Local Authority where you are based Exact detail of what you will be selling What foods will you be cooking for sampling by L5RNy4


									Additional Information required

Local Authority where you are based

Exact detail of what you will be selling

What foods will you be cooking for sampling?

Please provide a description of all activities that will
be carried out at your stand?

How will you be cleaning and disinfecting equipment used
during the show?

What documented food safety management system will you
have with you, and in use, at the show?

Have you read through, understood and signed the
enclosed Risk Assessment with your application form?

How are slips and trip hazards controlled?

Do you have an available first aid kit?

Is your electrical system safe, PAT tested and appropriate
for the conditions?

j) Will you be introducing fire hazards?
Please provide us with a description of your company and the products you will be selling at the show. We will use this
information to market your attendance at the show including on the website, in brochure and press releases:
Terms and Conditions
1.    Access to the site is available from 10:00-20:00 on Wednesday 4th November 2010 and from 08:00 on each of the
      race days for set up.
2.    All vehicles must be offsite by 09:30 on each of the.
3.    All electrical items used on site must have a valid PAT certificate and be clearly marked.
4.    Each Stand must produce for inspection and provide copies with their application form an up to date Health and
      Safety policy, Third party Insurance Policy, Certificate of Valid Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments and
      Method Statements associated with the Trade Stand and any activities taking place within.
5.    All vendors must comply with all legislation, including Health & Safety Executive regulations, Food Safety (General
      Food Hygiene) regulation 1995, Food Safety (Temperature Control) 1995. The contractor must be responsible for the
      provision of fire prevention equipment and a first aid kit.
6.    Staff must be suitably dressed in clean appropriate uniform or protective clothing and be aware of their responsibilities
      in the preparation and handling of foodstuffs.
7.    Although sampling is allowed products are to be sold strictly for consumption offsite.
8.    Each unit must be secured properly at the end of each day; Newmarket Racecourses accept no liability for
      equipment/stock left overnight.
9.    The caterer shall have no claim against the organiser for loss or damage to the Caterers’ fixtures and fittings or
      equipment caused by any person.
10.   The individual Trade Stand holder is responsibility for the safety of the unit and people in or around these at all times.
11.   All vehicles are to be parked in the public car park at the Rowley Mile Racecourse.
12.   No vehicle will be allowed onto the site until at least 17:30 and must be escorted by a security guard, with hazard
      lights flashing.
13.   All Stands must be kept clear of litter throughout the day and rubbish must be removed from the site at the end of
      each day.
14.   Signage or equipment must not encroach onto the pedestrian walkway in front of each unit and all branding must be
      inside individual’s trade stand.
15.   Camping or sleeping in cars on site is strictly prohibited
16.   No dogs are allowed on site at any time
17.   Failure to comply with any regulation will lead to removal from the site.

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