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 Volume 4 Issue 1                                           First in Time, First in Right                                              January 2012  

New Archbishop
of Manila’s first homily:
On dignity
of human life

His Excellency Antonio Tagle waves a final goodbye to his former Imus constituencies.  
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Abp Tagle nixes RH bill
with firm Pro-Life stand
                                                        CBCBP for Life also cited that last March, Tagle de-
By Rommel Lontayao, The Manila Times                livered the homily for the Thanksgiving Mass for the
   Newly-installed Manila Archbishop Luis An- gift of family and life at the Manila Cathedral. He said:
tonio Tagle on Wednesday made it clear in his       “[T]he forces against life are always present. Let us not
first homily as head of the country’s premier       delude ourselves that we have only one enemy, that life
Catholic archdiocese that he will not soften the has only one enemy. There are many faces of those that
Church’s pro-life stance, as well as its opposition are against life, so we have to pray.” (Dominic Fran-
to the Reproductive Health (RH) bill.
    He said that Pope Benedict XVI’s call for a “New
Evangelization” required seeing the world with “new            Archbishop waxes
eyes,” and in the eyes of the Lord and seeing with new
eyes meant that the “unborn is no longer seen as a bur-
                                                               emotional at installation
den,” “women are no longer seen as objects” and                by Melo M. Acuna, CBCPNews
“creation is not manipulated.”                                     MANILA, Dec. 12, 2011— The job as new
    Tagle’s installation coincided with the Feast of Our       head of Manila’s Catholic Church started Mon-
Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the global pro-life            day for Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle who
    The former bishop of Imus (Cavite), who became the         turned emotional as the crowd praised him for
32nd archbishop of Manila on Monday, had taken the             his appointment.
campaign against the controversial RH bill to the Inter-           “We are grateful to the Holy Father for giving Ma-
net. His television show “The Word Exposed” is also on         nila the best in our own,” said Cebu Archbishop Jose
YouTube and some of its episodes had tackled provi-            Palma, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference
sions of the birth-control measure.                            of the Philippines.
    In that TV show, Tagle earlier spoke out against the           “Of course he has our own collaboration. Manila is
RH bill’s provision mandating sex education as early as        the Archbishop Tagle grandmother of all the dioceses,”
Grade 5.“The concern of the Church is that in these            he said.
modules, the approach to sex is too clinical. It is only an        Tagle, born in 1957 in Manila, was formally installed
activity, [and] only factual, biological, on what is said,     today as the 32nd archbishop of Manila in a solemn rite
‘How can you protect yourself?’ But the sexual act is          held at the Manila Cathedral.
always part of morality and relationship. And that is              As the crowd heaped praise on Tagle, the church
what is not being tackled,” he said.                           leader appeared emotional several times during the cere-
    “This is where the biggest concern of the Church lies.     mony. He was seen wiping tears especially when he de-
Is sex education only just about a technique or how to         livered his homily.
do it, or [is it] part of the holistic view of man and rela-       Tagle also broke into tears at the part when he ac-
tionships?” Tagle asked.                                       knowledged the support extended to him by his parents
                  CBCP REJOINDER                               and when he said goodbye to the clergy and faithful of
                                                               Imus diocese where he served for the past 10 years.
   In a related development, CBCP explained that the
                                                                   “You have loved me. You have directed me to the
Catholic Church is opposing the passage of the bill be-
                                                               Lord. Please remember me as loving you,” said Tagle in
cause it promotes the use of artificial contraception,
                                                               his homily with his voice cracking with emotion.
which the Church believes is tantamount to abortion.
                                                                   And in facing his new role as archbishop, Tagle said
The Church favors natural birth control methods only
                                                               he is hoping that the Manila faithful would also wel-
come him as the successor of retired Gaudencio Cardi-        San Juan, Jejomar Binay, Jr. of Makati, Benhur Abalos
nal Rosales.                                                 of Mandaluyong and Antonino Calixto of Pasay City to
    “There is much that I will learn and should learn        the new Manila archbishop.
from you. Teach me. Be patient with me. Let us love              “The mission of the Church should be wholly di-
one another at all times,” he said.                          rected by the Lord who is always present as Shepherd
    He also vowed that his new post, which had been          and guide,” Tagle said in his 27-minute homily.
occupied by one of the country’s prominent Church fig-           He added human efforts should continue but he
ures such as the late Jaime Cardinal Sin, will not change    cautioned his congregation “unless the Lord directs the
him the way he is.                                           catch, we labour in vain.”
    He said he will not allow himself to be “blinded” that       The Papal Nuncio to the Philippine Archbishop
his new post as Archbishop of Manila represents more         Guiseppe Pinto and Archbishop Palma were
power. “Love makes one a true shepherd, not position,”       Archbishop Tagle’s concelebrants. Cebu Archbishop
said Tagle.                                                  Ricardo Cardinal Vidal also attended the installation
    At least 90 cardinals, bishops and archbishops from      rites.
all over the Philippines and several Asian countries and         American Ambassador Harry K. Thomas told
foreign dignitaries attended the historical event.           CBCPNews that he looks forward to meeting
    Tagle was escorted by Rosales to his cathedra after      Archbishop Tagle in the near future.
the civil ceremonies outside the Manila Cathedral.               Swiss Ambassador to the Philippines Ivo Sieber, Sri
    Symbolic keys to their cities were turned over by        Lankan Second Secretary Ruwani Cooray, Vietnamese
Mayors Alfredo Lim of Manila, Guia Gomez Ejercito of         Counselor Tran Thi Nam Phuong and several other
                                                             dignitaries also witnessed the event.
                                                                 Other government officials present were Chief Jus-
                                                             tice Renato Corona, Senator Bong Revilla Jr. and wife
                                                             Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado, Parananque Rep. Roilo Go-
                                                             lez, and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Chair-
                                                             person Margie Juico.
                                                                 Other personalities present during the ceremony
                                                             were President Benigno Aquino III’s sisters, Maria
                                                             Elena “Ballsy” Aquino-Cruz, Aurora Corazon “Pinky”
                                                             Aquino-Abellada, and Victoria Elisa “Viel” Aquino-

                                                               Lipa bishop criticizes
                                                               BS Aquino III for snub
                                                               By Leslie Ann G. Aquino, Tempo 
                                                                 Manila, Philippines – A Catholic Church prelate criti-
                                                             cized President Benigno S. Aquino III for not appearing at
                                                             the installation of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio
                                                             “Chito” G. Tagle yesterday. Lipa (Batangas) Archbishop
                                                             Ramon Arguelles said the absence of Aquino showed his
                                                             lack of respect for the Church.
                                                                 “Of all our Presidents, he is the only one who didn’t
                                                             show respect for the Church,” Arguelles said. “It’s very
                                                             conspicious the absence of the President for the first time
                                                             in the history of the Philippines,” added Arguelles.
                                                                 He said the President should have reset the date of the
                                                             turnover rites for the new chief of staff of the Armed
                                                             Forces of the Philippines Lt. Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa if he
                                                             really wants to attend the event. “This is an international
                                                             event, the AFP can be reset tomorrow. I think he is really
                                                             not interested in attending,” he said. #
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Rome insiders say he could be Pope someday 

