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               TOP 10 GIF TS FOR HER

                                                                                             MAKE THIS YEAR A SPECIAL ONE
                                                                                             WITH A GIFT THAT WILL SAY YOU

    Buying a gift for that special woman made easy
    The holidays are getting closer and           would also be happier if they would get    This brochure are all you need in order
    closer with each day and certainly many       something you know they love very          to make sure that you will never offer
    of us are thinking about what we will         much.                                      your girlfriend something that she will
    buy for the ones we love so much in                                                      pretend to like, when in reality, she will
                                                  Maybe you were never the idea guy or
    our lives.                                                                               not even use. Armed with plenty of
                                                  you just lack some great ones for the
                                                                                             ideas you will definitely be able to bring
    Having a girlfriend will certainly require    moment and if that's the case, well, you
                                                                                             the smile upon the face of your
    that you are very careful about what          don't need to worry, because you will
                                                                                             girlfriend this Christmas, so start
    you will buy her this year, because we        find a holiday Christmas gifts brochure
                                                                                             shopping as soon as possible for her gift
    all know that even if she'll say it doesn't   to be all you need.
                                                                                             this year!
    really matter what she gets as long as
    she has you, we all know that they
10k Gold 3-stone Diamond Heart Pendant with 18"
Chain (1/10 Cttw; I-J Color)
It can be quite hard to choose the right    The overall size of the pendant, not
jewelry for your special someone, but,      counting the 18 inch chain, is around 15
in general, you cannot go wrong with        mm - just over an inch. It is about the
                                                                                         10 K G O LD
gold and diamonds.                          size of a man’s thumb, give or take.
There are exceptions, but few and far in    That means that it is small enough to
between.                                    be subtle, tasteful and classy, but large
                                            enough to still draw attention to the
Anyway, a suitable gift for all occasions
                                            wearer's delicate neck.
is this 10k white gold heart-shaped
pendant by Netaya, which comes with a       The chain is quite sturdy, in spite of the
beautiful and delicate 18 inch chain.       first impression it gives off, which is one
                                            of frailness.
It is also adorned with 3 diamonds,
which total 0.10 carats.                    Main Advantages
                                                                                         15.18 MILL IMETERS
Main Features and Specifications             Stylish, discreet accessory.

The most important features have            The diamonds’ dimensions and shape
already been pointed out, the ones          are perfect for this pendant.
referring to the pendant’s composition      They stand out easily, without being too
and adorning gem stones.                    glamorous (too much glamour many
The diamonds are round shaped and           times denotes only lack of taste).
relatively small, and they posses that      Overall, it is great value for money.
specific eye catching shine.
                                            Now, let’s see what the negative points
                                            of this item are.

THE OVERALL SIZE OF THE                                                                  S ITS BEAUTIF UL LY

                                                                                               1” HIG H

                                                                                         L OV E LY G I F T B OX
Main Advantages
Stylish, discreet accessory.

The diamonds’ dimensions and shape are perfect for this pendant. They stand out easily, without
being too glamorous (too much glamour many times denotes only lack of taste).
Overall, it is great value for money.
Now, let’s see what the negative points of this item are.

Main Drawbacks

The chain. While being sturdier than it first appears, it can still break if not handled properly.

What Are People Saying About It?

The general opinion of those who bought this item is generally very favorable. The materials are
considered as being high quality, even if the price doesn’t automatically lead one to think that.
The simplicity of the design is likewise appreciated, because it gives an air of elegance and
impeccable taste. Overall, most of the buyers are more than happy with the purchase.

In a Nutshell...
The bottom line is that if you want to show your appreciation for the special lady in your life, a
friend or family member with the help of jewelry, while not having to sacrifice a kidney for it, this
pendant is an excellent choice. The lucky person receiving the gift will surely love it

