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									                                                                    Core Competency Evaluation

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Section 1: Job Performance (Core Competencies)

Application of Job Knowledge: Knowledge specific to the technical, professional, and administrative functions demonstrated through the application of procedures, principles,
and theories of human resources to daily activities.
Decision Making/Problem Solving: Ability to investigate, analyze key issues, benefits, costs, consequences, and to recommend practical solutions.
Service Oriented: Ability to develop positive and supportive working relationships with internal and external clients that are built on trust and integrity. Solicits feedback and
incorporates clients’ perspective in all decisions and actions.
Communication Skills: Ability to organize and present information, concepts and ideas in a concise, understandable, and professional format to a variety of audiences. Intuitive
understanding of the appropriate means and style of delivery.
Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills: Ability to work cooperatively with others to accomplish joint tasks and common objectives. Familiarity with team dynamics and ability to
foster collaboration.


Section 2: Complementary Competencies

Flexibility and Adaptability: Ability to shift priorities, incorporate new ideas in support of client needs as demonstrated by an openness and reception to change.
Individual Planning and Project Management: Organizes own work to maximize time, meet deadlines, or other productivity standards. Manages each phase of the project,
identifying and resolving issues, and managing resources to achieve outcome.
Influencing and Relationship Building: Influences the decisions, perceptions, and actions of others. Ability to lead others to particular outcomes in an honest and
straightforward manner that supports the mission of the university. Develops and maintains formal and informal networks and business relationships internal and external to the
university, including state and national constituents.

Section 3: Management Competencies
Team Building/Conflict Resolution: Builds effective teams by getting people to work together for a common purpose. Generates consensus through effective facilitation and
mediation. Resolves conflicts and identifies mutually satisfactory compromises.
Strategic Leadership: Thinks strategically about long-term needs and potential requirements that must be in place to address these needs, including benchmarking and university
goals associated with community engagement, economic development, and university advancement.
Managing People: Manages people to achieve maximum utilization, efficiency, and productivity.
Change Management: Helps to create an environment that is open and prepared to change. Identifies and overcomes resistance to change.
Fiscal Accountability: Demonstrated performance based budgeting.

Section 4: Plan of Work

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                                         Strategic Plan



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