Bus, bike riding
bishop named top
Philippine cleric
   October 24, 2011, The Vatican - Luis Antonio               strong environmental streak.
Tagle of Imus, Philippines, a guitar-playing cleric               Tagle’s doctoral dissertation at Catholic University,
                                                              written under Fr. Joseph Komonchak, was a favorable
who eschews clerical garb and takes public
                                                              treatment of the development of episcopal collegiality
transportation, has been named the next                       at the Second Vatican Council. Moreover, Tagle
archbishop of Manila, one of the most high-                   served for 15 years on the editorial board of the Bolo-
profile sees in Asia.                                         gna, Italy-based “History of Vatican II” project
    The announcement of Tagle’s appointment, which            founded by Giuseppe Alberigo, criticized by some
puts him in line to become a cardinal, was made by the        conservatives for an overly progressive reading of the
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Oct. 13.      council.
The current archbishop, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales,               Alberto Melloni, an Italian academic and writer,
had reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 and re-        directs the Bologna project. He calls Tagle “a thinker
signed.                                                       of real value,” whose dissertation represents an impor-
    Tagle told the church-run Radio Veritas that he was       tant chapter in the history of Vatican II, and someone
“overwhelmed” and “humbled” by the appointment. He            who’s “talented and serious.”
said he had barely slept the night before the announce-           Back in the Philippines, Tagle, who goes by the
ment and was tearful when he woke up.                         nickname “Chito,” is well-loved for his warmth and
    Tagle is a youthful-looking 54. The story goes that in    humor, for his simplicity, for his ability to express
the mid-1990s, when then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger            complex ideas in attractive and understandable lan-
introduced Tagle to Pope John Paul II as a new member         guage, for his balance and openness, and for his lack
of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission,        of ego.
Ratzinger jokingly assured the pope that the Filipino             He told Radio Veritas that when he first heard he
had, in fact, received his first Communion.                   was going to Manila, he didn’t tell anybody, because “I
    Some church watchers in Rome and the Philippines          thought maybe the pope would change his mind.”
say that Tagle could be pope someday.                             One Filipino commentator said Tagle has “a theo-
    Born in Manila, Tagle went to seminary in Quezon          logian’s mind, a musician’s soul and a pastor’s heart.”
City and later did his doctoral work at The Catholic Uni-         In the Imus diocese, Tagle was famous for not
versity of America in Washington. He also studied in          owning a car and taking the bus to work every day,
Rome before returning to the Philippines to serve as a        describing it as a way to combat the isolation that
pastor and teacher. He quickly came to be seen as a ris-      sometimes comes with high office. He was also known
ing star in the Asian church, explaining his appointment      for inviting beggars outside the cathedral to come in
in 1997 to the Vatican’s main doctrinal advisory body.        and eat with him; one woman was quoted describing a
He was named bishop of Imus in 2001.                          time she went looking for her blind, out-of-work, alco-
    Theologically and politically, Tagle is considered bal-   holic husband, suspecting she might track him down
anced. He’s taken strong positions against the Philip-        in a local bar, only to find that he was lunching with
pines’ proposed Reproductive Health Bill, which in-           the bishop.
cludes promotion of birth control. Yet his towering so-           Here’s another typical story. Not long after Tagle
cial concern is defense of the poor, and he’s also got a      arrived in Imus, a small chapel located in a rundown
neighborhood was waiting for a priest to say Mass at          lic population in Asia and the entire developing world,
around 4:00 a.m., for a group mostly made up of day           and that makes him someone worth getting to know.
laborers. Eventually a youngish cleric showed up on a
cheap bicycle, wearing simple clothes and ready to start
                                                              Breaking News from the Vatican
the Mass. An astonished member of the congregation
realized it was the new bishop, and apologized that they
hadn’t prepared a better welcome. Tagle said it was no
                                                              Tagle has Oullet
problem; he got word late the night before that the
priest was sick, and decided to say the Mass himself.
   Tagle is a gifted communicator, making him a
                                                              support despite
sought-after speaker and media personality. He drew
rave reviews for his performance at a 2008 Interna-
tional Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, where observers
                                                              Italian politics
say he brought an entire stadium to tears. Vatican-               December 20, 2011, The Vatican - Despite re-
watchers also rated him among the most impressive             ports to the contrary, sources say there’s no par-
contributors to both the 2005 Synod on the Eucharist          ticular Vatican concern about the new
and the 2008 Synod on the Word of God. He’s also a            archbishop of Manila, the Philippines, over an
very 21st-century prelate -- he hosts a program on You-
                                                              article he contributed more than a decade ago to
Tube, and he’s got his own Facebook page.
   Though a loyal churchman, Tagle is unafraid to raise       a controversial history of the Second Vatican
tough questions (at the 2005 synod, he pointedly said         Council. The article had not been part of the
the church must confront the priest shortage, which           official documentation considered before his ap-
struck some as a way of hinting at flexibility on celi-       pointment.
bacy) or to challenge what he considers abuses (some              Luis Antonio Tagle, 54, seen as one of the leading
of the toughest language you’ll ever find denouncing          theological minds among the Asian bishops, was in-
clerical arrogance and privilege is in his writings).         stalled as the 32nd archbishop of Manila Dec. 12, after
   One Filipino priest wrote after Tagle’s appointment        being named to the position by Pope Benedict XVI on
was announced: “Who knows, we may have in [Tagle]             Oct. 13.
the first Asian pope.”                                            Though Tagle has been hailed as a rising Asian star
   Even if that doesn’t pan out, Tagle is destined to be      and even a possible papal contender, a mid-November
an important face and voice for the burgeoning Catho-         article by veteran Italian journalist Sandro Magister sug-
                                                              gested that some in the Vatican may have second
 Two blogs by JOHN ALLEN, an NCR senior correspon‐            thoughts, related to an article Tagle authored for a his-
dent. In 2000, Allen established the Rome office of the       tory of Vatican II edited by Italian scholars Giuseppe
National Catholic Reporter. From that position, he            Alberigo and Alberto Melloni, exponents of a pro-
broke stories on Rome's response to the American sex‐
ual abuse crisis, the Vatican's opposition to the U.S.‐led 
war in Iraq, the death of John Paul II and the election 
of Benedict XVI, and a wide variety of other important 
Vatican events. In the summer of 2006, Allen returned 
to the United States, allowing him to expand his cover‐
age of both the American church and the global Catho‐
lic scene, while continuing to keep his eye on Rome. 
Allen is the author of seven books on the Catholic 
Church, including All the Pope's Men, The Rise of Bene‐
dict XVI, Opus Dei, and A People of Hope (all from Dou‐
bleday), and serves as senior Vatican analyst for CNN. 
His weekly Internet column, formerly "The Word from 
Rome" and rechristened as "All Things Catholic," has a        Abp. Tagle takes a rare photo opportunity with two of 
wide international readership. Allen's work is followed       the Philippine cardinals, HE Ricardo Vidal of Cebu (left) 
across the usual ideological divides in the church, and 
                                                              and his predecessor HE Gaudencio Rosales of Manila 
he speaks widely on Catholic affairs in the United 
                                                              (right), together with other Philippine bishops. 
States and around the world. 
      HeadsUp                                        January 2012                                    Page 6  

gressive current in Italian Catholicism known as the “Bologna      Yet a source close to Canadian Cardinal Marc
school.”                                                       Ouellet, the Vatican’s prefect for the Congregation
    The Alberigo and Melloni history has been blamed in some   for Bishops, told NCR this week that Tagle has
quarters for promoting a distorted reading of Vatican II as a  Ouellet’s “full support,” even after the 1999 essay
“rupture” with previous eras of church history -- as opposed tocame to light. That support is telling, given that
the “hermeneutic of reform,” emphasizing continuity with the   Ouellet is a protégé of Benedict.
church before Vatican II, promoted by Benedict.                    Several observers said that tensions over the
    Tagle earned his doctorate at The Catholic University of   Bologna school are viewed in the Vatican as largely
America under Fr. Joseph Komonchak, the American editor of     an intra-Italian rivalry to which Tagle, as an Asian
the Alberigo and Melloni history, and joined the project’s edi-prelate, is seen as mostly extraneous.
torial team while a seminary professor. In 1999, Tagle contrib-    Speaking on background, one Vatican official
uted an essay to the fourth volume of the history on Vatican   said that he read Tagle’s 1999 essay after media
II’s so-called “Black Week,” which unfolded at the close of thereports highlighted it and found nothing objec-
council’s third session in 1964, when several actions by Pope  tionable. In fact, this official said, he was im-
Paul VI caused alarm among reform forces.                      pressed by Tagle’s defense of Paul VI. (Tagle
    Magister wrote that the cardinals and bishops who approved wrote that Paul followed a strategy of “listening to
Tagle’s move to Manila learned of his connection to the Bolo-  all views, especially opposing ones,” and was will-
gna school “only after the publication of the appointment,”    ing to “sacrifice his personal popularity to save the
because his essay on the “Black Week” was not part of the offi-council and its future.”)
cial ponenza, meaning the Vatican documentation supplied           This official also said it’s hard to suggest Tagle
about candidates for bishops’ jobs.                            is opposed to Benedict’s reading of the council,
    Some commentators have suggested the revelation might      since one of the sources Tagle cited was the writ-
induce Benedict to omit Tagle from the list of new cardinals   ings of Joseph Ratzinger.
when he next holds a consistory, widely expected in February.      Another official stressed that Tagle was not
                                                               made a bishop until 2001, and what counts more
                                                               in the Vatican analysis is his record since.
                                                                   Importantly, this official said, Tagle has helped
                                                               articulate Catholic opposition to the proposed Re-
                                                               productive Health Bill in the Philippines, which
                                                               would promote birth control and mandate sex
                                                                   Last year, Tagle used his weekly television pro-
                                                               gram, “The Word Exposed,” to object that the
                                                               proposed sex education curriculum promotes a
                                                               merely “biological” view of sexuality, as opposed
                                                               to a view that includes morality.
                                                                   During his Dec. 12 installation Mass, Tagle said
                                                               he wants humility and “loving discipleship” to be
                                                               the guideposts of his ministry as the leader of Ma-
                                                               nila’s estimated 2.8 million Catholics. (Its total
                                                               Catholic population of 75 million makes the Phil-
                                                               ippines the third-largest Catholic country in the
TAGLE WITH HIS PRODUCTION CREW—One of the                      world, after Brazil and Mexico.)
“impact” ministries, Msgr. Tagle  runs is a television pro‐        “Merely assuming the position of archbishop of
gram aired on Studio 23, ANC and PTV4 every Sunday. Enti‐ Manila does not guarantee that I will recognize the
tled “The Word Exposed”, it is also archived at the You‐       Lord. If I am not careful, it might even blind me
Tube. The Sunday bible study is featured in the                to the Lord and others,” Tagle said. “It is rather by
Archbishop’s own FaceBook. A blogger once commented:           being a humble disciple content with the love of
“The Word of God is exposed in a very powerful way when  Jesus that I would see the advent of him whose
it is narrated in the anvil of a concrete human experience.”   love propels us to mission. Love makes one a true
                                                               shepherd, not position.” #
A Beautiful Story

