled but no more questions were asked.

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7    Other Reports
      Growth
     Rob Cook reported that the list of attendees for the next alpha stands at 54. He was asked when the next
     “Men of Aldridge” event was happening and gave the answer “Soon”. He was then asked if it is possible
     to do another Alpha course if you‟ve already done one, to which the answer was yes.
     Richard Cornfield reported back about the proposed changes to baptism; he reminded us that it is quiet but
     important work that can lead to new alpha attendees and as such is very significant. He thanked Irene
     Standerwick and Lynne Trew for their help with the baptism course. He also reminded us of the
     significance of Beta courses at helping retain people who are new via alpha.
     He was asked where “on the streets” fit in with the alpha but RC preferred to discuss it at next year‟s
     Richard then announced a change to Baptism services; he pointed out that the 1115 service can be
     inundated with baptisms and makes it complicated to be a part of it as a member of the worshipping
     congregation. As of 25th April the Church will be trialling the baptisms in the afternoon, the child/family
     won‟t receive the certificate or bible until they turn up at the service the following Sunday, where we
     welcome them to the church. He also said that the clergy might be asking people from the 930am service
     to move to the 1115am to serve the church and create space for growth.
     Richard opened a prayer session to pray for this area of church growth in particular Alpha, Beta, Baptism,
     Embrace, and Men of Aldridge

      Richard then introduced the “small groups” of
        Über - Katie Appleby absent so no additional comments;
        Sew & sews – Elaine Clarke presented her report
        Pop in – Rita Reed; she explained it is for „mature‟ people. The regular attendance has dropped to
           around the mid-twenties. There is a new team of helpers but additional helpers/taxi drivers are
           desperately needed;
        FIZZ – for adults with learning difficulties – no one present so no additional comments
       Richard then led us in prayer for these groups.

      Pastoral
        Maxine our Pastoral Worker, Gavin the curate is responsible for Prayer ministry, and Alan and
           Gillian Winser were heading up the new marriage course but they were absent form the meeting.
           No specific additional comments were offered but Richard expressed his gratitude to all members
           of the pastoral team and led us in prayer for their work.

      Music report – Mark Roberts was absent so no further comments were added to the report.

      Children‟s and Youth work
        Children‟s worker – Sue Fung,
        Child protection – Lynne Trew
        AYF – Rob Cook
        Little Fishes – Annette Cook sent her apologies
        Noah‟s Ark – Lynne Trew
        Youth worker – no further news on the appointment

            Richard asked about the Sunday Morning Children‟s groups, specifically were there enough
            volunteers at present. Sue Fung offered a huge vote of thanks to her volunteers and said yes if the
            group remains as they are, but high numbers of children attending regularly means they could do with
            more people to help split the groups into more manageable numbers. She was asked if there was a
            regular team for messy church, and stated that there wasn‟t but the event would work well if there was
            a regular team of people. In terms of the last two Messy Church events; she was asked if it was better
            attended on a Saturday than a Sunday, but it was equally well attended, but had fewer from the regular
            church family on the Saturday. Lynne Trew said that we need more children to attend the 1115am
            service as the 930am service is over-subscribed and 1115am never have enough.
            Richard led us in prayers for all the work offered to our children, and thanked God that the church has
            such a large number of children in the church family.

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      Mission work:
        GLO – Jen Ford had nothing further to add to the report but she made a specific prayer request
           for the meeting to pray for Simone Lockyer, one of the mission partners in Brazil, who was
           having cancer surgery the next day (20th April, 2010).
        OSA – Laurie Budd. They have now managed to replace the 4x4 Chevrolet with a 4x4 Toyota.
           The New Year in school saw 130 children coming to the centre to be fed every school day. He
           reminded us that OSA also comprises a Children‟s home, for girls aged from 2 years to 17. Phil
           Grainger and Paul Puttergil managed to get a meeting with the „Ministry for Children and
           Adolescents‟ and were told that the work carried out is the best in Paraguay and were asked to
           consider taking in other people to train them.
        Richard asked Rita Reed if there was an update on the Glebe centre for the homeless. It is still
           having lots of financial problems and in light of the economic crisis has lost regular grants from
           various donors. It remains open at the moment; things are difficult but they are ticking over. They
           haven‟t lost any more staff so that is a good thing. If the centre closes it will be a great hole for
           the homeless in Walsall.
           Richard led us in prayers for these and other mission partners, and for Simone Lockyer as
           requested by Jen Ford.

      Miscellaneous groups
          Senior football team St Mary‟s had an excellent season
          The Junior team, which has players from all the Aldridge churches continues to offer an
              important community role in enabling children to continue church attendance whilst enjoying
              playing in a football league
          book sales; Gill Freeman drew our attention to the plight of the Christian Book store “Wesley
              Owen” which was forced to close due to the recession, and reminded us that it has been replaced
              with a Christian independent shop known as “the Hub”. She urged us to support it, even though
              the books were not as economically priced as on bigger online stores, but reminded us what an
              important role it plays in the Walsall shopping centre for Christians and non-Christians alike.
          FIT had no specific additional comments to add to their report.
          Health and safety – Richard reminded us of the vital role of the health and safety group in the life
              of the Church, dealing with necessary but not always glamourous issues for the good of the whole
              Church and thanked them expressly for all they do.
     Richard led us in prayers for these groups.
8    Thanks
     Richard started by thanking everyone who had written a report and stated that any successful church
     ministry is a team ministry and here we have a number of people who understand Christian leadership and
     get on with it to whom he is enormously grateful.

