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GSEU_On-line Benefits Orientation


									Graduate/Teaching Assistant
    Benefit Orientation

 2012-2013 Academic Year
Office of Human Resources

         UAB 300
Orientation Summary

 Paychecks
 Union Dues
 Attendance Reporting/Sick Leave
 Employee Assistance Program
 Flex Spending Account
 Retirement
 Tax Deferred Savings Plans
 Health Benefits

 Paid biweekly on Wednesday
 Checks and/or Direct Deposit Advice
  delivered to department
 Review check stub for home address,
  deductions, taxes, year-to-date totals,
Lag Payroll

 Payroll period starts on Thursday, ends
  two weeks later on Wednesday
 Paychecks arrive two weeks after the end
  of a payroll period
 Lag payroll means you have a check
  coming after you leave payroll
 It is critical that you notify HR of address
When Do I Get Paid?

 All GA/TA appointments begin on
  August 16th, 2012
 End of payroll period is August 29th,
 First check arrives two weeks later on
  September 12th, 2012
When Does My
Appointment End?
 Fall semester appointments end on
  January 3, 2013
   Last check issued on January 16th 2013
 Academic year appointments end on
  May 23, 2013
   Last check issued June 5th 2013
Union information for
 Graduate Student Employee Union (GSEU)
 Membership is not required – A deduction
  equaling 2% of your base salary will occur if you
  join GSEU in the form of Union Dues. If you
  choose not to join GSEU the same amount will
  be deducted from your check in the form of
  Agency Fees.
 Only GSEU members are able to vote in
  elections and on contracts.
 GSEU contact information:
    1-607-762-1104 (Education Division Headquarters for GSEU)
    Albany contact – Arindam Mandal
             or (518)364-6479
Attendance Reporting

 Attendance Report sent to department
  each semester
 Must certify presence and record any
  absences each semester
Sick Leave

 Eligible after one semester of service
 Up to 5 days per year (July 1-June 30)
  with approval
 Sick leave may be granted in units of ¼
  day or greater
 May be used for illness or death in family
Employee Assistance
 On-Campus confidential assessment and
  referral services for personal and work-
  related issues
 Self-enhancement/wellness programs
 Lending Library - Books, videos, tapes, DVDs
 Watch for newsletters announcing upcoming
 EAP contact information:
   (518) 442-5483
Flex Spending Account

 Dependent Care Advantage Account
 Contribute up to $5,000 in pre-tax dollars
 Day care expenses
   children under 13
   disabled children of any age
   dependent adults living in your home
 Carefully estimate expenses - use it or
  lose it
Flex Spending Account

 Information and enrollment kit is on the
  Flex Spending Account web site
 Enroll within 60 days of appointment or
  during annual enrollment period (dates to
  be announced)
 To enroll or obtain additional information:
   or
Employees’ Retirement
System (ERS)
 Defined Benefit Plan that provides a guaranteed
  benefit at retirement, based on Final Average
  Salary and years of service
 Mandatory enrollment for full-time permanent staff
    Date of membership is date of appointment
 Optional enrollment for all others (temp, part-time)
    Date of membership is the date application is
     received by ERS. (Please allow 5 days for
     processing after the application is submitted to
Employees’ Retirement
System (ERS)
 Employees with ERS membership dates on or
  after 4/1/12 are in Tier 6**
 Through 3/31/13 Tier 6 members contribute 3%
  of salary on a pre-tax basis. Beginning on 4/1/13
  contributions are based on salary;
      $45,000 or less – 3%
      $45.001-$55,000 – 3.5%
      $55,001-$75,000 – 4.5%
      $75,000-$100,000 – 5.75%
      $100,000 or more – 6%
 **New employees who were previously members of the
     Retirement System may be in different tiers.
Employees’ Retirement
System (ERS)
 Vested after 10 years of full-time service
 Can withdraw membership if leaving public
  service with less than ten years of ERS service
 May receive credit for military service or for
  state service rendered prior to joining ERS
 The ERS Fact sheet provided to you during
  this orientation includes more detailed
  information about ERS.
        Office of the State Comptroller
Voluntary Pre-Tax Savings
 This program enables employees to save additional
  money for retirement
 Participation is optional
 Deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis* lowering
  state and federal taxes
 Two plan options (you may elect both options):
   403(b)
   457(b) -Traditional (pre-tax) or
              -*Roth IRA (post tax)
 You may elect or cancel your participation or
  change your contribution amounts throughout the
  year – 30 days notice is suggested
Voluntary Pre-Tax Savings
 403(b)
   Investment provider options-Fidelity, ING, MetLife,
   Contact investment providers directly in order to
   You must complete and submit a Salary Reduction
    Agreement (SRA) to HR in order to participate
 NYS Deferred Compensation Plan (NYSDCP) –
   Contact The NYSDCP directly to obtain enrollment
    materials or to obtain additional information
  ; 800-422-8463
Voluntary Pre-Tax Savings
 IRS annual deferral limits:
    $17,000 for 2012
    You may contribute the maximum amounts to
     both the 403(b) and 457(b) during the same
 Accessing funds (contributions)
    403(b) Plans: Must be separated from service or
     if still working, must be age 59-1/2 or older
    NYSDCP: Must be separated from service
 For more information, contact Employee Benefits
  at 437-4729, or review the information available on
  the HR website,
NYSHIP Student Employee
Health Plan (SEHP)
 NYS Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP)
  administered by NYS Department of Civil Service
 Campus Administrator: Office of Human
  Resources Management
    UAB 300 or 437-4727
 To be eligible to enroll in SEHP you must have at
  least half an assistantship with a stipend of at
  least $4,122 (annually), $2,061 (per semester)
 Your benefit information and paperwork will be
  sent to your department as soon as we receive
  appointment forms
SEHP Effective Dates for
New Enrollments
 If you apply…
    Prior to or on date of appointment:
     coverage begins on date of appointment
    After date of appointment but before deadline:
     coverage begins on date application is received in Human
    After deadline:
     coverage begins 30 days after date application is received
     in Human Resources
    For F-1 and J-1 International Students – Coverage
     will be effective on the day of appointment regardless of
     application date – Retroactive premiums may be owed if
     application is not received in a timely manner
SEHP Coverage

