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									                                   Fact Sheet

Partners In Education was founded in 1983 by the Junior League of Greater Fort
Lauderdale, Inc., in partnership with Broward County Public Schools and the
Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

In 1999, the program came a support organization of Broward County Public
Schools under the umbrella of the Community Involvement Department.
Partners In Education continues as a non-profit organization with a community
Board of Directors.

Partners In Education has more than 2,500 active partnerships in public schools.
With 72% of schools reporting, the value of partnerships for the 2008-2009
school year exceeded $4.29 million. During this period, more than 4,251
volunteers donated 100,132 hours of time to increase student achievement.

Schools may have multiple partners. In fact, schools are encouraged to form
partnerships with businesses and organizations for mutual benefit.

While partnerships must comply with all School Board policies as well as state
and federal laws, individual schools may select and create partnerships that
serve the needs of their students.

Investment of time and people is most important to successful partnerships.
Material and financial support is important; however, interpersonal relationships
are key to providing a meaningful experience for students.

Businesses or community organizations interested in forming a partnership with a
school may contact the principal of the school directly. For a complete listing of
Broward County Public Schools and contact information, please see the District
web site, www.browardschools.com.

Additional information regarding Partners In Education is available at
www.browardpartners.com. The Partners In Education Handbook can be printed
from the web site. The handbook is a complete guide to establishing, sustaining
and evaluating partnerships.

For information on Partners In Education, please contact Nina Randall, APR,
executive director, at 754-321-1974 or nrandall@browardschools.com

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