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writers in contrast to revealing clothes New Testament by 3Az9KQ72


Dress and Demeanor
• “Well arranged”, orderly, becoming;
  “akin to kosmos, in its primary sense as
  ‘harmonious arrangement, adornment’”
  – Used by 1st century writers in contrast to
    revealing clothes
• New Testament:
  – Behavior, 1 Tim 3:2
  – Dress and demeanor, 1 Pet 3:3-4
“It is the character of the inner life
  that forms and is expressed in
  conversation, demeanor, and
  clothing preferences.”
                                     Jim Harmon
                        “Modesty: Virtue Ignored”
                (Contending for modesty in the church)

• The inner character of modesty:
  Holiness of mind, 1 Pet 1:13-16
  – The well-ordering is not of dress
    and demeanor only, but of the
    inner life, uttering indeed and
    expressing itself in the outward
    (Trench, Syn., Sec. xcii)

• Shamefastness (aidos):
 – A sense of shame, modesty (Vine);
   “bashfulness” (Thayer)
   • “That modesty which is ‘fast’ rooted
     in the character”
   • Used for opposite of promiscuous
   • The ability to blush (Jer 8:12)

    • Sobriety (sophrosune):
     – “Soundness of mind…judgment”
      • “It is that habitual inner self-government, with
        its constant rein on all the passions and desires,
        which would hinder the temptation to these
        from arising...” (Vine)
      • Free from the intoxicants
        of worldly values and lusts
        (1 Pet 4:2-4)

• Restrained conduct, not ostentatious
  (showy), 1 Tim 2:9
  – Clothing that is consistent with your
    profession of godliness, 1 Tim 2:10
   • “Modesty is an element of Christian character,
     and our dress should make the same
     ‘profession’ that we do.” (Jeff Pollard, Christian
    Modesty: The Public Undressing of America, 3)
   • Until the heart is modest, one’s demeanor
     and dress will not be modest!
• Elder is to be modest in behavior
 –His life is well-behaved, orderly,
  moderate and dignified (Titus 2:2)
  • In the home: Leader, 1 Tim 3:4-5
  • In the community: Blameless, 1 Tim 3:2
  • In the church: Steadfast and faithful,
    Heb 13:7

• Every Christian is to be modest in
  behavior, 1 Pet 2:11-12
 – Decently, not revelry and carousing,
   Rom 13:13 (1 Pet 4:3)
   • In the home (Col 3:18-21)
   • In the community (Col 4:5)
   • In the congregation (Eph 4:16)

    (1 Timothy 2:9)
    Apparel (katastole)
“A lowering, letting down”
  “a garment let down”
• God considers exposing the thigh to be
  nakedness, Exo 28:42-43
 – Even though the worldly do not! Rom 1:31
 – Priests wore trousers that covered both the
   waist and the thigh to cover their nakedness,
   Exo 11:4-5; 18:13-14
   • Shame of nakedness is seen when the thigh is
     exposed, Isa 47:2-3
   • Covering and clothing are different! Gen 3:7-10, 21
• Our clothing must be orderly – Arranged
  by shamefastness and sobriety
 – Some object, saying there is no “dress code”
   in the Bible. But…
  • Bible demands modest clothing (conceals
    rather than reveals), 1 Tim 2:9
  • Bible forbids nakedness (exposure of thigh,
    less than full compliment of clothing), Gen 3:21
  • Bible commands shamefastness and sobriety
    as proper, 1 Tim 2:9-10
• “Parents who are indifferent to their
  preteen’s or teen’s (boys and girls) desire
  to dress in many of today’s fashions are
  putting their children at risk for social and
  spiritual problems later.” (Jim Harmon)
• Do we have the sobriety to be
  wise about our modesty?
  Eph 5:17


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