 Individual, Family or Domestic Partner
  coverage options
 Eligible Dependents
   Spouse or Domestic Partner (additional paperwork
    required for domestic partner; contact HR for
   Children (natural, adopted, stepchildren)
   Other Children (statement of dependence required)
   Children covered to age 26
Enrollment Instructions
 Prior to enrolling:
    Review NYSHIP SEHP Benefit Summary
    Read Pre-Tax Contribution Program Fact Sheet
 To Enroll:
    Complete and sign Health Insurance Transaction
     Form (PS404G)
    Return form and required proofs to HR, UAB 300,
     on or before September 28th 2012
  How to Enroll

          Provide the following proofs:
 Copies of Social Security Cards and Birth
  Certificates for enrollee and all dependents
 To enroll a spouse – a copy of your marriage
  certificate; For marriages occurring over 1 year
  ago, proof of joint ownership/financial obligation is
  also required (copy of prior year tax return, current
  bank /mortgage statement or homeowners’ policy)
 Additional documentation is required for domestic
  partnerships, disabled dependents over the age of
  26 and “other” children.
SEHP – Information for
International Students

 F-1 and J-1 International Students:
   You are required to enroll in SEHP (not the
    International Students & Scholars
    Insurance Plan)
   We will notify Student Accounts and
    International Education of your eligibility
    as soon as we receive your appointment
    form from your department; the
    International Insurance fee will be removed
    from your bill

 F-1and J-1 International Students:
   You are still required to pay the medical
    evacuation/repatriation fee
   You may request a refund of the
    International Insurance fee if already paid
   You are also eligible for a contribution of up
    to 75% toward the additional cost of
    dependent coverage
   Coverage is effective on date of appointment
    regardless of date of application –
    Retroactive premiums may be owed

 Domestic Student/Permanent Resident
   Enrollment in SEHP is optional
   Enrollment in student accident/sickness plan
    is also an option (no employer contribution
    toward this plan)
   May request cancellation and refund from
    Student Accounts if you already purchased
    optional student insurance and prefer to
    enroll in SEHP (cancellation deadline applies;
    contact University Health Center)
SEHP Summer Enrollment

 Coverage continues over the summer if you
  are expected to return to an eligible
  appointment in the fall

 Verification from department is required

 HR will contact enrollees with details- Read
  information carefully and pay close attention
  to deadlines

 Extra deductions are taken from the last 3
  checks in spring
SEHP Re-enrollment

 You must re-enroll if…
   You were enrolled with Research Foundation
    and funding was changed to State
   Your coverage with SUNY SEHP lapsed over
    the summer
   You currently have SEHP coverage under
    COBRA and need to change back to active
SEHP Ending Dates

 Fall semester appointments:
   Last day of coverage is January 30th, 2013

 Academic year or spring semester
   Last day of coverage is June 19th, 2013
SEHP Insurance Premiums

 Biweekly Cost
    $7.95 individual; $55.52 family- (2012 rates)
    Rates change every January
 Premiums paid “up front”
    Example: deduction from check dated September
     12th 2012 pays for coverage from September 13th,
     2012 through September 26th , 2012
    Arrears taken, if necessary, for coverage prior to
     first deduction
    7-day rule: if you have coverage for 7 days of a
     payroll period, you owe a premium
Health Insurance - Pre-Tax
Contribution Program

 Pre-Tax Contribution Program
   SEHP premiums are paid before taxes are
   Cannot cancel or lower level of coverage
    arbitrarily (without a qualifying event)
   Tax change period in November
     • can change between pre- and post-tax
     • can cancel or lower level of coverage without a
       qualifying event
     • change is effective beginning of next calendar
University Health Center

 University Health Center is NOT a
  participating provider in SEHP

 Two ways to receive medical care
   as a student (through the Health Center)
   as an employee (through SEHP)
 Dental and Vision Benefits

 For dental and vision benefits information,
  visit link below.
Insurance ID Cards

 ID Card(s) mailed to home address
   one health insurance card for each family
   separate from dental ID card

 Keep HR informed of address changes

 For questions regarding the Student Employee
  Health Plan (SEHP)
   Jennifer Ali - 437-4727 or

 For questions regarding the Employees’
  Retirement System (ERS) or Voluntary Pre-Tax
  Savings Plan
   Merissa Mabee – 437-4729 or

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