                                                                                       Sketch by Andrew Descallar
Those who 
from Tito 
Toto’s ‘boot 
camps’ are     
ever mission 
   I have grown weary
about how our small area
in the Metro Washington
DC area had been without        The ways of Toto de la Cruz was a classic combina‐
pastoral support. There         tion of Petrine and Pauline disciplines, a true apos‐
had been many instances
                                tle of Christ and a follower of authentic Catholicism. 
when we asked for mis-
sionaries and elders to help    international mission core,   hospitable wife Delia and
us, but to no avail, for rea-   in Manila, a man more         before that day was over,
sonably the larger constitu-    than ten years my senior      we had a simple plan. They
encies were being helped        approached me. That was       were coming to the US
first. We simply had to wait    my first close encounter      upon the invitation of their
for our turn.                   with Toto de la Cruz.         daughter Bong to vacation
    But when I appealed            Like a flash, he intro-    in Maryland, and as a re-
again in 1996 before the        duced me to his meek and      sponse to my request,
HeadsUp                                          January 2012                                   Page 8  

 they wanted to go trying a            And if for some reason, no        tique.
 “little” missionwork during        ride would be possible, Tito             I served with him for almost ten
                                                                         years until I rebased back in Wash-
 their free days.                   Toto and Tita Delia mastered         ington DC in 2004. Shortly thereaf-
    Well, the best plans are        the ways of the Metro Wash-          ter, he retired from active ministry
 meant to be violated but quite     ington Subway System to get to       but still consistently attended his
 uniquely in this case. When        the seminar locations.               household meetings.
 Toto and Delia finally landed at      If my memory serves me                I visited Toto last year, and our
                                    right, before the De La Cruzes       conversation started at breakfast,
 the Washington Reagan Na-                                               continued on through lunch and had
 tional Airport, their vacation     arrived, we only had three crip-     to end before 3:00 pm because he
 would end in barely a week.        pled households. Six months          had to return to prayer at the hour of
 The rest of the six months be-     after, we had a full chapter, with   Divine Mercy.
 came a blasting series of Chris-   two units in Maryland and one            The next time I would get wind
 tian Life Seminars not just in     unit in Virginia, and a house-       of him was when her daughter Cecy
                                    hold in Washington DC!               filed this headsup last December 1 -
 Maryland, but also in Washing-                                          ”Daddy suffered a stroke just a while
 ton DC and Northern Virginia.         The collaboration would not       ago. He and mommy are in Iloilo
    He ended up training Jun        end but just start from there. A     since Saturday, Nov. 26, because
Basilio and Tony Spiritosanto       year later my consultancy works      mommy's sister passed away Nov.
on how to setup the Couples         blossomed in Asia, and I was         29. Daddy is being prepared now for
                                    assigned a household in Manila,      surgery to relieve pressure from his
for Christ culture. The two                                              brain. All our siblings in Manila are
came up to the plate, not know-     serving as a servant of the Lord
                                                                         waiting at the airport for their
ing that they would have to         (older singles ministry) as my       1:30pm flight to Iloilo. He is con-
drive the De La Cruzes up and       wife had to stay in Virginia with    fined at St. Paul's Hospital in Iloilo.
down the George Washington          the children.                         Please pray for daddy and request
Parkway alongside the Potomac          I was grouped with the other      the rest of your friends for prayers.”
                                    brothers and sisters serving in          Toto died morning of December
River, dividing Virginia and                                             13 at Iloilo City in Southern Philip-
Maryland, not just for days but     the St. Thomas More & Associ-
weeks that turned into months.      ates (STMA), the socio-political         Immediately the internet was
                                    ministry of CFC.                     burning with news of his demise as
                                       It did not take long for Tito     he left behind across this world, a
                                    Toto to offer me an opportu-         legion of former students, associates,
                                    nity to square off the favor he      and devoted friends, brothers and
                                    did for me in the US. Instantly,     sisters in the CFC community.
                                                                             Ed Santos of North Carolina was
                                    I became the only non-Ilonggo        first to respond to the announce-
                                    member of the Western Visayas        ment., “I remember Tito Toto giving
                                    service team.                        a piece of his mind to a National
                                       He tapped my gift as an stra-     Council member during a family
                                    tegic planner, event organizer       ministry orientation . He didn't hold
                                    and a teacher.                       back until he was able to say his
                                                                         piece. We did see that elder was
                                       This was where I found out        somewhat embarassed but did not
                                    that the boot camp he gave us        answer back probably in deference &
                                    in Washington DC is very fa-         respect to Tito as a senior. The elder
                                    miliar to CFC leaders in Iloilo,     instead asked him to talk to him pri-
      Toto de la Cruz               Capiz, Aklan, Guimaras and An-       vately to discuss his concerns. Only
Tito Toto can do that and still com-        and founded untrodden paths of
                                                                                          Special Fea
mand respect even among the coun-           evangelization in India, the US, Indo-
cil members.                                nesia and the Philippines.                    from the Ed
    Wow that one was a strong state-            (India, no longer the USA, is now
ment, but I guess I will shortchange        the biggest CFCFFL country.)                   In necessari
the readers if I did not present Tito           “The full flowering of CFC in                   unitas, in
Toto’s strong Petrine personality up-       Metro Manila in an exponential way               opinabilibus
front.                                      saw its roots in his own parish in                 libertas, in
    Agrees Ponet Ladrido, “Yes in-          Holy Family in Pasig and spreading                    omnibus
deed! I second Toto's strict mentor-        its wings to the adjoining parishes of                 caritas.
ing and the meetings he conducted           Sta. Rosa de Lima, San Antonio, and                                   LINAWAN
                                                                                                           ADO PAG
up to the wee hours of the morning.         St. Francis.
Unforgettable indeed was when he                “Before we knew it, his evangelis-
took us on a one-to-one for a               tic zeal bore fruit as other parishes as    course in the EAPI with running
Household Heads training in his             far north as Quezon City and down           footnotes to boot!
house because we missed the training        south in Pateros, Taytay, Binangonan            “No one who knew Toto or
for the group. This ended at two            and Taguig. Not to be spared by his         heard him teach or preach can forget
o'clock in the morning. He always           unstinted and untiring evangelization       his single-mindedness for evangeliza-
took time to explain every small de-        efforts were the provinces in West-         tion. This earned him the respect of
tail in our CFC Culture including           ern Visayas.                                the clergy. No less than the late
why it is necessary to wear our CFC             “This story of a modern St. Paul        Cardinal Sin did not think twice
IDs.”                                       with an inimitable flair and zest for       in conscripting Toto to blunt the
    Nonong Contreras wrote a long           evangelization is the story of Toto de      campaign of then Sen. Flavier to
eulogy but we will quote as much as         La Cruz. He was an individualist, a         ram through the first ever RH bill
we could here for he captured many          frank constructor but walking to the        in Congress.”
priceless facets of the man.                synch of a different percussionist.             (Zoe Vidal, one of the top Pro-
    He begins gingerly: “Only a little          “No one would ever match his            Life advocates in Manila says,
over a month ago, despite being in a        seemingly insatiable passion for exe-       “Toto was one of the first CFC
convalescent state and sick on bed,         cution and getting results fast in          members I met early 1994 who
he insisted, through his wife Del, that     opening up CLPs.                            understood exactly what pro-life
they host the household meeting. We             “To accomplish this, he trained,        legislative advocacy meant, and
met him very briefly and spared him         coached and mentored countless              who had the qualifications and
from the prayer meeting to give him         numbers of leaders in what was to be        inside knowledge of the workings
a much needed rest.                         called the “Toto de La Cruz School          of the Philippine Congress).
    “As I led the meeting that night,       of Pastoral Management” and kept                Contreras continues, “And of
we would get glimpses of him lying          many of us quartered till the wee           course, endearing to quite a number
on bed and typical of him, we all           hours of the morning learning the           of brothers and sisters and commu-
knew he was intently with us in             intricacies of facilitating, being a Ser-   nity was his own idiosyncratic argot
prayer and worship. That was meant          vant, or a Team Leader in a CLP.            devoted exclusively to his beloved
to be our last household meeting                “His fame spread far and wide for       kennel of black Labrador dogs.
with him. And through it all, his ges-      being a master of the follow-through            “Pretty soon, this canine devotion
ture of insistence on having the            because he was sure to call you up at       saw avid followers of his crash
household meeting that night turned         the office or at home if you missed a       courses on rearing dogs properly and
out to be his message of saying his         session or two of his teachings.            in the genteel way. No less than my
fond farewell to a household that               “Anyone who ever talked to Toto         wife was the recipient of a kind repri-
had witnessed his endearing traits,         for more than five minutes was soon         mand from this local Cesar Millan, as
listened to his exploits in the political   to be acquainted with the "art" of          Toto gifted her a more gentle collar
arena, heeded his wise counsel on           pastoral conversation. He was a             suited for Cocker Spaniels when he
issues besetting the community and          treasure trove of ideas and ideals, a       saw her tugging our dog with an
most of all, picking up meaningful          veritable Funk and Wagnalls of how          "unkind leash" during a blessing for
lessons on sharing the faith as he          best to evangelize, that to chat with       pets at St. Francis Parish Church.
held court on how he blazed trails          him for an evening was like a crash             “Toto was an old-fashioned
gentleman and incurable romantic.
He would readily shed a tear or two       HeadsUp             January 2012                  Page 1 0  
listening to or giving sharings in
prayer assemblies.
    “The day we received news of his
                                           ‘MUST SURF’ 2011 FACTOID HIGHLIGHTS  
death, the message of 1 Cor 2:9 hit
us - ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,    1. 350 PESOS PER HAKOT— see Inquirer article: 
nor have entered in the heart of man‐delay‐but‐rh‐bill‐
the things which God has prepared         won%E2%80%99t‐be‐pas... ‐‐ The group scheduled the 
for those who love Him.’ ”                "peak" of its pro‐RH rally for September and set aside 
    Contreras said that when he
thinks of Toto, he is reminded of         P1,750,000 to organize a rally of "at least 5,000 people." 
what God can do with one life dedi-       Each participant was budgeted P350. 
cated to Him. He regarded Toto's          2. MORE ANTI‐RH RALLYISTS THAN PRO‐RH— 
ministry as having extended to
countless lives through those he
taught and touched, who in turn           lies  
have passed on that special torch to      3. RH Bill CAN BE DEFEATED AT THE SENATE— 
new and more generations.       ‐vote‐will‐kill‐rh‐
    And like Tita Delia, Contreras
said “we were not blind to his frail-
ties and shortcomings either. At          4. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FUNDING PRO‐RH LOBBY— 
times short tempered, brutally frank 
to a fault, weak when tempted with        5. PRO‐RH GROUPS SUPPORTING ABORTIONS— 
real good food, those foibles are all
like the muted colors in the corner of 
a canvas of life painted from top to      6. CABRAL ADMITS PILLS CAUSE CANCER— 
bottom and side to side with the‐the‐rh‐mantras 
blazing primary hues of his strengths     7. PRO‐LIFE WINS TV DEBATES—
and virtues.”
    Contreras confessed that “It’s
right to mourn our loss, but we also      nion_polls_and_TV_debates 
have a responsibility to celebrate        8. PRO‐RH MANUFACTURING STATISTICS—
Toto's gain. There is so much to be
thankful for in his home going. For
one, he was able to say his proper        maternal‐deaths‐in‐philippines‐in‐decline / 
goodbyes right in his hometown and 
in the company of loved ones and          9. PRO‐RH LOBBYISTS UNREGISTERED BUT GETTING   
friends. He does not have to suffer
any longer the infirmities of old age.”
                                          MASSIVE FUNDING FROM ABROAD—   
    Part of celebrating his gain, Con- 
teras shared a vision, “should be a       10. PRO‐LIFE WINS 2011—       
picture in our collective minds of
Toto arriving at the pearly gates and
Jesus welcoming him inside. And           /anti‐rh‐groups‐declare‐victory‐over‐lobby‐money‐195246 
after hearing Jesus’ words and seeing      

