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									                Complaint Letter
                  Points Possible ( 75 pts.)
Create a complaint letter using the Block Style Business
Letter Format we learned.

Use your address as the return address.

Make up a business name and address for the recipient’s
address. Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Toys-R-Us, The Toy
Shop, etc…. (Be Appropriate or you will lose points!!!)

The letter should have 3 paragraphs. Break down the
paragraphs as followed:

   Tell me who you are, what “product” you purchased,
    where and when you bought it and why.
   Tell me the “problem” with the product and what
    happened to you because of it (result). This is where
    you can make up a crazy story although school
    appropriate still if your pieces do not make sence.
   Tell me what you expect them to do about it (action)
    to fix the problem

Use an appropriate closing and put your name quadruple
spaced below the closing.

Sign your name after printing.

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