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									       Diabetes Educator Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association
                      Nominations Information 2008
  1.   Candidates must be DES Active Members.
  2.   Candidates should fully complete the attached nomination application. Incomplete
       applications will not be considered.
  3.   Candidates must complete the Candidate Profile Form in typed format to be accepted.
       Alternative forms will not be accepted.
  4.   Applications must be received by May 15th, 2009 no later than 5 p.m. eastern time.
  5.   Applicants will be sent a letter within one month of the application deadline outlining the
       status of the nomination.
  6.   The DES Nominations Committee will review the applications and prepare an election
       slate for the DES membership.
  7.   The candidate information and ballots will be circulated to DES membership in June with
       a return deadline date of July 20th, 2009.
  8.   All nominees and nominators will be informed of the outcome of the election in August.

Instructions to complete the Candidate Profile Form

         The information on the Candidate Profile Form must NOT exceed one page (8 ½" by
          11"). Any chronological listing should start with the most recent item.
         Education: List University and college degrees, diplomas and certificates. Please do
          not use abbreviations.
         List only experiences and activities that occurred within the last ten years for:
                      Professional Experience - include dates of experience, title and employer
                      CDA/DES Professional/Volunteer Activities
                      Other Professional/Volunteer Activities
         Candidate's Comments: Please comment on the experience, skills and views that you
          will bring to this position. In particular, please comment on the experiences that have
          prepared you for this position and the work of a national DES Executive position.
          (Maximum 60 words)

Applications should be returned to:
Diabetes Educator Section
Canadian Diabetes Association
1400-522 University Ave
Toronto, ON      M5G 2R5
Fax (416) 363-7465
Email: jennifer.belding@diabetes.ca

Nominations 2009
         Diabetes Educator Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association
                    DES Executive Nominations Application

City/Province:                                                                     Postal Code:
Phone:          (B)                                                    (H)
DES Active Membership Number:
Number of Years of DES Membership:
Professional Registration/ Licensing Body
and Number:

Please “X” the position that you are seeking (Please choose only one)
    DES Chair-Elect                           2 Year Term
    DES Director, Membership                  3 Year Term
    DES, Director, Quality                    3 Year Term

First Nominator
Name:                                                         DES Membership #:

Nominator Signature:                                          Date:

Second Nominator
Name:                                                         DES Membership #:

Nominator Signature:                                          Date:

Candidacy Statement
I, the undersigned am an Active Member in good standing of the Diabetes Educator Section of
the Canadian Diabetes Association. I accept the nomination for the position of
                                                and allow my name to stand as a candidate.

Name:                                                         Date:


    Candidate profiles are limited to this one page. Additional content will not be circulated
  (Feel free to exceed the allotted space per question as long as the sum of your answers do not exceed one page)

Nominations 2009
Name:                                        Province:

Executive Position:

Professional Education:

Professional Experience:

CDA/DES Professional/Volunteer Activities:

Other Volunteer Activities:

Candidate’s Comments:

Nominations 2009

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