His face, Toto then hears near Jesus’          TOP OF BILLBOARD ENTERTAINMENT 
nail-pierced feet a familiar sound of
padded paws, jingles, and barks, and      11. HITLER’S CONNECTION WITH POPULATION CONTROL       
his departed Labrador dogs chiming 
in: ‘Welcome home, good and faith-
ful servant!’
HeadsUp reaps kudos: ‘La Solidaridad of our 
own modern‐day propaganda movement…’ 
   Here it is! -- the most informative, most powerful           This is Baby Palabyab, a Prolife OBGYN and the
overseas Filipino pro-life publication inspired by faith,   current president of the newly organized Pro-life group
science, wisdom, and dogged love of country! IMHO           DOCTORS FOR LIFE.
(In my honest opinion), this is the “La Solidaridad” of         I want to thank you for the free first year subscrip-
our own modern-day propaganda movement. Compul-             tion to your Prolife mag HEADS UP... that a friend
sory reading!                                               recommended to me about through email. Dashing
   As Filipinos, we must never forget Rizal's words:        salamat po! It's so meaty really for our Prolife cause...
   ¿No sabe usted que es inútil la vida que no se con-      Aside from the fact that our pedia people can learn so
sagra á una idea grande? Es un pedruzco perdido en el       much from them, we certainly plan to spread the word
campo sin formar parte de ningun edificio.                  to our colleagues in the healthcare profession about
   Di niyo ba nauunawaan na walang halaga ang buhay         these concerns.
na di nauukol sa isang layuning dakila?                         Please include the doctors in your prayer intentions
Para siyang isang batong ligaw sa linang, sa halip na       especially with this contentious bill the RH bill.. As we
maging bahagi ng isang gusali.                              cannot afford to corrupt our missionaries in the healing
   Do you not see how useless a life is that is not con-    ministry.. The closest of professions to our heavenly
secrated to a great ideal?                                  healer himself.. God bless your mission to the world...
   It is like a stone wasted on the field without becom-    Where Filipinos thrive and bring the good news... To
ing a part of any edifice. - ZOE VIDAL, Top Pro-            all, all for the love of life! - ELEANOR DE BORJA-
Life Advocate in the Philippines                            PALABYAB, Doctors for Life

   Wow, these are fantastic! If you could use the files        My salute for such a great job. May everything we
better than I, perhaps you should just keep them.           do glorify the Lord. Best regards and God bless!
   This is fantastic work, especially on the CRR. En-       - LIGAYA ACOSTA, Human Life Int’l Ocenania
closed is another document you might be interested in.
 -BRIAN CLOWES, Human Rights Int’l Virginia                    Thank you for the inspiration. We are winning the
                                                            cause because of people like you contaminating us with
   Very, very impressive body of material. I take my        the Spirit of Life! ITO ZAMORA, CFC New York
hat off to you for your passion about pro-life issues and
your focus against the RH Bill in the Philippines. Your        Thank you so much for this blessing. It does give us
work is a creative, attractive and effective advocacy       a "headsup!" - EDGARDO MOSO
channel. I am praying that it is reaching a wide audience
and the readers are not only reading but taking action.        Good job of summarizing the years activities of the
   Thank you very much for sharing this rich resource.      Pro- Life movement ! - GERRY FLORENDO,
And blessings always as you continue on this critical       Baltimore top community leader
and important journey to keep life up front.
- CECIL MOTUS, USCCB Cultural Diversity                         I'm stunned by the audacity of a pro-RH congress-
                                                            man in stating that the RH bill has to be passed for the
   Thank you so much for this very important Head-          country to move on, that President Aquino has to step
sUp about "The Philippines: Preserving a Culture of         up his support of the bill because the success of his
Life". We taped the program, when it was shown here         presidency will be gauged by its passage. Such state-
in EWTN at 10:30 am August 25th in our area Sacra-          ments should normally land in my spam mail, but I
mento. Hopefully we can show it to our members next         won't pass up the opportunity to once again point out
time we have a household meeting at our house, I am         the intrinsic contradictions and lies of the bill which I
keeping it and hopefully be able to re-record it so we      hope will expose his empty rhetoric.
can have a permanent copy. God Bless you and every-             First, the bill speaks of Reproductive Health while
one who made this possible, for us to be informed and       its aim is Reproductive Death;
timely at that !! - SONNIE & J HETZEL, California               Second, the bill talks about freedom of choice
    HeadsUp                              January 2012       Page 1 2  
                                                                                           Message from
but through massive propaganda and the treatment ac-
corded to contraceptives as "essential medicines" virtu-
                                                                   My dear breth-
                                                                ren, our brother
                                                                                             the CFCFFL
ally coerces women to choose artificial birth control           Nani Almanza is           Ser vant-Genera
methods;                                                        stepping down
     Third, the bill promotes condoms on the pretext of
                                                                as Country Ser-          For to me
its anti HIV/AIDS potency, but conveniently omits the                                    to live is
rise of AIDS virus in condom dominated countries like           vant, effective
                                                                end of this year. I      Christ,
                                                                                          and to die
     Fourth, the bill states contraceptives to be effective     am appointing
and safe but fails to state a modicum of caveat that                                      is gain."    FRANK PAD
                                                                our brother Ed
most contraceptives may have carcinogenic substances;           Yamba as the new
     Fifth, the bill aims to assure a safe and satisfying sex
but doesn't say what is one and how to attain it;               Country Servant effective January 1, 2012.
     Sixth, the bill wants an early sex education to begin         I commend Nani for his outstanding work,
at near puberty age for convoluted reasons which                full of humility, generosity and perseverance.
achieve the opposite effect of arousing the curiosity of        He has a strong missionary heart and is filled
children to the point of experimentation and resulting          with zeal for evangelization and mission. I am
unsafe early teen pregnancies;                                  ever grateful to him and to his wife Bing, for
     Seventh, the bill pretends to outlaw abortion but
stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that countries which          giving so much of themselves for our commu-
allowed a contraceptive mentality to creep into their           nity and our work. They will of course continue
societies eventually ended up allowing abortions on de-         to serve you all as the Lord sees fit.
mand. Notable example is the USA;                                    I ask for your full and unconditional support for
     Eighth, the bill treats babies as liabilities and burden   Ed. The challenges in our work in the USA and beyond
to society, but babies eventually become adults who will        continue. The call for the USA to be our mission base
carry the burden of society and contribute to its wealth;       for Latin America, the West Indies, and parts of Africa
     Ninth, the bill claims to be pro-poor but is actually      continues. The enemy rages even more as we effectively
anti-poor as it deprives the poor of their only means of        work for the renewal of the family and the defense of
survival in their old age - their children;                     life. As one community in Christ we will experience the
     Tenth, the bill hides behind the euphonic phrase           very strength of God. So please extend your respect,
"responsible parenthood" and yet wants to accomplish            support and active submission to our brother Ed. Al-
it irresponsibly via costly and unsafe contraceptives ver-      low him to fulfill his task with joy and not with sorrow,
sus safe, free and effective natural family planning            for that would be of no advantage to you (Heb 13:17).
methods;                                                             I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their
     Eleventh, the bill aims to trim the population of the      work in this year 2011. Have a joyful and Spirit-filled
country to a "sustainable level" but fails to establish         Christmas holiday. God bless you all and prepare you
what that level is supposed to be, thereby courting the         for the work in the new year.
potential disaster of a demographic winter currently
prevalent in highly developed countries.
     I honestly can't see by any stretch of imagination or
logic how the country can move forward with the pas-
sage of this wretched bill. Moreover, it is presumptious
for the congressman to say that the success of Presi-
dent Aquino's presidency will be "gauged" by the pas-
sage of the bill. I can't see how Aquino's current obses-
sion of seeing Congresswoman Arroyo behind bar
which seems to have become the main index of his suc-
cess, can be remotely connected to the RH bill.
                                                                 Nani and Bing Almanza          Ed & Melanie Yamba
   Ang Kapatiran Party

