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Bernoulli’s Principle
      Conceptual Physics
 Text Correlation: Section 20.8
                 Question 1
• What if the pressure      • Answer: By the wing
  difference is tiny          surface being big! A
  tiny. How can this lift     tiny pressure
  a plane?                    difference multiplied
                              by a large wing
                              surface can equal a
                              very big force!
              Question 2
• How can airplanes   • Answer: Planes can fly
  fly upside down?      upside down by
                        ensuring that there is an
                        angle of attack as the
                        plane moves forward.
                        This is done by the
                        fuselage which is tilted
                        so the wings deflect
                        oncoming air downward
                        and not upward.
               Question 3
• Is a cambered roof     • Answer: Yes, for it
  (one with sloping        acts like the airfoil of
  sides rather then        a wing
  horizontal) more apt
  to be blown off in
  strong winds?

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