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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Spa
Bath and Body Set
Gift baskets have been around for some     hand soap, body gel, body butter and
time and they have been judged to be       scrub. Other great gifts you can find in
quite a thoughtful gesture to offer        the basket are the sisal and body
                                                                                        OT HE R S E TS
someone.                                   scrubber, plus a cotton spa towel.
                                           Enjoying a good time while in the
Most of the times, they are offered to
                                           bathtub can be checked off the list
women, but men are no strangers to
                                           now. But what about the extras?
them either.
                                           We have already mentioned the
The Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets
                                           caramels, which, by the way, are vanilla
Essence of Luxury Spa Set is targeted at
                                           flavored, and, in addition to them, we
the female population, and, as the name
                                           have butter cookies and a café latte
suggests, its aim is to offer a relaxing
and pleasant time while simulating a spa
experience in your own home.               And, of course, there is the beautiful      VICTORIAN LAC E TEA,
                                           basket, which can be used in whatever
Main Features
                                           way you want after emptying of its
The basket is equipped with everything     contents.
needed for a great spa experience.
Beyond the cosmetics products, the set
also includes a few extras, like           Great and large selection of products,
caramels. On the cleansing part, we        all in one basket.
have a quite a few items, all vanilla      The gift is handmade, which is
scented: bath and body gel, bath salts,    something neat in a world where
                                           almost everything comes from a
                                           converter belt.
VARIUS NATOQUE TURPIS                                                                      GREEN TEA ZEN
ELEMENTUM EST. DUIS                        Nice decorations and beautifully crafted
LACUS AMET ARCU ET.                        Pleasant, yet not overwhelming aromas.

                                                                                      YOU'RE SPECIAL GIFT BOX

                                                                                      L AV E N D E R R E N E WA L S PA
There's only one disadvantage, and that is that the basket has to be handled with care, as it seems
to be a little fragile.

What Are People Saying?
This gift basket is generally highly appreciated by buyers.
Considering its price range, the products' quality is extremely good, and few have had anything bad
to say in this regard.
The style of the entire assembly was also highly appreciated.
On the negative side, there isn’t much to say, with the exception of a few voices who wanted the
basket to be cheaper.

On a 5 star scale, this item has received a little over 4. It scores good marks with almost
everybody, but it’s that "almost" that stops it from reaching a perfect 5 stars rating.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a product out there that satisfies 100 percent of its buyers.

                                                   This makes a perfect gift for anyone this
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Anne Klein Women's 109416RGWT Swarovski Crystal
Accented Rose Gold Tone White Ceramic Watch
If you are going to keep track of time     The bracelet is adjustable, making sure
passing by, you might as well do it with   a wide range of wrist sizes are
style. And checking what hour it is on     accommodated.
                                                                                       A N N E K L E IN
your smartphone doesn’t fall in the        Furthermore, the watch is waterproof
stylish category.                          and is able to function properly in
A classy watch is still the definition of   depths of up to 99 feet, or 30 meters.
style and statute, and Anne Klein          The case back is made from stainless
Women's Swarovski Crystal Rose gold        steel. The case has a rich rose-gold
Tone White Ceramic Watch is a perfect      tone, just like the hour hands.
example in this regard. The watch has
both style and a name to back it up, and
to top it off, the price is within         Very beautiful contrast between the
reasonable limits too.                     white areas and the rose-gold nuances.
                                                                                        WATER RESISTANT
Main Features                              Adjustable bracelet.
Featuring a wide spread of Japanese        Classy blend of luxury and simplicity,
quartz, Swarovski crystals and ceramic     managing to appeal to more than one
material, this watch has a particular      public category.
look about it that just catches the eye.   The relatively low price and high quality
The quartz is used in the fine              makes it successfully compete with the
mechanisms, while the ceramics are
used in the links, providing durability
and comfort at the same time.              FEATURING A WIDE SPREAD
Naturally, the Swarovski crystals are
                                           OF JAPANESE QUARTZ,
placed somewhere visible, like the                                                      JAPAN ESE-QUART Z
                                           SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS AND
enamel bezel inlaid and the white
                                           CERAMIC MATERIAL
mother-of-pearl dial, where 12 pieces
adorn them.

                                                                                         24 MIL LIMETERS

                                                                                        MOTHER OF PEARL

    •   The$bracelet$is$a$li-le$fragile,$which$is$not$good$if$you$are$the$type$who$always$adjusts$it$

    •   The$rose:gold$color$might$lose$its$shine$in$<me,$if$not$proper$maintained.