             RH bill is a threat to life,
             family in the Philippines
‘The bill was not written by Filipinos for Filipinos, but 
by international population control groups in secret’  
    People of good will throughout the world        cessful effort to educate the public about the
should be aware of a great threat to the chil-      dangers of this bill, including the production of
dren and families of the Philippines. Filipinos     a documentary that is being distributed through-
are overwhelmingly Catholic (81%) and pro-          out the Philippines, including to all of the Fili-
life.                                               pino Bishops.
    Because of this fact, and because they are         It is crucial to note that neither the enormous
still having children, they have become a target    amount of money nor the language in the RH
of international population control organiza-       Bill comes from the Philippines. The bill was
tions and pro-abortion groups. According to         not written by Filipinos for Filipinos, but by in-
the UNFPA, outside organizations based in the       ternational population control groups in secret.
United States and Europe have spent $962 mil-       For a poor country, offers of enormous
lion dollars to promote population control in       amounts of money are difficult to refuse unless
the Philippines from 1991 to 2010.                  people are well-grounded morally, and aware of
    Since 1998, Filipinos have been fighting the    the devastating effects that contraception and
Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, which man-           other anti-life practices can have on a country.
dates, among other things, comprehensive sex        For the time being, the RH Bill is not written to
education, government funded contraceptives         legalize abortion, which is still highly restricted
and aboritfacients and forced participation for     in the Philippines; but it is widely understood
doctors regardless of conscientious objection.      that legalized abortion will follow soon after the
The bill also labels contraceptives as “essential   RH Bill is passed – if it is passed.
medicines.”                                            Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, founder of HLI, often
    With limitless funds aiding in its promotion,   said that in all his travels he had not seen one
an increasing number of individuals and groups      country where the widespread use of contracep-
have fallen into the trap of thinking that the      tion did not quickly lead to widespread abortion.
RH Bill is necessary for economic develop-             Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, the prin-
ment. Many of them have also been convinced         cipal author of the bill, has claimed that oppos-
by the propaganda that paints the Catholic          ing the RH Bill is tantamount to opposing reli-
Church as the enemy of progress.                    gious freedom. However, contraceptives are le-
    With the unyielding support of the              gal and widely available in the Philippines, de-
“Catholic” current president of the Philippines,    spite their harmful effects. The Church’s opposi-
Benigno Aquino, there is great danger that the      tion to the RH Bill is based on natural law which
bill could pass soon. So far, the Filipino people   is accessible to reason, no matter what faith
are holding strong. HLI has been part of a suc-     one holds. Rather, it is the RH Bill which is a
HeadsUp                                                 January 2012                                Page 1 4  

Shenan J. Boquet, new HLI president on World Aids Day: 
Condoms still the problem, not the solution
  Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International (HLI), released the
following statement today to mark the occasion of World AIDS Day 2011:
   “Despite enormous medical advancements over the past decades to combat HIV/AIDS, many
of our brothers and sisters around the world continue to suffer, and the spread of the deadly virus
remains a primary concern for all worldwide who seek peace and justice.
                                                                           “The Catholic Church has been on the
                                                                       front line of the international fight against
                                                                       HIV/AIDS providing care and support for
                                                                       the sick and their families. But in addition
                                                                       to providing medical and financial support,
                                                                       the Church, through the teachings of and
                                                                       faith in Jesus Christ, also serves as an edu-
                                                                       cational resource to help stop the spread of
                                                                      “We’re closely monitoring the RH bill in your 
                                                                      country, in fact we’re using the innocent face of 
                                                                      a Filipino child in our poster,” Shenan Bouquet 
                                                                      tells Margi Paglinawan when they met  for a 
                                                                      sidewalk evangelization in Fairfax, Virginia. Also 
                                                                      in the picture (right) is Bob Blaird of  the Tepeyac 
                                                                      Medical Center for indigent pregnant women.   

    FR WEST: RH BILL A THREAT TO LIFE                        Hillary Clinton said, “You cannot have maternal health
                                                             without reproductive health, and reproductive health
threat to religious liberty. It forces medical profession-
                                                             includes contraception and family planning and access to
als and businesses to promote and perform a full range
                                                             legal, safe abortions.” The elites have made a temporary
of “reproductive health services,” against their con-
                                                             concession to staunchly pro-life Filipinos by not pushing
                                                             for abortion to be included in the bill, but the history of
    It also mandates immoral Planned Parenthood-style
                                                             other countries show that they will be back to press for
sex education courses starting in the fifth grade, estab-
                                                             repeal of laws which ban abortion and protect unborn
lishes population officers to pressure poor women to
                                                             children. Once a contraceptive mentality has taken hold,
have fewer children and requires couples to undergo
                                                             it is always easier to promote abortion.
RH training with certification before they can obtain
                                                                  The bill is officially entitled “The Responsible Parent-
marriage license. Perhaps most onerously, the bill
                                                             hood, Reproductive Health and Population and Devel-
threatens imprisonment and fines for anyone who
                                                             opment Act of 2011.” Despite its title, the bill does not
spreads “malicious disinformation” (a term that is am-
                                                             promote responsible parenthood. The experience of
biguous at best), and thus threatens to muzzle free
                                                             many other countries shows that widespread contracep-
speech and the freedom of choice that RH promoters
                                                             tive use leads to rampant promiscuity, higher teen preg-
claim to support.
                                                             nancy rates, more STDs and more abortion. Contracep-
    While the bill does not make abortion legal, the
                                                             tives provide a false sense of security that erodes natural
phrase a “full range of reproductive health services” is
                                                             moral inclinations to restrict sexual activity to situations
found throughout the bill, which is understood interna-
                                                             where people are open to children.
tionally as services including abortion. For example,
                                                                  Further, contrary to one of the most common tag-
during a 2010 visit to Canada, US Secretary of State
                                                             lines used to promote the RH Bill, it is not “pro-
                                                               There, the president instituted a national program
                                                               encouraging abstinence and fidelity, and while in
                                                               1992 the adult HIV/AIDS infection rate was an
                                                               astounding 30 percent in the capital of Kampala
                                                               and other large urban areas, the adult HIV/AIDS
                                                               infection rate dropped 80 percent in just ten years
                                                               following the adoption of the “ABC” model
                                                               (Abstinence, Be Faithful, and Condoms as a last
 HIV/AIDS, and offer hope for the future.                      resort – although condoms were not widely pro-
     “Sexual contact is the primary way the virus is           moted as a solution to AIDS).
 transmitted, and we’re told by many international                While no studies have shown definitively that
 organizations that condoms are the solution to this           the increased use of condoms has stopped the
 problem. Sadly, though hundreds of millions of                spread of AIDS, the Ugandan model and other ex-
 dollars are spent convincing our brothers and sis-            amples around the world prove that this deadly vi-
 ters in need that all they need to do is use con-             rus can only be overcome with a change in the be-
 doms, we still await the first scientifically proven          havior and attitudes of our brothers and sisters;
 case of condoms stopping the spread of HIV/                   one which emphasizes respect for the dignity of
 AIDS in Africa.                                               the human person and for sexuality as it was in-
    In fact, the opposite seems to be true. As Pope            tended.
Benedict XVI stressed in 2009 while traveling to                  “On this World AIDS Day 2011, we should be
Africa, AIDS cannot be overcome by advertising                 reminded that communities must be encouraged to
slogans and the distribution of condoms.                       turn away from the propaganda of population con-
    Such false solutions risk worsening the problem,           trol groups and the contraception agenda, and em-
and only through society-wide promotion of absti-              brace a lifestyle that respects the dignity of the hu-
nence and fidelity in marriage has any nation ever             man person, and promotes fidelity in marriage be-
seen a significant decrease in transmission rates.             tween man and woman.”
    “The country of Uganda is a perfect example.

