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					Learn Spanish!
Before your VESA program in the Amazon Jungle!

 Itinerary and highlights
 Day 1: Transfer from Quito Airport to Tena and your

 Day 2: Spanish lessons 8.30-12.00. Town tour and
 then an optional swim in the river.

 Day 3: Spanish lessons 8.30-12.00. Afternoon tour of
 the region, visiting indigenous agricultural areas and

 Day 4: Spanish lessons 8.30-12.00. Exploration of
 the legendary Jumandy caves and then visits the
 archeological parc of Cotundo.
                                                          View from Hosteria Pakay
 Day 5: Spanish lessons 8.30-12.00. Half-day jungle
 hike near Tena and then a refreshing swim in the Rio
                                                                          Learn Spanish in Ecuador
 Day 6: Spanish lessons 8.30-12.00. Afternoon
 activities including Pimpilala waterfalls and the
 beautiful rock formations of the Jatun Yaku river in      Learn Spanish with Volunteer Eco Students Abroad!
 Cando. Swim in the natural pool of Guaysa Yacu.
                                                              5 days / 6 nights program, including:
 Transfer to Misahulli where you will meet the group
 for your volunteer program.                                  - Accommodation in our guesthouse “Hostería Pakay“ in Tena
                                                             -Spanish lessons and Latin style dance (Salsa, Merengue & Bachata)
                                                             -Activities and tours in the area
                                                             -Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

                                                          Come and join Inga and Tony as guests at their stunning new, eco-
                                                          friendly Hosteria Pakay in Tena, a riverside town in the Ecuadorian
                                                          Amazon Basin and get a start on that Spanish while enjoying tours of the
                                                          surrounding area, experiencing the Amazonian culture and fully
                                                          immersing yourself in the life and language of this unique part of the
                                                          world. The lessons don’t only take place in the classroom environment,
                                                          but also in the wider context of friendships and interaction with the local
                                                          people. A maximum number of nine students in each class will cater to
Inclusions                                                all levels, from beginners through to advanced speakers with a
                                                          combination of fun and interactive teaching methods. All meals which
Accommodation 6 nights at Hosteria Pakay                  are a blend of Ecuadorian and Western food using regional and seasonal
All Meals a combination of western and                    ingredients, are served in our dining room. Travelling in small groups, we
Ecuadorian food, using regional ingredients
                                                          will ensure that you see the sights and experience the highlights, as well
Guided activities, tours and cultural program
daily (rainforest, scenic sites, rivers, waterfalls       as discover the real Amazonian Ecuador during your afternoon
and caves, indigenous culture, typical food,              adventures. Whether a quiet riverside community or a remote
tropical agriculture.                                     archeological site, you’ll come away with a greater understanding of the
Spanish Lessons 20 lessons of 45 mins duration            region and the language to benefit you on your upcoming VESA
All lesson materials                                      Volunteer program. Enjoy the opportunity to learn Salsa, Marengue and
4 dance lessons at a dance school in town (90             Bachata and then put it into practice as you enjoy the nightlife of
minutes each, 4 nights) – Salsa, Merengue and             Tena.
A shaman demonstration on your last night in              *For further information please contact the VESA office at
                                                 or 310-734-8412
Unlimited drinking water
For those of you who choose to spend some time before your volunteer program polishing up your
Spanish, please note the following information:
Spanish lessons:
Spanish classes will be held each morning between 8.30am and 12.00noon. There will be 4 lessons of 45
minutes each with a break between lessons. At the beginning of the program we will assess each student
individually and there will be maximum number of nine students per group.
Beginners will be taught to understand and express simple basic information and advanced speakers will
deepen and extend their knowledge for your time as a volunteer, it will be great to have simple conversations
with the local people, especially with the lovely school kids. (Advanced Spanish will be taught separately if we
get a minimum of two students).
Varying between grammar and communication oriented lessons, we will integrate activities and games in
pairs or groups.
We base our levels and teaching according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
All the materials that you will need for the lessons are provided by us and are included in the cost of the
At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of your participation.
Afternoon activities
Your afternoons will be fun filled and relaxing. Tony will show you all the best that the Tena area has to offer.
There will be guided activities, tours and cultural program daily, visits to rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and
caves, a taste of indigenous culture with typical food, tropical agriculture including cacao and chocolate
production. In the evenings you will have the opportunity to learn the exciting Spanish dances of the Salsa, the
Merengue and the Bachata! For those with two left feet you can just sit and laugh at the others.
You will be staying at the eco-friendly guesthouse “Hosteria Pakay“, in cozy dormitories with shared or private
bathrooms. “Hosteria Pakay“ is unique in the Napo province, realizing eco-friendly practices on a serious level,
while at the same time being a beautiful and comfortable place to stay. The stunning architectural design has
been finished off with a combination of traditional materials, like palm roofing, bamboo and local wood.
Enjoy the surrounding property, where there is experimental organic farming and forest conservation and a
brilliant view of Tena and the jungle landscape. You will have the chance to observe a huge variety of native
birds, including different species of humming birds, small toucans and parrots, and a cute black agouti that
lives very close to the house
The meals, served in the dining room will offer a combination of western and Ecuadorian food, and use
regional ingredients that create a unique style - some of the dishes won´t be found anywhere else in Ecuador.
Drinking water is always available and included in the price of this package.

    Your Hosts:
    Tony Altamirano and Inga Sensenschmidt
    Born in 1973 in Fatima, a small village in Pastaza, Napo´s neighboring province, Tony Altamirano has spent most of his life in
    the Ecuadorian Amazon.
    He has had the chance to gain experience in both learning and teaching languages: Learning it first as a student at school and
    University, and then, as a tour guide, being able to practice and refine is knowledge particularly of the English
    After a number of years working a as a guide, Tony decided dedicate five years of his life to the Ecuadorian education system,
    teaching English, Tourism and Biology at two different secondary schools, first in Tena and later at a catholic school in a small
    village, where he also ran a conservation project with the students. Working as the volunteer coordinator of a small NGO in
    Tena, he met Inga, his wife and went to Germany for two years, Returning to Ecuador in 2008, Tony started to work as a
    freelance guide for a few bigger tourism companies in Quito, bought a property in Tena with Inga, and founded their own
    tourism company “Pakay Tours“.

    Tony is both a professional guide and experienced teacher. He won´t only teach you the Spanish language, but also show you
    lots of interesting things and beautiful places in the area around Tena, and you will also learn a lot about ecology, which has
    become one of the passions of his life.

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