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					Improving Customer Loyalty: The Customer
Experience And Building Loyalty
SpeechTek West, San Francisco, CA February 2007
Human Voice

“A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even
if it’s a whisper.”
                      Barry Neil Kaufman, Best selling
                      author and speaker

2007 SpeechTek West
Human Voice

“There’s nothing more powerful in business to
 business than the human voice. You need to
 convey your enthusiasm about your offer to get
 people truly interested in responding to you. “

                      Mika Kaitila, Founder Boxpilot

2007 SpeechTek West
Business Challenges

 Businesses in many industries may lose up to 50%
  of their customers over a five year period.
 Studies have shown it’s 6 to 7 times more
  expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to
  retain a current customer.
 As little as a 5% increase in customer retention can
  increase profits by 25 to 95%.
 Yet many businesses are still focused only on
  customer acquisition and see customers from the
  fragmented view of individual transactions

2007 SpeechTek West
Critical Drivers

 Consumer technology adoption – today’s market is more competitive
  than ever and businesses whether B2B or B2C and today’s consumer is
  bombarded by messages daily – business have to reach their audiences
  on the fly and where the are. Chief Marketing Magazine states that in
  2007 businesses will have to adopt a 1:1 communications to be
 Mobile work and lifestyles – Forrester states that: contact is king; the
  response is the message; and consumers call the shots. With pdas and
  wireless networks people are more mobile than ever before
 Regulations and legislation – Spam rules and legislation are tighter
  than ever before and businesses are required to have their recipients opt
  in to receive even critical messages – Irgent’s profiling system allows the
  recipient opt in
 Cost efficiency – Irgent is easy to use, economical and extremely
  efficient because businesses need a simple way to reach out to their
 Marketing is shifting from a push to pull model and consumers are
  taking more control over what they view and how they view it. This shift in
  the marketing landscape means consumers are less likely to respond to
  mass media marketing strategies.

2007 SpeechTek West
Organizational challenges

 Organizations are seeking to simplify and easily
  engage their clients/employees.
 Organizations see the importance of having a
  secure and regulatory compliant message
  delivery solution.
 Organizations have a need to send and receive
  time-sensitive and mission critical information to
  a segment or group of constituents simultaneously
 Organizations need to increase the return on their
  investment by simplifying their communications
 They have a larger number of mobile and remote
  employees/clients than ever before.

2007 SpeechTek West
Meeting People where they are

   Level /          Critical
                                             Pain Points           communications
    Title       Business Issues
 Executive      • Sustained and          • Financial          • Improves perception of the
 CEO                steady top-line          pressures          company as being exciting
                    growth               •   Customers          and innovative with cutting-
                •   Consistent                                  edge technology
                                         •   Competition
                    execution of                              • Increases consumer
                                         •   Operational
                    strategy by top-                            satisfaction and overall
                    line management                             impression of the company
                                         •   Revenue growth
                •   Profit growth                             • Establishes the company as
                                         •   Partnerships       having low costs and high
                •   Product innovation
                •   Operational
                    efficiency                                • Saves time and resources

 Finance        • Healthcare costs       • Budget             • Lowers expenses on
 CFO            • Cash flow              • Collecting           communications
 Controller       management             • Reporting          • Reduces human resource
 Purchasing /   • Debit / equity                                costs
                                         • Billing
 Procurement      financing                                   • Provides reliable, real-time
                                         • Profits
 Accountants    • Staff recruiting and                          and robust tracking
                                         • Revenue growth
                                         • Expense control
                                         • ROI
2007 SpeechTek West
Meeting people where they are

   Level /
                     Business       Pain Points             Multi-modal communications
Sales and       • Managing &        • Brand             • Helps create and enhance brand
Marketing         maintaining the       identity            loyalty
Marketing VP      brand             •   Analytic        •   Provides message customization to
Mktg.           • Growth                tracking            increase response rates
                • Retention         •   Driving leads   •   Allows for flexible and adaptable
Mktg.                                                       delivery to best reach customers
                                    •   Company
                                        vision          •   Tracks and measures results
Marketing                                                   immediately
                                    •   Competition
                                    •   Budgeting       •   Eliminates the boundaries of
                                                            countries in the global marketing
Information     • Security and      • System            • Allows for personal interaction and
Technology          privacy             downtime            security management notices
CIO             •   Retaining IT    •   IT training     •   Provides more infrastructure than
MIS                 professionals   •   Funding             they can purchase
Personnel       •   IT & business   •   Strategic       •   Reduces HR & General
Analyst             alignment           alignment           Administrative costs and resources
Director        •   IT strategic    •   Regulation      •   Provides reliable, real-time and
Engineer            planning                                robust tracking
IT Consultant   •   Speed and                           •   Frees up critical resources to focus
                    agility                                 on strategic projects

2007 SpeechTek West
Stages of a Relationship

 Stage                Approach                    Customer response
                      Loud, courteous, smart,     Demonstrate interest
 Attention            funny, “give away”
  (Awareness)         money or prizes?

                      Asking for a “first date”   Engages, share basic
 Permission           Listening: Laying the       information
 (Consideration)      foundation for a service

                      Recognize. Offer            Reads emails, visits
 Involvement          incentives. Informing,      Web-site. Answers more
  (Purchase)          educating, entertaining     questions. Makes
                      and promotional             purchase(s)
                      contact? Make
                      suggestions. Ask more

 Loyalty              Recognize and reward.       True commitment.
                      Provide extra benefits.     Dependable, predictable,
                      Single out for special      valuable.
                      treatment.                  Repeat purchase
2007 SpeechTek West
                                 Engaged customer model
The telephone as part of an integrated strategy

   Traditional Telephone Method:
            Traditional telemarketing
            Voice Mail
   Mobile Phones
            Voice mail

    2007 SpeechTek West
    Voice application benefits

Reach your constituents with a human voice
personalizing the message
TTS – text to speech
Hot key transfer
Data capture
Voice coupons
Use a thought leader to reach your audience

     2007 SpeechTek West
    Creating a path to the customer

How do your customers want to receive
Do you define how you communicate with them
or do they?
Can you deliver messages across many
Do you know the mode of communication that
your constituents value the most day?

    2007 SpeechTek West

Today’s market demands and constituents
demand traditional modes of communication,
however not all modes fit every recipient.

To create loyalty it’s critical to understand how
your constituents prefer to receive messages
from you.

Mobile lifestyles = mobile messaging

     2007 SpeechTek West
Question and answer

2007 SpeechTek West

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