woman.” Overwhelming evidence show the link be-
tween hormonal contraceptives and various cancers.
Manufacturers even concede that it can cause potentially
fatal blood clots and strokes.
    Economic problems in the Philippines are not caused
by over-population, but by high levels of poverty, mostly
in urban centers. Many of their economic problems
could be solved by eliminating rampant corruption,
which is estimated to cost Filipinos 400 billion pesos
annually. Unless the real causes of poverty are ad-
dressed, poor Filipinos will remain poor.
    Those of us who are concerned with the sanctity of
life cannot afford to be indifferent to the situation in the
Philippines – it would be a terrible blow if this very pro-
life and pro-family nation were to fall. We need to influ-     After praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic at 
ence government leaders in our countries to offer real         Route 29 in Northern Virginia, Margi Paglinawan invites 
assistance to our brothers and sisters in need, and not        Bishop Paul Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington to the 
false solutions and aggressively imperialistic threats, like   CFCFFL‐led prayer vigil on January 23, and briefs him 
those posed by the RH Bill.                                    about the RH bill in the Philippines. The Arlington bishop 
                                                               says a mass for the unborn moving from one parish to reprinted with permission from                    another and leads the power of the beads in front of the 
Human Life International’s World Watch forum                   closest abortuary. 
 Congressman Pablo Garcia 
US bankrolling RH bill with up to P50 million 
US bankrolling RH bill with up to P50 million 
    PDI, December 5, 2011—              tions Fund on Population and                  Garcia said the Philippines was
The oldest lawmaker in Con-             other institutions engaged in world       only one of 13 countries that the
                                        population control.                       US had targeted for “aggressive
gress has accused his col-
                                             “For several years and until         and coercive population control”
leagues of being bankrolled             2009, this committee held office in       using millions of dollars
by a huge United States lobby           the Batasan complex, whether in           “ostensibly as benevolent funding
in pushing for the adoption             the north wing or south wing. Now         assistance but actually in pursuit of
of a population control meas-           it is holding office somewhere else       its own global population-control
ure in Congress.                        after its presence in the Batasan         strategy.”
                                        complex was denounced by a                    He cited the National Security
    The privilege speech of
                                        member of the House on the                Study Memorandum-200 as his
Cebu Representative Pablo               floor,” said Garcia.                      basis.
Garcia, 86, in which he                      Garcia described the panel as            Garcia said that under that
claimed the existence of a P20          the “unelected de facto committee         study, it was the interest- strategic
million to P50 million lobby            on population.”                           and economic factors that the
fund for the passage of the                  Some of the efforts of the US        population growth of certain
                                        lobby to rush passage of the RH           countries in the world was con-
reproductive health (RH) bill
                                        bill, he said, included referring the     trolled.
had prompted one of its pro-            measure to the House committee                It included the Philippines as
ponents, Bayan Muna party-              on population and family relations        one of the 13 countries with
list Representative Teodoro             instead of the committee on health        which their population growth
Casiño, to ask whether the US           (Garcia said the bill was not pri-        must be controlled.
government was indeed med-              marily about population); letting             Garcia said that this was a top-
                                        Lagman instead of the committee           secret document but was declassi-
dling in Philippine affairs.
                                        chairman, Biliran Representative          fied in 1989 and published in
    “I think Congressman Gar-           Rogelio Espina sponsor the bill,          1990.
cia’s accusations are too seri-         and allowing the sponsors to take             “Aid or any assistance to these
ous to be ignored and we                first crack at the floor debates on       countries are subject to a condi-
should look at this closely,”           the bill.                                 tion that they will institute some
said Casiño in a phone inter-                Lagman did not return the In-        population control measures,” he
                                        quirer’s calls or text messages.          said.
                                             In his privilege speech last week,       He also named Nigeria, Brazil,
    Garcia said the US lobby’s          Garcia said he wanted to speak out        India and Bangladesh included in
main vehicle in Congress was            against the “conduct of some of           the 13 countries.
the Philippine Legislators              our colleagues that in my judgment            Garcia noted that these 13
Committee on Population and             raises questions of potential con-        countries belonged to the less de-
Development led by Minority             flict of interest or the possible         veloped ones.
                                        transgression of the boundaries of            He named USAID (United
Leader Edcel Lagman.
                                        appropriate ethical conduct.”             States Agency for International
   “This committee is funded and
                                             Garcia said the United States        Development), World Bank and
maintained by foreign agencies and
                                        was working to “seduce, manipu-           United Nations Population Fund
institutions in the service of a for-
                                        late or coerce” the state into pass-      Activities as some of the firms
eign power. This committee re-
                                        ing the RH bill, or House Bill No.        who have been implementing
ceives P20 million to P50 million a
                                        4244, so that not even leftist and        these measures.
year from its foreign benefactors
                                        hyper-nationalist groups know that            “I have the records. I was wait-
such as USAID, Ford Foundation,
                                        they had aligned themselves to the        ing for them to ask me questions,”
Packard Foundation, United Na-
                                        interest of a foreign power.              he said. #
Philstar: Shooting Straight 

