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									       Structural Reform of Public Library Services in Western Australia

                                              Strategy 9.3
                                              Action 9.3.1

Priority A
Strategy #     9.3
Strategy       Develop a new funding model for public libraries in WA
Action #       9.3.1
Actions        Set up a sub-committee to oversee development of funding formula and
               monitor distribution of funds and outcomes
Tasks               Establish funding model sub-committee
                    Develop terms of reference for review of funding formula
                    Identify scope of work
                    Identify participants and stakeholders
                    Develop and implement communication plan
Responsibility SLPASC
KPI            Sub-committee is established
Timeframe      tbd
Dependency     -
Links to other 9.3.2 – 9.3.6


The Structural Reform of Public Library Services in Western Australia report
recommended that a sub-committee of the JAC (now the Strategic Library Partnership
Agreement Steering Committee) be established to “ensure that local government derives
the best value from the funds allocated for the delivery of public library services”. This
was in relation to funding provided by State Government with allocations to be
determined based on strategic outcomes. It was further recommended that the sub-
committee oversee performance on the allocations “through appropriate processes and

It was envisaged that the sub-committee would be similar to the Standing Committee in
South Australia.

Once the sub-committee was established and had completed their tasks, work could
commence on actions 9.3.2 – 9.3.6.

Structural reform of public library services in Western Australia – Implementation   May 2009


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