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									 Why Study Arabic?

10   Writing your friends’ names in Arabic
     script makes a really good impression, and
     learning the script is easy!

 9   Middle Eastern/North African food is
 8   Arabic can get you to the pyramids in
     Egypt, Petra in Jordan, snorkeling in the
     Red Sea, the beaches and old markets of
                                                                                                     OPPORTUNITIES FOR
     Morocco. . .
                                                                                                      UTAH STUDENTS
 7   The world is flat. American graduates
     need to equip themselves for the global
     economy with skills such as world                           For more information
     language fluency.                                            about adding Arabic

 6   Arab countries are important for U.S.
     strategic interests.
                                                             to your school, please contact:

                                                           The Utah State Office of Education

 5   Middle Eastern history is full of hot topics.             World Language Director
                                                                    Gregg Roberts

     The Middle East/North Africa is an
     awesome place to visit, study, and live.

 3   Arabic is not nearly as difficult to learn as
     you might think, and it’s fun.                  National Middle East Language Resource Center

 2   There are great jobs with the federal
     government, multinational corporations,
     NGOs, etc., for people who speak Arabic.
                                                                        214 HRCB
                                                               Brigham Young University,
                                                                    Provo, Utah 84602

 1   There are scholarships available for
     study—domestic and abroad—for those
     who do well in Arabic (Foreign Language
                                                                  Phone: (801) 422-7192
                                                                   FAX: (801) 422-0382
     and Area Studies Fellowships, Boren
     Scholarships, Flagship, etc.).

                                                                                                          National Middle East
                                                                                                       Language Resource Center
                                                                                                             Brigham Young University
                                                OTHER ARABIC–Learning
How We Help                                     Opportunities                                        UTAH SUCCESS STORIES
BYU’s National Middle East Language             STARTALK Summer Arabic Camp                          Thanks to Governor Huntsman’s efforts to
Resource Center coordinates efforts aimed at    BYU’s National Middle East Language Resource         increase the number of schools offering critical
increasing and improving opportunities for      Center offers a summer Arabic-language camp          languages, nearly two hundred students are
learning the languages of the Middle East.      for high school students, as well as several         currently studying Arabic in Utah middle and
The center undertakes and supports projects     professional development opportunities for           high schools. They are an investment in a better
in areas such as teacher training, materials    prospective and current K–12 Arabic teachers.        tomorrow. Studying Arabic has already opened
development, testing and assessment,            The camp is held at Brigham Young University         doors for some of them to receive funding to
integration of pedagogy and technology, study   and grants students BYU credit for Arabic 101.       study in the Arab world. Last summer four Provo
abroad, and K–12 programs.                      In addition to academics, students experience        High students studied Arabic in Jerusalem, and
                                                various aspects of Arab culture in an appropriate    one Ephraim student from the 2007 BYU Arabic
                                                                                                     STARTALK camp studied in Jordan.
Utah Schools                                    blend of English and Arabic through films,
                                                games, cooking lessons, and visits to restaurants.
Offering Arabic                                 Most of the costs are covered through                A high school senior from Orem, Isaac Earl,
Salt Lake City School District                  scholarships offered to students accepted into       enrolled in the 2007 STARTALK camp and
   West High                                    the program.                                         continued his studies during the academic year
   East High                                    For more information, visit the web site at          with Arabic Without Walls (a distance learning
                                                            program). During summer 2008, Earl studied in
Alpine School District                                                                               Cairo with U.S. Department of State funding. As a
  Lone Peak High                                                                                     result of a lot of hard work and favorable learning
Provo School District
                                                National Security Language                           conditions, both here and abroad (including a
  Provo High                                    Initiative for Youth                                 great homestay experience), he returned with
                                                The U.S. Department of State through the             significant proficiency in Arabic and is funded
Nebo School District                            National Security Language Initiative for
  Salem Hills High                                                                                   to study in Jordan during summer 2009. Earl is
                                                Youth (NSLI for Youth) provides merit-based          scheduled to begin classes in BYU’s Middle East
Charter Schools                                 scholarships for eligible high school students       Studies/Arabic major at a fluency level usually
  Academy of Art, Science and Engineering,      to learn less-commonly-taught languages in           reached only by graduating college seniors.
     Cottonwood                                 summer, semester, and academic-year overseas
  Renaissance Academy, Lehi                     immersion programs.
  Walden Academy, Provo                         For more information, visit the web site at
  Merit Academy, Springville          

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