 Tracking unregistered foreign secret agents  
   By Bobbit Avila                       Belmonte; after all, he is also the       foreign principal.
                                         head of a co-equal branch of the              The term “foreign agent” shall
    A very impatient Pres. Benigno
                                         government, which should not be           not include a duly accredited dip-
“P-Noy” Aquino III has tasked
                                         subservient with the Executive            lomatic or consular officer of a
House Speaker Feliciano “Sonny”
                                         Branch. Having said that, I can un-       foreign country or officials of the
Belmonte Jr. to push harder for the
                                         derstand why Speaker Belmonte             United Nations and its agencies
passage of the Reproductive Health
                                         told the President that there are still   and of other international organi-
(RH) bill, but the House Speaker
                                         many Congressmen who have ques-           zations recognized by the Repub-
pointed out that there are still a lot
                                         tions in their minds to ask especially    lic of the Philippines.
of people who want to interpellate
                                         who are the foreign backers of the            Ask where is the headquarters
this in the plenary hall.
                                         RH bill?                                  of the Forum for Family Planning
    Now why is the President so
                                             Does the President even know          Development and you will know
much in a hurry to push the RH
                                         that there is a law dubbed Batas          if they are foreign agents or not.
bill? Is he under some kind of out-
                                         Pambansa Bilang 39, An Act Regu-              So now that we are clear on
side pressure? If so, who is pressur-
                                         lating the Activities and Requiring       this, we should allow our Con-
ing him? Surely, it is not the Ameri-
                                         the Registration of Foreign Agents        gressmen and Women to interpel-
cans pressuring him because last
                                         in the Philippines” or the Foreign        late in the plenary session as to
week I met with US Ambassador
                                         Agents Act of 1979? Why am I              who are the principal backers of
Harry Thomas at the Cebu Coun-
                                         mentioning this?                          the RH bill and why there’s so
try Club and he told me in no un-
                                             Well, I gathered that there’s a       much money being poured into
certain terms, “The United States
                                         group called the Forum for Family         this controversy and this country,
does not have a policy regarding
                                         Planning Development who I heard          Gads, even ABS-CBN came up
the RH bill in the Philippines.”
                                         was trying to recruit prominent or        with its own RH promo. So now
    With that statement, then there
                                         celebrity Catholics to back the RH        let’s ask them who paid the bill for
must be others who are pressuring
                                         bill.                                     that promo?
the President to speed up the pas-
                                             Just a week ago, I saw a vehicle          There’s also a group called the
sage of this bill.
                                         with a loudspeaker going around the       Wallace Global Fund or the
    P-Noy should also show some
                                         streets of Cebu espousing the need        Catholics For Choice that gave
kind of respect to House Speaker
                                         for an RH bill. Where did this peo-       $75,000 in the year 2009 for a pi-
                                         ple get the funding for this?             lot program dubbed “Translating
  Abortion                                   Come on guys, we were not born
                                         yesterday, someone is paying the tab
                                                                                   Research into Action” in support
                                                                                   of the advocacy for Reproductive
                                         for this and it surely isn’t the Catho-   Health Rights in the Philippines.
  lobbyists used                         lic Church! So could they very well       Is this group registered under BP
                                         be funded by those so-called              No. 39 or the Foreign Agents
  ‘Batasan’                              “foreign agents?”
                                             In section 3 of BP No. 39, a
                                                                                       There are many other such or-
  facilities                             “foreign agent” refers to any person
                                         who acts or agrees to act as political
                                                                                   ganizations that have apparently
                                                                                   targeted the Philippines for fund-
                                         consultant, public relations counsel,     ing in support of the RH bill and I
  for its office                         publicity agent, information repre-       shudder to think that some mem-
                                         sentative, or as agent, servant, repre-   bers of the House of Representa-
  until recently                         sentative, or attorney for a foreign
                                         principal or for any domestic or-
                                                                                   tives could have gotten a piece of
                                                                                   this fund, which is why they are so
  exposed...                             ganization subsidized directly or
                                         indirectly in whole or in part by a
                                                                                   rabidly promoting the passage of
                                                                                   the RH bill. #
The New Archbishop                                                                    Opportunity  
Luis Antonio G. Tagle                                                                         OUR                 
By Artemio V. Panganiban                    pray, we are transformed, we
                                            see differently. A child, espe-
Philippines Daily Inquirer               
With Due Respect, 12/17/2011                cially the unborn, is no longer       FREEDOMS 
   What kind of a leader is the             seen as a burden but a gift, the
                                            youth are not a problem but a             is universal. It oper-
new Archbishop of Manila,                   promise, women are not objects            ates in every na
Luis Antonio G. Tagle? What                 but persons, laborers are not ma-         tion, in every place
are his vision, mission, values             chines but partners, the poor, the        where there are souls to be saved
and plans? Does he have an                  differently abled are not nuisance        and served. It is present not just in
activist streak, an inclination             but our jewels, and creation is not       the Philippines. It is present in
to lead another People Power                an object of manipulation but a           China, India, Russia and Vietnam.
                                            sign of God’s sustaining love.”               If perceived as an unwanted in-
revolution? Will he speak out                   Clarity of mission. How well          terventionist in strictly secular affairs
on public issues? Or will he be             indeed he articulates the theology        and as a threat to civil governance,
conservative and stay close to              of faith, life, marriage and social       the Church will be stifled by the au-
faith and morals in leading the             reforms; so simply worded, but so         thorities in these populous countries
people of God?                              deeply meant; so humbly said, but         from its primary mission of saving
    Focus on Jesus. His answer to           so loftily aimed; so directed at old      souls. Absent a direct, clear and pre-
these questions during his first            problems but so transforming with         sent danger to the faith, he will—I
homily at the Manila Cathedral on           new solutions. I do not think he          think—stay in the cloisters of the
Nov. 12 was crisp and clear,                will be a fire and brimstone orator;      Church.
“(Don’t look at me, I am not im-            he is more effective with his soft            Personally known to and having
portant.) But like John the Baptist I       eloquence; he speaks from the             worked closely with Pope Benedict
am inviting you to focus on the             heart.                                    XVI when the latter was still presi-
One mightier than all of us, Jesus              I think he will be firm on social     dent of Vatican’s International
Christ, the Risen One and the True          issues, like the right to life that is    TheTheological Commission,
Shepherd of the Church. My Epis-            being eroded by the Reproductive          Archbishop Tagle is familiar with
copal Motto says it plainly,                Health bill; or the sanctity of mar-      Vatican affairs.
‘Dominus est! It is the Lord!’ ”            riage that is being vilified by a             Clarity of person. His clarity of
    Plainly then, he does not want          creeping divorce mentality.               mission is matched only by the clar-
to be known as the head                         I do not see him interfering in       ity of his persona. Those who really
(technically, he leads only one arch-       strictly secular and divisive political   know him are enthused by his legen-
diocese but traditionally the               events. In his homily, he empha-          dary humility. Former Ambassador
archbishop of Manila is regarded as         sized the need for unity in the mis-      to the Vatican Henrietta (Tita) de
the primate of the Philippines); in-        sion of Christ. In his words, “…we        Villa never tires of relating how, as
stead, he points to Jesus Christ as         need to follow the Lord in our mis-       the then bishop of Imus, Monsignor
the real Leader, Teacher and Mas-           sion not individually, but together       Tagle arrived in a tricycle at a fiesta
ter of all. And like the Lord Jesus,        as the disciples did… Divisiveness        in Cavite, “He must have sensed my
his role model, he nonetheless              and destructive competition will          consternation. A bishop riding in a
made absolutely clear who he was            only help sink the boat. Let us look      tricycle! But he had no pretenses, no
(a disciple of the Great Master),           to the one Shepherd who gathers           arrogance. He matter-of-factly re-
what his objectives were (to follow         his sheep instead of scattering           plied, ‘Mas praktikal po ang sumakay
His directions) and how he in-              them.”                                    sa tricycle. Madaling makalusot sa
tended to accomplish them (to                   And this mission of unity does        traffic.’”
have faith fueled by prayer and             not apply only to Catholics in the            Inquirer Chair Marixi Prieto is
love).                                      Philippines but to all in the whole       also his unabashed admirer. She
    So, he exclaimed, “…when we             world. Indeed, the Catholic Church        works with him in supporting
New Year of Skepticism     Grave Threat  
over Aquino intentions             OUR                 
By Armando Doronila                         tion of the faltering na-          RELIGIOUS 
Philippines Daily Inquirer                  tional economy.                    FREEDOMS 
Analysis, 01/02/2012                            The New Year promises
    The New Year portends                   to be the beginning of a season          any less poor
threateningly significant events            of skepticism over the good inten-       than before
for most Filipinos. By mid-                 tions of the Aquino government,          May 2010?
                                            with the virtuous slogans driving the        Where are the jobs that give
January, the Senate ignites the             administration’s “daang matuwid” in      incomes to the poor and enable
fireworks of a potentially tu-              the past one-and-a-half years as the     them to buy more food for their
multuous year with the start of             sole justification of the President’s    families and to send their children
the impeachment trial of Chief              mandate following his landslide elec-    to school?
Justice Renato Corona.                      tion victory in May 2010.                    More of these questions will be
    The year 2011 came to a po-                 After more than a year of non-       asked as the administration pur-
                                            performance and failure to deliver       sues its anticorruption crusade
litically turbulent close with the          concrete results on election prom-       with deadly earnestness.
controversies over the corrup-              ises, including the reduction of pov-        These questions will continue
tion-ridden legacy of the previ-            erty, people are now less inclined to    to be asked even during the Co-
ous Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo                 swallow hook, line and sinker pious      rona impeachment trial that is cer-
administration. If the past year            protestions from the administration      tain to provide entertainment for
was a year of high expectations             propaganda organs. They are begin-       the public and divert attention
                                            ning to demand, “where’s the beef?”      from the issues of poverty that af-
for political reform and trans-                 Many are now asking, is the jail-    flict the majority of Filipinos. They
parency by the crusading Be-                ing of Arroyo, the impeachment of        cannot be ignored by the Aquino
nigno Aquino III administra-                the alleged pro-Arroyo Chief Justice     government without eroding its
tion, it was also one of public             and the revamp of a Supreme Court        popularity in the opinion surveys.
disappointment over the results             packed by Arroyo appointees                      Defining images
in the campaign to root out all             enough of a claim of achievement             The events during the past two
                                            for a results-deficit nearly two-year-   months—the administration’s ef-
vestiges of corruption, and                 old Aquino government? More and
even more over the revitaliza-                                                       forts to stop Arroyo from attempt-
                                            more people are asking, are the poor     ing to escape prosecution for al-
                                                                                     leged electoral sabotage and the
                                                                                     rush to impeach Corona by the
     LUIS ANTONIO G. TAGLE…                 of thought and simplicity of lan-        House of Representatives—have
the Sisters of Mary establish several       guage. Ever aspirational, he aims        projected the defining images of
“Boystowns” and “Girlstowns” that           high but is never quixotic. He real-     the democratically elected almost
serve as schools and “live-in” homes        izes the eternity of his mission, but    two-year-old Aquino government.
for deserving indigent youth by giv-        he also concedes the human limits            These are the images that have
ing them free food, clothing, shelter,      of his person. He is a consensus         defined the character of the de-
medical-dental services while enjoy-        builder rather than a solo per-          mocratically elected Aquino gov-
ing full high school and vocational         former.I am grateful for the many        ernment: First, that it is vindictive;
education. In these benevolent              times I have met him. I see him          second, it is intolerant of dissent;
schools, two in Cavite and two in           leading the people of God to a new       third, it is willing to drag the coun-
Cebu, every student is a full scholar.      beginning, a new transformation, a       try into a witchhunt of demons by
   Those who regularly follow his           new evangelization rooted in time-       which it has tagged personages of
Sunday TV program “The Word                 tested values of Christian hope, faith   the past regime it deems
Exposed” rightly swear to his depth         and love. #                              as “obstructing” its all-
                          Handmaids for Family and Life in Seattle 
      Bursting with Pro-Life fervor
   Every year, the Handmaids for Family and Life holds an annual conference, but it is the only
CFC FFL ministry that caps its activity with an actual prayer vigil in front of an abortuary.
   Camille Pauley, co-founder, President of Healing the Culture, prestaged the vigil with a talk on
the role of women today in our complex society. Then the handmaids delegates and members of
CFC-FFL boarded six buses, which transported everyone to a Planned Parenthood facility located
in Tacoma (about 30 minutes South of the conference site). A very solemn atmosphere greeted

