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									                    Tiered Assignment

 Objective: to study and compare/contrast the different
  types of governmental structures found in North America,
  Central America and the Caribbean.

 The class will read together Chapter 18 “Partners in the
  Hemisphere” in their Social Studies books. Students will be
  asked to keep a tree map classifying the different aspects
  of the governments of North America, Central America and
  the Caribbean (democracy, dictatorship, etc.).

 Groups will then be given one of the following four
  assignments based on their ability levels:

     1. Compare/contrast democracy and dictatorship using
        either a double bubble map or a Venn diagram. Use
        examples from a country with each type of government
        to support your answers.

     2. Pretend that you are setting up the government of
        your very own country. Would you choose a democracy
        or a dictatorship? Use a tree map to list the pros and
        cons of each form of government. Write a journal
        entry explaining your choice and why you chose it over
        the other option. Give at least five reasons to support
        your choice citing examples from countries we have
     3. Look up the definition of the word “monarchy.” How
        are a monarch, a dictator and a democratic president
        alike? How are they different? Organize your
        findings in an appropriate graphic organizer of your
        choice so that your data is neat and easy to read.
        Write a journal entry explaining which type of ruler
        you would choose to be and why. Give at least five
        reasons to support your choice.

     4. Define the word “oligarchy” and find examples of
        governments that were/are oligarchies.
        Compare/contrast oligarchy and democracy using an
        appropriate graphic organizer of your choice. Is the
        United States a democracy or an oligarchy? Pretend
        that two members of Congress are arguing this issue;
        create a debate using evidence from your research to
        support each side.

 Differentiation: This tiered assignment addresses the
  varied needs of learners of different skill levels in the
  classroom. Each group is learning about types of
  governmental structures and comparing/contrast using
  graphic organizers. Gifted learners are required to go
  beyond the curriculum and use abstract thought to
  challenge a concept they have readily accepted as true…the
  United States is a democracy. They must research and
  explore this new concept of oligarchy to determine its
  validity. A congressional debate is a real life product that
  will enable gifted learners to see both sides of an issue.

                              Kristin Wallbrown
                             Catawba Co. Schools
       Through CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. Course on Curriculum Differentiation, 2005.

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