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									Georgia CRCT
   Criterion Referenced
    Competency Test
       What is the CRCT?
• State-wide test
• Administered to students in grades 3-8
• Measures how well your child learned and
  can apply the Georgia Performance
  Standards taught at his/her grade level
    What subject areas are on the
•   Reading-800
•   Language Arts-800
•   Mathematics-800
•   Science-800
•   Social Studies-800
       When is the CRCT for
       Otwell Middle School?
•   April 11: Reading
•   April 12: Language Arts
•   April 13 & 16: Make-up Day
•   April 17: Math
•   April 18: Science
•   April 19: Social Studies
•   April 20: Make-up Day
•   May 29-30: Retests for 8th grade
  What if my child is absent?
• Perfect attendance during testing is always
• Make-up tests will be given on:
  April 13, 16 and 20
   What does the number 800
• 799 and below = DOES NOT MEET

• 800-849 = MEETS standards

• 850 and above = EXCEEDS standards
  What if my 6th or 7th grade child
    doesn’t pass the CRCT?
• Scoring below 800 or in the low 800’s on the
  CRCT, makes a student eligible for Title I.
• Teachers use this score for identifying areas
  of need
• Students are not retained or placed because of
  their CRCT score.
  – They may only be retained or placed in the
    following grade due to failing two or more
    academic classes.
What if my 8th grade child doesn’t pass
             the CRCT?
 • Fails the CRCT Reading and/or Math, results in
    2 weeks of review sessions.
  • Retake the CRCT- end of school
  • CAN be retained or placed in the following
  grade based on the CRCT score as well as the
  grades in academic classes.
What can I do to make my child a
     successful test taker?
• Plenty of rest…A full night’s sleep
• A breakfast that has protein (eggs, cheese, peanut
  butter, meat, milk) and good carbohydrates
  (whole grain breads, cereal, nuts)
• Comfortable clothing and shoes (layers)
• Stress-free mornings
    What else can I do?
• For 20-30 minutes a few nights a week.
• Have your child retell or summarize what
  he or she read
• Math facts—addition, subtraction,
  multiplication and division
• Math problems from the textbook or

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