Chapter 12 and 13 Vocabulary puzzle by L5RNy4


									Chapter 12 and 13 Vocabulary
7. this prefix means water
8. these are three layers from which various organs and tissues arise
10. this type of body cavity in certain lower invertebrates that function in both digestion and circulation
12. this prefix means one, single
14. a fibrous, collagenous material forming the skeletal network of sponges
16. these are skeletal bodies found in sponges
18. this prefix means not
20. having both male and female gonads in the same organism
21. this type of symmetry is found in starfish or jellyfish
22. canals which run along the arms of a starfish and radiate out
23. this is embryonic connective tissue
25. a modified cell that holds a nematocyst
26. a singing organelle of cnidarians
27. the part of the digestive system between the mouth and esophagus
28. these are long, solid pieces of tissue that help animals eat
29. this prefix means brain, nervous system
30. an individual of Cnidarians that are adapted for attachment to aboral end, they form colonies
31. this is a mass of water fluid or plastic enclosed within a muscular wall

1. this is a form of asexual reproduction in which offspring arises as an outgrowth of the parent
2. this prefix means many
3. these surround the mouth of a jellyfish
4. the presence of more than one structural type of individual within a species
5. a jellyfish or free-swimming stage in the life cycle of cnidarians
6. your teacher's last name
9. this type of symmetry is found in comb jelly fish
11. the study of animals
13. the excurrent opening in a sponge
15. this is a term used to refer to nervous cells combined with the contractile fibers of the muscular
17. this type of animal has radial symmetry
19. this type of cell lies in the epidermal layer and relays messages between sensory cells
24. this type of animal has biradial symmetry

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