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                                                    your life this christmas for more reviews
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Bamboo Terry Cloth Robe - Terry Bath Spa Robe in
Natural White - An Eco Friendly Gift of Luxury
While not something that usually           overdoing it with weight; it is light
comes to mind when thinking about          enough to not make you be
making a gift to someone, a bathrobe is    uncomfortably aware of the robe.
                                                                                     T E R RY C L OT H
actually an excellent option to choose.    Again, that is thanks to the balance of
It is an item that sees regular use and,   bamboo and cotton.
for that reason, it has to be as
comfortable as possible, or else that      The robe is available in natural white,
                                           and the manufacturer claims that no
wonderful feeling you get after a bath
will be lost.                              dyes or other chemical substances
                                           were used to achieve that effect.
That is even more important for
                                           Also note that this item can be machine
women, so a good robe is necessary.
One such candidate is the Bamboo           washed with little worries.
Terry Cloth Robe.                          Advantages
                                                                                         F E E L S FA N TA S T I C
Main Features of the Product               Great feel and comfort, as well as
This robe is made from cotton (30          utility.
percent) and a bamboo-derived viscose      Lightweight, yet resistant.
fabric (70 percent).
                                           The interesting mix of bamboo and
You already know about cotton and its      cotton gives a feeling of novelty.
properties, but the real star is the
bamboo fabric. Thanks to it, the robe
has a high absorbent degree and is
extremely comfortable to wear. It is       MADE FROM COTTON (30
gentle on the skin, and that is why        PERCENT) AND A BAMBOO-
                                                                                     L O N G L A S T I N G FA B R I C
those who suffer from a sensitive skin     DERIVED VISCOSE FABRIC
will find in this robe a good friend.       (70 PERCENT).
The mixture of materials also adds
extra durability and strength, while not

                                                                                      ELEGANT AND WARM








                                                 Great stoking filler for a loved one this
                                                 christmas for more reviews and prices

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Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic
Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker
This handy and useful fully automatic        It has a 3-year warranty;
kitchen device, from top producer            Large ingredient spout, through which
Cuisinart, is the perfect choice for         you can easily put the ingredients in or    CUISINART
anyone who wants to enjoy fresh,             add ingredients while the machine is
homemade frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice        turned on;
cream, with a touch of a button and
without wasting too much time on             Heavy-duty, powerful motor and rubber
                                             feet to keep the machine still while
preparing such deliciously cool or
frozen desserts.                             running;

Moreover, you have the right to              High quality freezer bowl to place the
                                             ingredients in; its double insulated wall
overindulge – you can make not one,
but two quarts of your favorite cold         contains a cooling liquid, so as to
desserts at a time and the entire            maintain an even freezing temperature;
                                                                                           EASY-LOCK LID
process takes up to 25 minutes.              Removable mixing arm within the
In addition, this appliance looks great in   freezer bowl for evenly mixed
your kitchen, thanks to the innovative       ingredients, easy-lock transparent lid
and stylish design.                          and cord storage port underneath the
                                             power unit, so you can neatly place the
Practically anyone can use it and it is      unused part of the cord into the base
also easy to clean it up afterwards.         of this machine.

Main Features
The main features of the Cuisinart           HEAVY-DUTY, POWERFUL
ICE-30BC Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet and           MOTOR AND RUBBER FEET                       PURE INDULGENCE
Ice Cream Maker include:                     TO KEEP THE MACHINE
                                             STILL WHILE RUNNING
Manufactured from brushed stainless-

