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									 Shaw/AP Hamlet

                                       The Hamlet Anthology Project

 Your goal: to read, consider, analyze, and anthologize poetry in the spirit of Hamlet…the poem unlimited…

 Vocab Moment - Anthology: a collection of literary passages or works, especially poems, by various authors 2. any printed
 collection of literary pieces, songs, works of art, etc.

 Step One - As a Group:

     1.       Select a theme. Consider the scope and dimension of that theme in Hamlet and in life. Possible Themes: Life After
             Death, Suicide, Revenge/Hatred, Madness, Grief, Fathers and Sons, Women’s Choices, Philosophy of Life
     2.      Search for poems that address the theme. Don’t worry at first about finding poems that you think relate directly to
             Hamlet; instead consider how the poem illuminates your theme in interesting ways. You should enjoy the poem and
             be interested in what it has to say.

Where to find worthy poems:

             The yellow text book in the classroom – lots of good poems here and I have made a list of the poems I think
              have relevance to the Hamlet themes.
             The American Academy of Poets (www.poets.org) – you can search by theme!
             The Poetry Foundation (www.poetryfoundation.org) – try the category search
             My website – I am posting a selection of great poems for your perusal

Note: Do not use poems that you have found on-line except for on the sites listed above. Trust me on this.

     3.      When you’ve collected enough poems to sift through, each of you should choose three. These poems will be your
             individual contribution to the anthology.

 Step Two- On Your Own

 This is the individual part of the project. Spend some time reading and annotating your poems. Think about their relevance to
 the theme and Hamlet. For each of your three poems:

            Find a quote from Hamlet that will serve as an epigraph for your poem.

 Vocab Moment – Epigraph: a quotation at the beginning of a book, chapter, etc., suggesting its theme

            Write a brief response to the poem. See the response assignment page for specifics.

 Step Three – As a Group

 Now you’ll put your anthology together. All anthologies should have the following components:

            A cover page – be creative here.
            A powerful/clever two part title – the first part refers to the theme (you can allude to Shakespeare or one of your
             poems here) and the second part tells what is contained in the anthology. Examples: 1. Lunatics and Lovers:
             Poems and Commentary on love, madness, and Hamlet 2. The Undiscovered Country: Death in Hamlet and other
            Names of all the group members
         An illustration that represents your theme. More illustrations throughout the anthology are fine, but make sure they
          are relevant and enrich the whole.
         A table of contents
         A foreword – composed by the group that explains your theme and its relationship to Hamlet, as well as a brief
          introduction to the poems in your anthology. Your foreword should be no longer than one page (300 words).
         A list of recommended reading, listening, and viewing on your theme. You can include books, songs, films, and plays
          on this list. Include a sentence or two for each one that explains the recommendation.

Your anthology should have a polished, intentional look. This means that format should be consistent throughout the
anthology. Consider how you will format the poems, the responses, and other contents and agree on things like font, layout,

Suggested Timeline:

29                                        1                                        2

Allusion Fest                             The Hamlet Anthology Project             Hamlet Act V
                                                                                   The Big Finale
In Class Essay Peer Evaluation            Hamlet Act V
                                          The Big Finale
Act IV - What Lies Beneath…

6                                         8                                        9
Allusion Fest                             Hamlet Celebration of Learning           Work Day
                                          Acts III, IV, V
The Hamlet Anthology Project                                                       After School Screening: Hamlet
                                          Work Day                                 with David Tennant and Patrick
Work Day                                                                           Stewart
13                                        15                                       16
Allusion Fest
                                          Shakespeare Behind Bars                  Anthology Project Due
The Hamlet Anthology Project
                                          Work Day                                 I Am Hamlet Day
Work Day

Grading: You’ll receive two grades on this project

     1.   Group Grade (30 points) – this grade reflects the overall quality, effort, and creativity reflected in your anthology as a
          whole. Everyone gets the same grade, but you can choose to donate points to an MVP who deserves more than an
          equal share of the love.

     2.   Individual Grade (30 points) – I will choose one response by each member of the group and grade it based on three
          criteria a.) the thoughtful, appropriate choice of poem and epigraph b.) the quality of the anaylsis in your response
          c.) the quality of the writing itself.

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