A6CircCommandsCheatSheet by ajizai


									                                                         Alexandria v6 Circulation Commands
AS                      Start Self Service Check Out Mode                       RR {Barcode Range}        Performs Current Mode to the Items in Barcode Range
                                                                                                          (i.e. RR 1000-1040)
B                       Set Bookdrop (Check In) Mode
B{Barcode}              Bookdrops a single item leaving you in Check Out Mode   SA {Name}                 Performs Search for Author in Circulation Window

C {Call Number}         Locate a Title by Call Number                           T {Title}                 Locate Item by Title (i.e. T Bambi — Locate Bambi)

E                       Receive Subscription                                    UI {Item Policy Code}     Change Item Policy

C {Call #}              Search by Call Number                                   UP {Patron Policy Code}   Change Patron Policy

CH                      Change Copy Location Field(s)                           UR                        Restore Previous Policy

DL {Damage Code)        Damage Code and Amount                                  V                         Category Keyword Catalog Items — Assign Keywords)

DM                      Discard Mode                                            X {Barcode}               Clear Current Patron or Current Item

F {Amount} {Comment}    Record a Fine or Fee (i.e. F 2 Lost library card)       Y                         Start Statistics Mode

G {Item Barcode}        Place a Reservation                                     Y@{#}                     Starts Statistics Mode Incremented by the Number
                        (i.e. G3000 — Reservation on item 3000                                            (i.e. Y@10 puts 10 usage statistics on item(s) scanned)

H {Item Barcode}        Place a Hold Request for a Title                        Z                         Clear Transaction Log
                        (H3000 — Places a Hold on Item with barcode 3000)
                                                                                .                         Clear Override Date, Clear Mode, Set Mode to Check Out
I                       Set Inventory Mode
IB                      Set Inventory/Bookdrop Mode                             .{mmddyy}                 Set Override Date
IS                      Set Inventory Suppressed Mode                                                     (i.e. .121210 sets Override Date to Dec. 12, 2010
IBS                     Set Inventory Bookdrop Suppressed Mode
                                                                                *                         Import Transaction Script
J {Item Barcode}        Reserve Request
                                                                                =                         Perform Current Mode for Current Item
K {Item Barcode}        Recall Item (K3000 —Marks item 3000 for recall)
                                                                                # {Note}                  Enters Note in Transaction Log
L {Last Name}           Locate Patron by Last Name                                                        (i.e. # Out enters "Out" in Transaction Log)
LF {First Name}         Locate Patron by First Name
                                                                                ! {Note}                  Adds Patron Alert Note to Current Patron
NC {Item Location}      Set Location for Item
                                                                                !! {Note}                 Adds Copy Alert Note to Current Item
NP{Patron Location)      Change Patron Location (Homeroom)
NS (Patron 2nd Location) Change Patron 2nd Location                             + [Comment}               Adds Patron Note to Current Patron

O {Barcode}             Automatic Overnight Checkout of Item                    ++ {Comment}              Adds Comment to Current Item
OS {Barcode}            Same Day Check Out
                                                                                /Old Barcode =New Barcode          Change Barcode Number
P {Patron Barcode)      Set Patron
                                                                                +++                       Print Transaction Log
R                       Start Renew Mode (i.e. R3000 Renews item 3000)          +++E                      Print Transaction Log Exceptions
RA                      Renew All

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