                                                                                          DISHWASHER S AFE

                                                                                         S WITCH ON & ENJOY












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                                                                  reviews and discounts
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BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep
Cleaner, 1400-7
No matter how old you get, you still            the most hardest of stains will be
spill things over, things that leave a stain.   history.
If it is not you, then the kids did it, or      The liquid formulas are special in that          BISSELL
the pets. In any case, you have to clean        they don’t contain any heavy metals,
the mess up, and this is when Bissel            dyes, phosphates, or optical brighteners
gives you a hand with its Little Green          whatsoever.
Cleaner.                                        Due to its reduced size, it can be easily
A small device, equipped to face a wide         stored anywhere you want, but the 15
range of stain sizes, the Little Green          feet long power cord will be sure to
gets its name from the fact that it             allow quick access to all areas in the
consumes small amounts of power and             house or car.
is made from PVC-free materials                 As already mentioned, there are a lot of
mostly.                                                                                        CL EANS STAIRS
                                                environmentally friendly materials that
                                                go into the cleaner.
Main Features                                   The manufacturer also makes use of
                                                post-consumer recycled plastics, thus
                                                sending a message out to those who
Although the power source is a petite           are willing to hear.
2-3/4 amp motor, the suction power is
anything but petite. Combined with its
ability to work on any type of surface,
mainly carpets, you get a little wonder.        HIGH LEVEL OF
For those tough stains, a special brush         VERSATILITY - IT CAN BE
is included. In every case, it works by         USED ON ALMOST ALL                             VERY PORTABL E
sucking out the spills before they have         TYPES OF FABRIC.
the change to set in; with the help of
special Bissel cleaning solutions, even

                                                                                            G R E AT F O R T H E C A R

                                                                                             THOMAS (6YEARS)






                                                   Great all round cleaner perfect gift for
                                                  someone this xmas for more reviews and
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iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

The Roomba 560 vacuuming robot is           edges, thanks to the stunning
an excellent household appliance which      combination of spinning side brushes
thoroughly cleans up your entire home       with top speed counter-rotating
                                                                                            IROB OT 560
with a touch of a button.                   brushes, for the best cleaning coverage;
The innovative iRobot is a top quality,     Advanced power system which
convenient and highly efficient piece of     contains a long-lasting power source,
technology, providing much needed help      making it possible for the unit to run
in order to maintain your home tidy at      continuously for 120 minutes;
all times, and it also saves you valuable   Quick charging battery, three-hour
time.                                       charger and two Auto Virtual Walls
This vacuuming robot can easily turn        included;
the cleaning experience, otherwise          The robot also comes in two colors,
boring and time consuming, to a whole                                                     EAS Y- TO - EMPTY B AG - L ESS
                                            black and silver;
other level, into a pleasant and fun one.
                                            Intelligent vacuuming robot, as its head
This is the newest model from top           identifies and makes the proper
manufacturer Roomba and deploys             transition from tile and wood to
improved cleaning coverage, vacuum          carpet; this way, if it senses for instance
pickup and filtration system.                carpet fringes, it switches the direction
                                            of its brushes to avoid them, thanks to
                                            its anti-tangle technology;
The Main Features of iRobot 560

                                            A large dust bin without bag to deposit
Top quality, high-performance unit –
                                            the debris, which is very easy to empty;            ANTI- TANG L E
this revolutionary appliance picks up
                                            when it is done cleaning, it self docks
large amounts of dust, dirt and debris
                                            automatically, thanks to its lighthouse
(pet hair, cat litter, food bits) from
floors, corners and even along the wall

                                                                                          TO U C H B U M P E R S YS T E M

                                                                                           SEL F - CHARG ING HO ME






                                                   Great all round cleaner perfect gift for
                                                  someone this xmas for more reviews and
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire - For Busy and Active People

If you are looking for an exquisite, high-   The Main Advantages of Kindle
quality gadget, Kindle Fire proves the       Fire
smartest choice you could ever make.         You can easily watch over 100,000              THE FIRE
This ultra-performance and lightweight       movies and television shows, which you
wireless device truly makes a difference     can stream, download, buy or rent; you
in people’s busy and active lives.           can read over 2 million books free of
                                             charge and over 1 million books for
This top product is excellent as a
                                             unbelievably low prices, including comic
reader and video game player, and
                                             books and children’s books, or
perfect for music streaming, web
                                             magazines with interactive features; you
browsing and emailing.
                                             can play your favorite games and enjoy
The Main Features of Kindle Fire             the latest applications; you can listen to
Include:                                     over 20 million songs by streaming or
                                                                                          STUNNING CO L O R
Fast built-in wi-fi connectivity, rich and    downloading them; you can read or
amazing colors, and 7” multi-touch           send documents and use the e-mail;
durable Gorilla Glass display                The Whisper sync technology from
Extra fast, cloud-accelerated, innovative    Amazon, which also extends to video
web browser (Amazon Silk) and free           and automatically allows you to sync
cloud storage for all Amazon digital         your library, notes and bookmark, and
content;                                     remembers your last location in a
Access to all your favorite content -
over 20 million movies, applications,        Free month to try the Amazon Prime
games, tunes, e-books, magazines,            deal for unlimited free streaming of
documents and TV shows;                      movies and television shows;                 APPS AND GAMES
Simple, convenient and easy to use           It takes about 5 seconds to download a
interface, fast dual-core processor for      very large book.
ultra performance and parental control