      SKEPTICISM OVER AQUNO...           the Aquino government and biased       been done on the House of Repre-
consuming campaign to hold them          for his supposed patron, Arroyo.       sentatives and Corona.
accountable for past wrongdoing              Without going into the details         The more vacancies, the more
and abuse of office; and fourth, it      or the merits of the impeachment       aspirants for Supreme Court jus-
is uninclined to respect due process     article alleging bias on the part of   ticeships, the more people salivat-
in bringing cases against its targets.   Corona, let me say that the deter-     ing for appointments to the high
             Disturbing questions        mination of this issue is now in the   court, including those media com-
    With these haunting images,          hands of the Senate impeachment        mentators whose applications had
legal circles have started to raise      tribunal, which is the most compe-     been rejected and who are now
disturbing questions, such as the        tent body mandated to do this          displaying their legal expertise, call-
toll inflicted on independent con-       function.                              ing attention to their eligibility as
stitutional institutions (such as                      Sophist claims           candidates for associate justice.
Congress and the judiciary) in the           What I wish to point out is that             An undemocratic gov’t 
pursuit of the clearly evident politi-   there’s a lot of sophistry in the          In assessing the accomplish-
cal objective of making the legisla-     claim that the attack on Corona is     ments of the Aquino regime, it is
ture and the judiciary subservient       not an attack on the high court as     difficult for journalists to turn a
to the President.                        an institution. There are reasons to   blind eye on the defining character
    Of course, there are the dis-        be cynical about this claim.           of an administration in its first one
claimers made by the presidential            When and if Corona is re-          and a half years—which is that it is
mouthpieces, that the President’s        moved, there will be a vacancy in      an undemocratic government.
actions in impeaching Corona and         the Supreme Court. There are re-           This is not the Aquino who
in seeking to purge the Supreme          ports that two or more justices, all   mesmerized the people to vote for
Court of some of the Arroyo ap-          Arroyo appointees, are also being      him in 2010 with promises of a
pointees are intended not to erode       eyed for impeachment. Should           caring and honest government. The
the independence of the high court       these planned impeachments come        basis for his continuing popularity
but to restore its integrity and pub-    to pass, there will be two more va-    requires closer examination.
lic confidence in its fairness and       cancies created. Added to that of          The media cannot be, and
impartiality in the administration of    Corona’s—if he were to be found        should not be, party to propagating
justice.                                 guilty and removed—there would         a momentary fad in the shifting
    We are told that the strike on       be three vacancies and three new       sands of public opinion. To do so
Corona is not an attack on the in-       justices that the President can ap-    would be to abdicate their duty as
dependence of the Supreme Court          point to reduce the number of Ar-      sentinels warning against the de-
but is aimed at removing its head        royo appointees in the high court.     ployment of the superior powers of
whose decisions, since he accepted           This will create an Aquino-        the state against the weak and dis-
the midnight appointment as Chief        dominated Supreme Court that can       advantaged—no matter how popu-
Justice just weeks before Mr.            be made to toe the line under the      lar that regime is. #
Aquino was to take office, are al-       already proven method of brow-
leged to have been antagonistic to       beating by the President, as has
   HeadsUp                                                  January, 2012                           Page 2 1  

each person as each person disem-
barked from the buses. The partici-
pants alternated singing songs and
praying their rosaries, demonstrat-
ing a prayerful stance even holding
lighted candles on an empty lot pro-
vided by Pathway Church, situated
across the abortuary.
    Fr. Ed White, Fr. Felino Paulino,
and Fr. Rey Yu were present as well
to lead everyone in fervent prayer
for an end to abortion. What an
awesome grace from God has been
unleashed to pray for the unborn
and to make a bold pitch to inno-
cent lives from the fate of death.

                                  d from right) w
   Dr. Ligay   a Acosta (secon
                                      tor during the
     th               ro- ife presen
       e favorite Pro-L                         es for
                               rence of Coupl
      17th  National Confe                and Life in
                        tion for Family
      Christ Founda                              e, Joe
                               r. Frank Pavon
      New    Jersey, where F                       also
                                 e Dannelfelser
       Scheid   ler and Marjori               ur as re-
                            SA speaking to
   spok   e. Part of her U                        ional
                                an Life Internat
   gional d   irector of Hum                 ver, Colo-
                           ashington; Den
    co vered Seattle, W           Virginia. In Se
        rado  and Springfield,                       eft)
                                   aribel leaders (l
          CFC    FFL Bill and M               a and Bill
                             ecutives Acost
           hosted HLI ex                         tmost).                                                         lines foto 
                                Williams (righ                                                    An HLI Front
 The slim defeat of a historic bill in
 Poland is reason why Filipinos need
 to be vigilant against RH bill!
By Manny Hermano                   enty eight lawmakers                             that the same
CFCFFL National ProLife Chair      absent, in what                    thing could happen in the Phil-
   When Margie and I went to       could have been a slackening       ippines considering that the
Poland last August to attend       of vigilance on the part of the    Polish abortion ban bill lost in
the wedding of my nephew to        Polish pro-lifers.                 the Parliament vote despite a
a nice Catholic girl, two things      Upon our arrival in the US,     massive grassroots campaign
caught my attention.               I discussed this matter with       that received tremendous
   First, I thought we will not    CFCFFL pro-life advocate           popular support. It was re-
be meeting any of our              Ado Paglinawan. He reported        ported that to bring the abor-
CFCFFL brothers and sisters        that recently, Senate Majority     tion ban before Parliament un-
there because the wedding was      Leader Vicente Sotto III was       der Poland’s political system,
in a small Polish town 3 hours     quoted by Philippine newspa-       the sponsors of the bill needed
by car from Warsaw. Well,          pers as saying: “the RH bill is    to collect 100,000 signatures
Margie and I met several of        meant to exterminate or limit      within three months. They got
them as we later visited many      procreation.” Senate President     600,000 in two weeks. That’s
Catholic churches in Warsaw.       Juan Ponce Enrile, himself         right, two weeks!
Interestingly, one of their in-    even made an analogy of the           Under the current Polish
cessant prayer requests was for    RH bill to euthanasia, eugen-      law, abortions can only be ob-
the defeat of the Reproductive     ics, and Hitler’s extermination    tained where the child is diag-
Health (RH) bill in the Philip-    of the Jews or Cambodia’s and      nosed with a serious defect or
pines.                             Iraq’s mass killings of their      disease, where the mother is
   Secondly, as our trip was       own people.                        diagnosed with a health prob-
coming to a close, there was a        He quoted the statement of      lem, or where the pregnancy
grassroots push by the Polish      the Polish March for Life          resulted from “illegal activity.”
pro-life movement to have a        spokesperson Anna Kniolek          The bill had sought to get rid
historic Polish bill voted in      released thru LifeSiteNews, say-   of these exceptions, rationaliz-
their parliament to ban all        ing: “the ruling Civic Platform    ing that murder in any form is
abortions in that country.         Party (PO) introduced ‘party       not permissible under any cir-
   Well, the bill was eventually   discipline’ to compel its mem-     cumstances.
defeated in the parliament last    bers to vote against the bill,        In the case to defeat the RH
August 31 – but with only a        even though it had previously      bill in the Philippines, the entry
narrow margin of 5 votes (191      permitted its members to vote      of many international players
-186) - which probably was a       according to their conscience      in the local scene is ominous.
result of five abstentions on      on ideological issues.”            Paglinawan said: “Initially, it
the Parliament floor and sev-         Finally, Paglinawan warned      was just the Millennium Devel-
opment Goals, and then came             H e a d s U p                                  J a n u a r y   2 0 1 2               P a g e   2 3  
Hillary Clinton. Now Planned
Parenthood has brought in                                                tive that the Filipino people
Php26 million for lobby                                                  elect a clear majority of pro-
money. Unfortunately, it is                                              life lawmakers in the coming
well known that many of our                                              2013 elections.
lawmakers in the past have a                                                 But no pro-lifer can be over
weakness for corruption and                                              -confident because despite the
could therefore readily swing                                            fact that the Polish people are
their positions to support the                                           predominantly Catholic and
RH bill once they get a share                                            therefore had overwhelming
of this lobby money.”                                                    support of the bill for a total
   For my part, I pointed out                                            ban of abortion in their coun-
that there are two quick les-                                            try, their move was still de-
sons from the Polish experi-                                             feated in the Parliament’s vote.
ence. First, every informed                                                  Because of the Polish ex-
Catholic must aggressively par-                                          perience, Paglinawan and I
ticipate in public debates in                                            have agreed to collaborate in
and out of the legislature in                                            conecting to all Filipinos in the
order to uphold the pro-life          MANNY HERMANO with wife            United States to appeal to their
positions and drive away all          Margie and grandson Gabriel        relatives and friends back
anti-life lies. I also note that a                                       home not to leave any page
newspaper report from Po-             congressional and senatorial       unturned in insuring the defeat
land’s pro-life commentator           elections in May 2013, which is of the Reproductive Health
and editor Tomasz           less than 18 months away. I        bill that has been re-filed in the
Terlikowski, said that despite        noted that in the case of Po-      Philippine Congress.
“the defeat of the entire pro-        land, parliamentary elections           As my final thought - Al-
ject, it still was a huge success.”   are scheduled for October 9        though we may do all we can
   It was a success because the       (this month) but as early as July and continue to be pro-active
cause for a total ban on abor-        and August, the PRO Founda- in letting our voices heard – we
tion has been brought to the          tion, the organization behind      know that in the end it is still a
forefront as a result of the          the abortion ban, was already      spiritual battle against the
public debates of the issues          certifying lawmakers and parlia- forces of darkness.
and therefore has brought             mentary candidates based on            So let’s all come back to the
about a realignment of the            their pro-life, pro-family posi-   Lord of light and life, visit
Catholic church position and          tions.                             Him in the Blessed Sacrament,
teachings on abortion in the              It is a fact that earlier ver- be fortified by Him in the sac-
consciences of all God-fearing        sions of the current RH bill in raments of Reconciliation and
people in Poland – a feat un-         the Philippines, have been de-     Holy Eucharist, and pray that
thinkable in other European           feated in the last 12 years, so it this evil bill be defeated for all
countries.                            should be doable that this pro- times – so that the Philippines
   Second, the debates on the         posed RH bill be defeated once be a beacon to guide all peo-
RH bill in the Philippines must       again. And in order to make        ples not only in Asia but the
extend to the run-off to the          sure no further versions are       whole world.” #
forthcoming Philippine                filed in the future, it is impera-
Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington and the Association of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities 

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