     Specifically he offered
          Thanks to Jenny, his wife, and Joe, Maddy and Jonah, his children, for freeing up his time for
          Thanks to Gavin for being an outstanding curate and commended his preaching ministry. Richard
              also thanked Gavin for bringing the organisation of Betel, who offer ministry to broken people,
              into the life of the Church.
          In addition Richard thanked Joan Fisher, Richard Taylor (ex-minister at St. Thomas‟s) and Evan
              Cockshaw for all their good work running their churches so well.
          He thanked Gary Daniel, Michelle Hart and Amanda Orr at the Hothouse calling them a great
              team of people who are part of our parish. He reminded us of the work that Vicky and Rob
              Richards had carried out before they went to Nottingham, and shared with us the success of what
              they are achieving in their new parish.
         He summarised the work of the clergy but saying that there is a broad range of exciting stuff
         happening across the parish – people coming to Christ, significant changes happening, complex and
         demanding things to discuss/pray about – it is a great place to do ministry

               Thanks to Maxine Roberts, Rob Cook and Sue Fung for doing their bits of ministry so well
               He offered thanks to Matt Wallace for all he did, stating that Matt and Gemma brought so much
                to our church that we really miss what they brought to us and are grateful for all they did whilst
                they were here.
               Thanks to Maureen for running the office, to Jenny Hopley for all she does in the building group,

    AGM Minutes 19/04/10                            P age |5

                 Health & Safety group and office work, and to Mary Thomas for her assistance in the office.
                 Flowers were given to them to express the gratitude of the Church.
                Richard then thanked the Preachers, leaders and speakers. He reminded us all that they make
                 themselves vulnerable by standing up there, but people are engaging with the message that we
                 communicate in our worship. He thanked them for being open to the Holy Spirit, said he was
                 privileged to be part of it and to hear and learn from them.
                He thanked the Music worship leaders and the musicians for all they do to help us meet with God
                He thanked all those who work on the PA / AV desk; it is high pressured, sometimes things go
                 wrong… he offered thanks to Mark Trimmer and the team who make it happen.
                He then thanked the Verging team – Len Trew, Graham Saunders, Cliff Lavender and Mac
                 Beddows, for organising the practical stuff such as chairs without which worship would not
                He thanked Jenny Hopley for her work in the past as the PCM secretary and thanked Kate
                 Harrison for taking on the challenge.
                He thanked the maintenance team; under the guidance of Peter Ford and Tony Philips, the team
                 of Graham Saunders, Trevor Francis, Barry Sprason, Joseph Abady, Mac Beddows, Mike
                 Finnemore, John Craddock, Tony Crosby and Steve Humphreys have saved the church the best
                 part of £100k from all their efforts for which Richard is enormously grateful
                He offered thanks to the nursing / hospital visiting team and hinted that we are hoping to develop
                 it further.
                He thanked Lynne Trew and Irene Standerwick for helping with the baptism preparation course
                He thanked Sarah Nowel and Jenny Wiedeman for the amazing witness their team has offered in
                 preparing meals for members of the Parish and thanked Chris Sheppard and Rachel Wolfsonn for
                 offering to take on the management of this important work.
                He thanked the team of volunteer cleaners – Una, Phyllis and Dennis, who Hoover the church,
                 and Jan Moss for keeping the church rooms clean which was little short of a miracle!
                He thanked the team who serve refreshments and reminded us that it is a vital part of the
                 fellowship of the Church. He also thanked them for their patience in putting up with his jibes
                 about the quality of the coffee beans!
                He thanked the Bell ringers who ring between services, and for weddings stating that it is a very
                 important and prominent tradition in the community
                He thanked the Welcome team for the important role they play in the services
                He thanked all the helpers who make Alpha, beta and other courses/meals such a success;
                He also thanked our mission partners for reminding us that God‟s work is much bigger than here,
                 and for having the courage and faith to serve God “outside the comfort zone”
                He thanked the outgoing members of the PCM for their service to the running of the Church; Rob
                 Richards, Jo ford, Helen Gilbert, Alison Trimmer, and Jenny Wiedeman.
                He thanked John Grice for the work he did at the Hothouse before moving on to train as a vicar

                 Richard then finished up by saying he was bound to have forgotten someone but to all who work
                 for the Church, either visible or behind the scenes, he expressed his deep and grateful thanks.

9     AOB
      Jenny Ford spoke on behalf of the wardens, staff team and the wider Church family to say that, whilst
      Richard has thanked everyone for their work, it wouldn‟t happen without Richard Cornfield. She went on
      to say “It is not about the numbers, it is that people are committed Christians and that is because of this
      church, Alpha, the Vision, and so we thank you [Richard] for being there and for being so creative.”
      The church wardens presented flowers for Jenny Cornfield, and gave gifts to Gavin and Richard on behalf
      of the staff team and the church.
10    Final Prayer
      Richard lead us in a closing prayer and the meeting ended with The Grace

     AGM Minutes 19/04/10                            P age |6

2010/2011 Dates tbc

PCC:    Monday 21 June 2010 at the Parish Church
        Monday 11 October 2010 at St Thomas‟ Church
        Monday 7 February 2010 at Tynings Lane Church
        April 2010 Accounts Meeting

PCM: Monday 10th May 2010
     Monday 12th July 2010
     Monday 13th September 2010
     Monday 15th November 2010
     Monday 10th January 2011
     Monday 14th March 2011

Provisional Dates:
Annual Parish Church Meeting: Monday 4th April 2011
Annual Parochial Church Meeting: Monday 11th April 2011

AGM Minutes 19/04/10                       P age |7

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