                                                                                          L E N D I N G L I B R A RY

                                                                                          FAST DUAL - CO RE









                                                       This has to be a book lovers dream I would
                                                         be lost without mine, for more reviews
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Panasonic 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle
Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD
If you like to shoot people, with a         Engine VI, an innovative image
camera that is, this high quality digital   processor based on Intelligent
camera from top manufacturer                Resolution, a high signal processing
                                                                                              L U MIX
Panasonic is an excellent choice.           technology in order to shoot perfect
                                            photos anytime and anywhere;
The iA (Intelligent Automatic) mode is
an innovative technology which enables
any user of this camera to take sharp       MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
and top quality pictures; moreover, it is   Hand-Shake Detection is also
so easy to use, simply point and shoot      incorporated in the DMC-FH25, and it
amazing photos of family, friends, pets     provides additional support for taking
or landscape!                               great, blur-free pictures; it works
                                            miracles for zoom and macro shots
                                            alike and offers accurate precision.        CONTROL MOTION
Furthermore, an amazing number of 28
Scene Modes make your task of taking        Moreover, it is automatically turned on
great pictures even easier, as you have     if you choose the advanced Intelligent
the option to choose a particular           Auto (iA) mode;
setting and the camera delivers it          Face Detection AF/AE function – it
automatically.                              detects 15 faces at a time and it
In addition, for a well-organized photo     conveys optimum focus on the faces,
album, you can have printed info on         while the Digital Red-Eye Correction
each photo, like the name of a person       feature removes the red eye effect. No
or date.                                    more blurry faces and vampire-looking
Main Features of the Panasonic
                                                                                      FAC E D E T E C T I O N A F /A E
                                            720P HIGH DEFINITION
                                            (HD) VIDEO RECORDING
This revolutionary piece of technology
incorporates the top-speed Venus

                                                                                      INTELL IGENT EXPOSUR E

                                                                                         S HAKE DETECTION










                                                       This is the perfect camera for anyone point
                                                         and shoot, for more reviews and best

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HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair
How would you like to have amazing            also curls and flips it, leaving it shiny and
hair every single day? HSI Professional       healthy-looking;
has designed this top quality beauty          Maximum control thanks to the one                FL AT IRON
device for any woman looking to have          inch ceramic/ tourmaline ionic plates,
smooth, straight and sleek hair.              making it perfect for normal, oily or
Looking your best every day boosts            fragile hair types and making your locks
your confidence, therefore you do not          look sleek, soft and silky in no time;
want to be caught off guard by having         The temperature is adjustable in order
frizzy and all-over-the-place hair, which     to suit all hair lengths and types;
you can barely control.
                                              Super fast heating
No more bad hair days for you! Seize
this fantastic opportunity to have            8 feet long cord for your comfort;
amazing hair for a ridiculous low price.      Unique ergonomic design to hold it and          G R E AT G I F T F O R H E R
                                              use it easier, suitable even for a newbie;

The HSI Ceramic Flat Iron Hair                Various heat settings, offering you the
Straightener with 1 inch plates is useful     possibility to adjust the heat according
also for curling, flipping and styling your    to your hair’s needs; frail hair requires
                                              less heat, for example
hair, thus extending your options.
Moreover, it is suitable for all hair types
and provides immediate visible results.
                                              VERSATILITY, FLEXIBILITY
Features of the HSI Hair
                                              AND AFFORDABILITY                              STRAIGHTEN , FLIP ,CURL

Multi-purpose professional hair device:
aside from straightening your hair, it

                                                                                              1 INC H PL ATE WIDTH

                                                                                             CERAMIC/TO U RMA L INE













                                                       This set would be perfect for the woman in
                                                            you life as there very good quality
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