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									                             You are invited to attend the
                               Phylyp Butler
                              Charity Golf Day
                        Get into the swing of things

  In celebration of the life of Phylyp Butler, Newbridge Leisure Centre &
Caerphilly Sport Development is hosting a charity golf day, to raise funds for
                               (Epilepsy Wales).

        Newbridge Leisure Centre & Caerphilly Sport Development
                       will be hosting the day at
                      Bryn Meadows Golf Club
                       Friday 8th April 2011
                        Tee Off Times Between 9.00am – 12.00pm

                        £25 Per person (£100 per 4 ball)
Inc. Breakfast Roll, Tea or Coffee, Goody bag, 18 holes of Golf and Post Match Meal

              The Format of the Charity Golf Day and entry form is attached
             The Phylyp Butler Cup
                Challenge 2011
                              Charity Golf Day
                FORMAT OF THE DAY

                               Texas scramble Medal

Teams will tee off in 8-minute intervals as per course regulations

1. Each team will consist of four players.

2. All players can tee off on every hole

3. Nominated team captain then selects the best drive# and this point is marked
with a tee. The other three team players will play from within 12 inches of the tee
marker, (not nearer the hole). # Each team member must have at least 4 drives so
choose your ‘best drive’ wisely. (If a higher handicap player’s drive hits the fairway,
it may be advantageous to select this drive, even if it is not the longest, just to get a
drive in the bank). The drives should be discussed with the team, but the captain
will have the final decision.

4. The other players then retrieved their balls and should be ready to play from the
chosen position.

5. The player whose ball has been selected, then plays his next shot first.
6. The remaining players then play within 12 inches of the tee peg (not near the
hole). NOTE. Golf balls can be placed if a fairway is hit and dropped if the chosen
ball in play is in the rough or a hazard. (A dropped ball is from shoulder height at
arm’s length)

7. The best of the next four shots is then selected again. This happens repeatedly
until the hole is completed. One score is counted against the hole.

8. On the green this same method applies. The ball chosen is marked by coin or
marker and players putt from the same spot in turn.
NOTE if a player putts and misses but then inadvertently knocks the ball into the
hole, then that score counts, even if others are still waiting to putt, so stay focused.

9. Each player must make the ball after putting. Player continues from each chosen
position until the ball is holed.

10. The score put down on the scorecard is the minimum number of shots from the
tee to the completion of the hole. (Not the number of shots in total taken by the
team of 4).

At the end of the round, the total of each hole is added together and the strokes
received subtracted to give the total net medal score for the round. The winning
team will be the one with the lowest medal score.

There will be prizes for nearest the pin on the 13th and 18th holes and a nearest the
pin in two shots, on the 9th hole.

Please try to prevent slow play, so everyone can enjoy this great Charity Day.
Please retrieve your ball quickly if your shot has not been selected.
If your ball has been lost, you are not out of the hole, just use another ball.
If 4 balls are lost, then the team return to the last position shots were played from
under penalty of a shot.(A provisional ball should be used if in any doubt as this
speeds up play).

Team Handicap

Men max handicap is 28
Ladies max handicap is 36

Team handicap is the total handicap of the 4 players divided
by 4.

Have a great game a good luck
                       ENTRY FORM
Team Name

Contact Name

Contact Address

Contact Number            Home/Work:               Mobile:

Team                                  Name                   Handicap
Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Tee Off Time (Cannot be guaranteed)
9.00am – 10.00am                        
10.00am – 11.00am                       
11.00am – 12.00noon                               (Please tick)

 Closing Dates for Entries 28th March 2011               Please Return to:
                                                      Newbridge Leisure Centre
             Thank you for your support.
If you are unable to take part but would like to make      Bridge Street
 a cash donation or give a prize for the event please       Newbridge
               contact Paul Taylor On                       NP11 7FE
                 01495 241177

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